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Many travelers ask us what does Carameltrail mean? Where does the name come from? Yes, there is a story behind the name and Samuel, the founder, will tell you what is behind the name:

Carameltrail was founded in 2011 by Samuel Rojo. But this adventure began many years before…

I am a lawyer. I studied Law in Madrid and after university I completed a Master at an International Business School in Madrid.

I started working as a lawyer at a construction company but later on I moved to bank services, where I spent 12 years working for Citibank and Credit Foncier in Madrid.

When I was studying at university, a couple of friends and I started a Mountaineering club, and I ran this club for over 18 years. During this time, I planned and enjoyed trips to dozens of places coming to realize my real passion was travelling.

Little by little I found myself enjoying the planning process as much as the trip itself, and from that moment on, I started dreaming about running my own travel company one day.

I wanted to help other travelers like me to discover the essence of Spain, my country, Portugal and Morocco. I wanted them to enjoy the enriching experiences I went through.

I have lived great adventures thanks to a small bag of sweets, “caramelsas we call them in Spanish, that I carried with me along all of my travels. These sweets or caramels have given the name of my company and they represent Carameltrail’s most important trait, being a unique way to discover the essence of travelling.

These sweets were always the best way to make a first contact with the local people, to get to know them and to learn about their stories and traditions.

My bag of “caramels” gave me the opportunity to live unique experiences, to enjoy wonderful local meals and to discover the essence of people in each country I visited.

As years went by, I kept on travelling and reminiscing about my travels, and I realized the trails I had taken through the years were unique. My bag of caramels and the unique trails I had taken had given me the opportunity to discover the hidden secrets of many cultures and I wanted to share the traditions and hidden secrets of my country with other travelers. That is how, in 2005, the spirit of Carameltrail was born.

Even though it took us 6 years to make this adventure come true, Carameltrail has become the “caramel” on our traveler’s pocket making their experience in Spain, Portugal and Morocco one of a kind.

Samuel Rojo, founder Carameltrail
Samuel Rojo, founder Carameltrail

We are happy and proud to sew up unique trails for our travelers to help them discover the essence of every trip.

Founder Carameltrail

FAQs – Our Agency Questions

Carameltrail was founded in 2011 and it has more than 10 years of experience organizing trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Since the first moment it focused on organizing travel for Americans who wanted to travel to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

We have highly satisfied clients who recommend our services, and you can read their positive reviews here: https://carameltrail.com/reviews/

Carameltrail is a Spanish travel agency, title-license granted by the Spanish Government (C.I.C.M.A num. 2642).

The Carameltrail team is made up of Samuel (Founder), Ángela (Travel Specialist & Sales Manager) and Paloma (Operations Manager).

Besides, Carameltrail has a team of local guides, specialists in different fields and drivers in each of the cities of Spain, Portugal and Morocco

We rely on a team of people that have a deep knowledge of each destination and an excellent customer service. We have carefully selected all the services, unique experiences and exclusive activities that will meet your expectations.

Our offices are based in Madrid, but we are constantly travelling around Spain, Portugal and Morocco looking for the best contacts to provide new and exciting experiences to our travelers. Our team has carefully selected all the destinations, experiences and services that we offer. Our selection process guarantees high quality standards in order to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

You can see more info and profiles in Our Team.

Carameltrail was founded in 2011 and has over 10 years’ experience in planning customized trips to Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

Reviews about Carameltrail Assistance

Susie and Dave Novick
We went to Morocco and Portugal. What an incredible and magical vacation. We had used Carameltrail back in 2017 and went to Spain. We had a wonderful trip that was planned out by Sam Rojo. Fast forward almost 6 years after COVID, we contacted Sam regarding this trip and as usual he was very thoughtful and attentive. Listened to our thoughts and planned a trip that included a mixture of all the things we enjoy (food, hiking, guides to the various historical sites, as well as recommending various places when we just wanted to be on our own). Communication was easy during the trip. He also had his assistant Paloma, who was in touch with us whenever we had questions. I am looking forward to going back to Portugal with the guidance of Carameltrail. Would definitely recommend this group and have done so in my community.
Susie and Dave Novick


Discover Spain with CaramelTrail. Let us know your interests and we will arrange a unique trip according to your wishes. Spain has much to offer and with CaramelTrail you can be certain to find the essence of its most beautiful and interesting places.


Portugal has become one of the cooler destinations in Europe. In CaramelTrail, we will guide you from the stunning beaches of the Algarve to the small Porto wineries. A journey though a country that will captivate your senses!


Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Travel to Morocco with CaramelTrail. We will show you the stunning beauty of the desert and the wonders cities like Fez and Marrakesh hide. You will live an experience beyond your dreams in Morocco.

Do you want to discover the essence, beauty and culture of Spain, Portugal and Morocco?

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