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Segway tours in Madrid: The Retiro Park and Madrid Rio

We have set ourselves a great goal: to show you all the charm and beauty of the capital of Spain from an ecological means of transport: the Segway.

Madrid is a special city to travel on a Segway because its streets have ups and downs that are much more accessible when traveling with this transportation.

Segway tours in Madrid


The Segway is a lightweight, electric, two-wheeled personal transport vehicle whose operation is based on the movement of the rider’s body. This is possible thanks to a micro-processor integrated in its on-board panel.

With its innovative technology, the Segway carries you across most terrains efficiently. It’s easy and fun to operate. All you have to do is lean in the direction you want to go, and your Segway takes you there. And don’t worry, it takes care of the balancing too.

Discover on a Segway the most emblematic stories, legends and corners of Madrid with our expert guides!


Dean Lawrence Kamen is an American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur born in 1951. He is the inventor of Segway as we know it.

The Segway was invented as a wheelchair that would allow those who needed it to sit higher than the ground. However, the end result was very innovative because it turned out as a product that fit very well so that everyone could visit the streets of any city.

The word Segway is thought to have been created from the word “segue” the meaning of which is “smooth transition.” However, Segways are known as “personal carriers”.

The Segway weight limit

Who can ride on a Segway? The simple answer is anyone. The Segway balances you, you don’t have to have balance. As long as you can stand you can glide on a Segway.

Is there a weight limit requirement? The official Segway Inc. restrictions are that you must be between 100-260 pounds.

Segway tours in Madrid

The guideline that we share is that if you have a hard time walking because of your weight then a Segway Tour is probably not a good fit for you.


There is no specific age children are able to ride a Segway. But there are recommended precautions or restrictions usually based on a lower weight restriction.

Segway is a highly recommended option for the little ones, although you should know that they can use it from 9 years old. If your child has this age or older, you have nothing to worry about except making a reservation for a tour.

Performing a Segway tour is a pleasant family walk, where you will enjoy an unparalleled experience and see the happiness of your little ones reflected in their eyes while learning about Madrid´s culture.

Segway for kids


If your trip is short and you want to enjoy it more, choosing a Segway tour in Madrid might be the right option. We count on professional and experienced guides that will help you get familiar with the Segway and at the same time will tell you many interesting facts about Madrid during the stops of the tour.

The Segway is most certainly the perfect means of transportation in Madrid because it moves quiet, it is fast and very easy to handle. You don´t need experience or a lot of time to feel safely enough to take this tour in Madrid with our guide.

The Retiro Park: segway tours in Madrid
Segway tours in Madrid


The Segway Tour in Madrid is a guided tour through the most interesting tourist and cultural places of the capital.

Without a doubt, this tour enables you to discover stories of other times, facades that hold century-old secrets, and, of course, unique legends that speak of historical figures, Spanish nobility and street culture typical of Madrid.

Madrid Segway tour: the greatest way to explore the city


Where before there was a large gray artery full of cars, now you can find an almost idyllic landscape. Green areas, sports facilities, terraces to have a drink in the shade of the pine trees, curious bridges that you may cross and even a beach to cool off in summer.

Manzanares River Madrid, Spain

This great park in Madrid was built in the 21st century. Madrid Rio is a pedestrian and recreational area along a good stretch of the Manzanares River. It is also a cultural enclave, given the number of monuments it houses and the presence of the Matadero Madrid facilities at one of its ends. It further serves as a reference to contemplate and access the monumental Madrid.

One of the main values ​​of Madrid Río is the ecological rebalancing that it entails for the capital.

Madrid Río reinvents the city

Segway tours in Madrid
Segway tours in Madrid


El Retiro Park has become Madrid’s most renowned park since it was first opened to the public in 1868. The park’s official name is Parque del Buen Retiro.

The Retiro park is packed with things to see like monuments, galleries, statues, lakes and magnificent buildings. There are also various activities every day, like yoga, roller-blading, puppet shows, musicians or fortune tellers and stands with food and different objects for sale.

Madrid Segway in Retiro Park

The Retiro Park Segway Tour is a guided tour where you connect with the main green lung of Madrid: El Parque del Retiro.

Thanks to this tour you will know the secrets that have made this central place the most important green area of the capital. You will learn about the stories and legends that are kept in its world-famous statues and palaces while you go through all its countless paths on a Segway.

Discover the stories, legends and most emblematic corners of the Retiro Park with one of our fun Segway tours our local tour guides!

The Retiro Park Madrid, Spain

Whether you come alone, with friends or with family, try it and you will not regret it. See you soon!


Madrid is the most majestic city in Spain and some consider it the second most green city in the world. So, if you are looking for a special activity that combines urban nature with impressive historical sites, this Segway tour around the city is the perfect experience for you.

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