CaramelTrail is an inbound travel agency formed by a team of Spaniards eager to share Spain with the rest of the world.

As in-depth knowers of our country in CaramelTrail we can plan a trip to Spain that will include gastronomy, culture, folklore, outdoor activities and the best kept secrets of Spain! We will recommend the best off-the-beaten-track places to visit, those where the essence of Spain is!

Let us show you our favorite places in Spain, like La Axarquia and discover why is the last Mediterranean gem, the Basque Country where tradition and modernity go hand by hand or Costa Brava and its medieval villages and hidden coves!

The location of Spain between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean makes it one of the most diverse countries in the world. The wide range of climates have modeled the peninsula into many different landscapes: From the mountains and centenary oak forests in the north to the wild-west like desserts in the south. You will enjoy warm and sunny days like in no other country of Europe. This, without a doubt, has made the Spanish character be open and spontaneous. In every city, town or village there is a lot of live in their streets any time of the year.

In Spain they are one of a kind places to see and visit. In fact, is one of the countries in the world with more World Heritage Sites. From the well-known monuments like Alhambra, Cordoba’s Mosque or the Aqueduct in Segovia. To the many natural spaces that will take your breath away like the red sanded mountains of the Medulas that once where a roman open air mine and nature turned them into a science fiction scenery.

You will find amazing cities where there is always something going on like Madrid o Barcelona. An incredible number of quaint towns with well-preserved historic centers and medieval castles. A country of rich traditions like San Fermines in Pamplona or the Andalusian Easter Week. Discover why so many artists and writers have fallen in love with Spain and why is one of the most inspiring countries in the world!

Year by year Spain is at the cutting edge of World’s Gastronomy. Spain has become the perfect destination for gourmets and foodies. Don’t miss the chance of spending some days in San Sebastian the capital of fine eating or in La Rioja where the best wines are produced. In any case, all regions of Spain can boast of having delicious traditional dishes!

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Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Travel to Morocco with CaramelTrail. We will show you the stunning beauty of the desert and the wonders cities like Fez and Marrakesh hide. You will live an experience beyond your dreams in Morocco.
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