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CaramelTrail is an inbound travel agency formed by a team of Spaniards eager to share Spain with the rest of the world.

Want to experience an amazing Spain trip but not sure where to go? Spain is a destination that can be visited year-round, you just have to set your expectations right.

We have a deep knowledge of our country

In CaramelTrail we can plan a trip to Spain that will include gastronomy, culture, folklore, outdoor activities and the best kept secrets of Spain! We will recommend the best off-the-beaten-track places to visit, those where the essence of Spain is!

Our favorite places

Let us show you our favorite places in Spain, like La Axarquia and discover why is the last Mediterranean gem, the Basque Country where tradition and modernity go hand by hand or Costa Brava and its medieval villages and hidden coves!

Bolonia Beach in Cadiz, Andalusia (Spain)

Good climate, excellent location and diversity of landscapes

The location of Spain between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean makes it one of the most diverse countries in the world. The wide range of climates have modeled the peninsula into many different landscapes: From the mountains and centenary oak forests in the north to the wild-west like desserts in the south. You will enjoy warm and sunny days like in no other country of Europe. This, without a doubt, has made the Spanish character be open and spontaneous. In every city, town or village there is a lot of live in their streets any time of the year.

The Medulas in Spain

A multitude of historical and natural World Heritage Sites

In Spain they are one of a kind places to see and visit. In fact, is one of the countries in the world with more World Heritage Sites. From the well-known monuments like Alhambra, Cordoba’s Mosque or the Aqueduct in Segovia. To the many natural spaces that will take your breath away like the red sanded mountains of the Medulas that once where a roman open air mine and nature turned them into a science fiction scenery.

Andalusian Easter Week, Spain

Discover the local life and traditions of an inspiring country

You will find amazing cities where there is always something going on like Madrid o Barcelona. An incredible number of quaint towns with well-preserved historic centers and medieval castles. A country of rich traditions like San Fermines in Pamplona or the Andalusian Easter Week. Discover why so many artists and writers have fallen in love with Spain and why is one of the most inspiring countries in the world!

Spanish Gastronomy and Wines

A unique gastronomy recognized worldwide

Year by year Spain is at the cutting edge of World’s Gastronomy. Spain has become the perfect destination for gourmets and foodies. Don’t miss the chance of spending some days in San Sebastian the capital of fine eating or in La Rioja where the best wines are produced. In any case, all regions of Spain can boast of having delicious traditional dishes!

The geographical areas of Spain where you can live the best experiences

Whether you’re thinking about visiting Andalucía, the marvelous region of Catalonia and Barcelona, Madrid and the center of Spain, or enjoy the beauty and magic of the Northern Spain, we can help you plan the perfect Spanish road trip for you.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Spain)

Do you want to spend some time visiting Barcelona’s iconic sights? Or maybe you want to know which are the best places to visit in Catalonia Spain? What if we told you that we have an expert guide who can explain every detail? Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it?

With its own language and unique local customs, Catalonia feels different from the rest of Spain. It is full of natural splendor from its Pyrenean peaks to its rocky coves border sandy beaches or its serene seaside paths and fertile vineyards.

In Catalonia region, the city of Girona, the Gaudi architecture tour in Barcelona, the Jewish legacy, its food market along with Penedes wine region or maybe skiing are always good options for your trip here!

The Retiro Park in Madrid (Spain)

Whether you’re a foodie, a history or a culture lover, there’s a Madrid guided tour that’s perfect for you! The best part? Your private tour in Madrid can be 100% personalized so we can make your travel wishes come true.

Enjoy Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia Museums and the historical sites of Madrid, the Alcazar and the Aqueduct of Segovia, take a peek to see and maybe buy some interesting things from El Rastro in Madrid and savor the wine and tapas that the capital of Spain has to offer. You can also choose a Segway tour or maybe a hot air balloon ride near the Madrid. Either way, it will be great fun!

Picos de Europa in Spain

Northern Spain offers the perfect combination. Famous for its gastronomy, its elegant cities, which contrast magical towns, wide green landscapes and dream beaches.

The character of the lands of northern Spain leaves a mark on those who contemplate them. If you are looking to spend a holiday in Spain, but have never been to the northern lands, this is for you. If it’s not on your Spain wish list yet, add it now!

The milder climate of northern Spain suits many tourists, especially the more active ones. Discover Asturias, León, Cantabria, the Basque Country or Galicia, all of them full of charm, nature, good gastronomy, traditions. They will not disappoint you!

Granada in Andalusia (Spain)

Moreover, Andalucía, the varied region between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, can offer you: beautiful national parks, sandy coastline, iconic architecture, gastronomic delights and thriving local culture along with many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Most visitors pick Seville, Cordoba or Malaga for traditional tapas, flamenco and bullfighting, but there is so much to discover beyond these magnificent cities. There are so many reasons to visit Andalusia that it will be difficult to make your choice.

Andalucia is home to a huge variety of historical monuments, museums and architecture. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the majestic Alhambra in Granada, the Alcázar palace in Seville and the grand Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba.

