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Our services

As expert travelers ourselves, in Carameltrail we offer customized trips that include history, visit to main sites, UNESCO sites, gastronomy, culture, folklore, outdoor activities and the best-kept secrets of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

We can help you arrange all services you may need for your trip: from private transfers, accommodations, guided tours, entrances and tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait in queues, for food tours, you can enjoy visiting wineries, cooking classes, outdoors activities, car rental…

No matter what kind of trip you have in mind, in Carameltrail we work hard to offer you the best tailor-made experiences!

We don’t arrange single parts of a trip. We work offering a full experience and we arrange only whole trips including all needed services. This means that if traveler book hotels or other tours, transports or services independently we can’t offer our services. Why do we do it this way? Because we offer a full experience, from the beginning to the end. And when travelers arrange services independently, we are not able to control the full experience. This is a risk because travelers may have a bad experience with other services and it may affect the whole travel experience.

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t help more independent or adventurous travelers. We don’t need to pack every minute of the day, we adapt to our travelers’ needs and if there are tourists who want to have some free time and be more independent, we can design a trip that balances time on their own and time using our services. But what we can’t do is combine our services with services provided by other travel specialist.


Our added value: we believe that IT´S ALL ABOUT SERVICE

Our offices are based in Madrid, but we are constantly travelling around Spain, Portugal and Morocco looking for the best contacts to provide new and exciting experiences to our travelers.

We put our heart and soul in those important details that make a trip a TRIP!

We believe in good service and attention to detail so much that we always try to meet our travelers face to face to enjoy a drink with them.


Our team has carefully selected all the destinations, experiences and services that we offer. Our selection process guarantees high quality standards in order to, not only satisfy, but exceed our customers’ expectations.

accommodations in the trips organized by Carameltrail
accommodations in the trips organized by Carameltrail


We work offering a full experience and we believe that accommodations are one of the key stones when planning a trip. That is why we only work with hotels centrally located so you don’t have to spend time and money taking transportation to the center of the city/town. We know personally all the hotels we work with, and we have a good relationship with the Managers and Staff. This allows us to get upgrades for our travelers and the best rooms available at the best rates.

We work offering 4* and 5* boutique hotels carefully selected to offer our travelers the best experience in each destination.

We include breakfast at all the hotels we work with, and free Wi-Fi is available.

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain

Parador de Arties

Parador de Arties

Parador de Santiago de Compostela

Parador de Santiago de Compostela

accommodations in the trips organized by Carameltrail

Parador de Nerja, Málaga

FAQs – Our Services Questions

Yes. We can adapt our trips to families with small children. In these cases, it is very important for the trip to be slower, to have enough time and child-oriented activities.

Yes, we adapt our tours and travel experience to the needs of each client. So, for those with reduced mobility we plan tours in areas that are not paved, or we provide them with a wheelchair to make the travel more comfortable, we can have a car available during guided tours to reduce clients’ fatigue… there are several ways to adapt the trip to the needs and mobility of the travelers.

Yes, and over the years we have designed countless honeymoons. And we are very proud that the couple takes memories with us that will last for a lifetime.

Of course you can. At Carameltrail we adapt to all our clients’ travel styles. And for those more independent clients who don’t need guided tours every day, we design trips with free days if they wish. Besides, we offer suggestions of what to do and what to see during the free time. We will also suggest restaurants and bars where you can discover the local gastronomy and we can help you book a table for those who don’t want to worry about anything.

Yes, you can combine it with other European countries. And although Carameltrail does not offer services in other countries, we do have partners in other European countries. This means that we can easily coordinate trips in many different countries.

Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We also have partners in other European countries. So, we can easily coordinate trips in different countries.

Yes. When it comes to families it is important to know well the composition of the family, interests, preferences and combine activities so that all members of the family have every day activities of their interest.

All of our trips are tailor-made and we tailor them one by one. We do not believe it is possible to customize an itinerary for a group that does not know each other at all. Also, group tours usually go with the same guide for the whole trip and we believe that it is best for the traveler to have and meet local guides in each city they visit.

We do not offer group tours in itself. But we do organize trips for groups that are already formed. For example, a group formed by couples, friends, different families, friends who want to share the same experience together. In those cases, we help the group to design a tailor-made trip with a bus for them, hotels, guided tours, etc.

Yes, we are specialists in creating trips for couples.

In case of traveling with a person with health problems, we recommend that you have the approval of the doctor before you start the trip. Once you have medical approval to travel, bring with you all your medical records and make a medical insurance. In case you need medical assistance during your trip we will help you.

Yes, all gastronomic experiences included in a trip will be adapted to the dietary restrictions, allergies and/or preferences of our clients.

Yes, all gastronomic experiences included in a trip will be adapted to the dietary restrictions, allergies and/or preferences of our clients.

Yes, all gastronomic experiences included in a trip will be adapted to the dietary restrictions, allergies and/or preferences of our clients.

Yes. You can modify your itinerary once your trip has started. These changes may include extra costs and we will inform you of any additional costs.

Yes. All our trips are tailor-made, and we adapt them to our traveler’s preferences and travel styles at any point. So once your trip is booked and confirmed you may change any aspect of it: length, dates, services, experiences, number of travelers, etc… Carameltrail will re-calculate all travel costs, re-schedule the itinerary and will inform the traveler if the costs increase. This increase can occur subject to supplements, surcharges and special conditions when the new dates coincide with trade fairs, special events or holidays.

Reviews about our services

Just returned from a two week vacation in Spain and Portugal arranged by Carameltrail
When one travels in strange lands, he or she expects there to be some confusion and problems. While our problems were extremely minimal and our confusion nothing out of the ordinary, we stayed calm knowing that Samuel, at Carameltrail, had our back. Samuel prepared the private trip through Spain and Portugal, and then made slight changes based on our feedback. He selected the hotels (they were very nice hotels located in excellent locations) and made suggestions for dining and places to visit when not on an organized tour. When an issue arose that we could not handle on our own, we would send Samuel a text. Regardless of the day or time, he would promptly respond. He was patient with us and more than gracious with his time. We travel abroad at least once a year, if not more frequently. The trip to Spain and Portugal prepared by Carameltrail was one of our best. We, the four travelers, recommend you to Carameltrail without reservation.
Mark MestelShoreline, WA. USA


Discover Spain with CaramelTrail. Let us know your interests and we will arrange a unique trip according to your wishes. Spain has much to offer and with CaramelTrail you can be certain to find the essence of its most beautiful and interesting places.


Portugal has become one of the cooler destinations in Europe. In CaramelTrail, we will guide you from the stunning beaches of the Algarve to the small Porto wineries. A journey though a country that will captivate your senses!


Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Travel to Morocco with CaramelTrail. We will show you the stunning beauty of the desert and the wonders cities like Fez and Marrakesh hide. You will live an experience beyond your dreams in Morocco.

Do you want to discover the essence, beauty and culture of Spain, Portugal and Morocco?

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