If you are passionate about nature, we strongly recommend you visit the Doñana National Park. This Park is well known worldwide as it is the place of more than 300 bird species so it will surely be a remarkable sight.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the Andalusian horse, to experience golf or private sailing tours, to do some hiking or to cross the Guadiana River on the zip line border.

Stop by the unbeatable Costa del Sol, discover the charm of the white small villages, take some flamenco dance lessons or a bike tour in the sunny capital of Seville.

No other part of Spain has this fascinating mix of cross-cultural heritage, art, nature, and passion.


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FAQs – Spain Travel Questions

High speed train, domestic flights, private transfers, public transportation.

In Spain, people drive on the right, on the same side as in the USA.

Yes, it is becoming easier to find bike rental systems in the cities of Spain. Besides, big cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Seville do not have big slopes so they are very comfortable for cycling.

Spain is the first country in the EU and the fourth in the world with the best railway network.

Spain ranks first in the EU for the quality of its railway network, and is also the fourth best in the world, only behind Japan, Switzerland and Hong Kong, according to a ranking made by the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE) based on data from the World Economic Forum.

Spain has more than 3,000 kilometers of high-speed lines (AVE), the second largest in the world after China and the first in Europe.

We suggest Google Maps. We have used many apps and this one is accurate, updated and works perfectly both in big cities or small villages.

If you want to use it to move around the cities, we suggest downloading on your phone the maps of the cities you will be visiting so you can use them without a connection. Look for this option at the menu, click it and drag the world map to the required areas.

We will suggest talking to your phone company and check with them if your phone will work in Spain. If it is a GSM phone then generally it will work, but please check before.  You always have the option to buy a pre-pay SIM card in Spain. It will be cheaper and you will have access to data, email, etc.

Some travelers have told us that some of the restaurants we suggested were very “touristy”. The truth is that all restaurants are places where Spanish go to enjoy and meet friends, but depending on the hour of the day you go you will find more locals or less. Here in Spain usually we have lunch at around 2.30pm. During the summer, this time can go to 3pm, 4pm or even 5pm. Dinnertime usually starts around 9.30pm. Again, during the summer when days are longer, dinnertime can go to 10.30 or 11.00pm easily.

Therefore, if you go before those hours, you will find yourself alone in the restaurants or with other tourists because in Europe and Asia meal times are similar to US.

Regarding etiquette, maybe if you want to visit some nice restaurant a sport jacket will be better, but there are no special or formal requisites. No sport shoes.

Yes, Spain is one of the safest countries in the World. However, you must be very careful with pick-pocketing and very careful of not leaving unattended your belongings in public spaces, restaurants and bars.

As a general recommendation for a trip to Spain, as for any other country in the world, is to take with you photocopies of your Passport and credit cards (both sides). This way if there is any problem with them, you will have always a copy of the original. Never travel with original and copies together. If you feel more comfortable, you can always email us a copy of your passport and flight tickets and we will keep them until your return.

In Spain you can pay with credit card almost everywhere. You will be able to pay by credit card in taxis (ask before you get it), restaurants, shops, pubs…

The best way to get cash is by withdrawal. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to bring too much cash.

Ask your bank about commissions for withdrawal money from ATM in Spain. The commission you are charged to withdraw money from ATM is set by your bank, so please check with them before you leave.

Also, ask your bank if there are banks that will accept easily your credit card and go directly to them. In Europe we use “Chip and Pin” credit cards and sometimes US credit cards don’t work in some ATM’s. If this occurs, don’t worry, we have many banks and ATM’s, you just have to identify the one that works with your credit card. If you ask your bank, this will be easier.

June, July and August are sunny and dry months. So, our suggestion is to wear sun glasses, sun cream and hat if you are not used to sun.

The best months to travel to Spain, Portugal and Morocco are Mar-May, Sept & Oct.

Our favorite months are Abril, May, June, Sept and Oct.

From June to August expect warm, sunny and dry weather in Spain and Portugal. In Morocco you should expect high temperatures in July and August, especially in the South of the country.

Electricity in Spain is 220 Volt, 50Hz. So almost all electronic devices will adapt automatically to the different voltage. If you read the labelling of your device and you read “120V” or “100-120V”, then you will need a voltage transformer. If you don’t see this, generally your device will adapt automatically.

What you may need is a plug adapter. Sometimes the plugs adapters are combined with voltage transformer. Please read carefully the information on the unit. If the label of your device says “110-220” or “100-240” then you will only need a simple plug adapter (in this case, no transformer needed).

If you need more information on this website you will find more detailed information about electricity and adapters:

You have to select on the right side of the page where are you travelling, then say which country you live in and you will see all the information.

Reviews about Trips to Spain

Samuel is outstanding in helping clients with their plans to travel to Spain.
Very organized and it was a wonderful experience visiting various places in Spain, through Samuel’s help. His team is excellent!
Gino & Nancy CoscolluelaSan Francisco, California. USA


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