Sailing holidays: Andalusia or Mallorca sailing day trips

Are you a keen sailor? Or would you like to discover the delights of getting out on the open water and harnessing the power of the wind?

By spending your sailing holiday in Mallorca, Spain, you are signing up for the finest way to explore this unique place. We will turn your charter vacation into an unforgettable experience, and you will enjoy your sailing holidays to the fullest.

Private sailing tour in Mallorca (Spain)


As a popular destination, Spain has good accessibility with airline links to its airports and an extensive coastline for berthing and anchorages. The landscape varies from arid desert to picturesque bays and pine forests.

There is something about the Mediterranean lifestyle, about its food and its relaxed way of life that is simply very attractive to anyone who comes from abroad. The Balearic Islands are the real example of that.

Sailing holidays in the Island of Mallorca

The islands of Menorca and Formentera boast some of the most stunning beaches and caves in the world, all surrounded by a hippy vibe you just can’t miss. Mallorca and, especially Ibiza, are some of the best destinations in Europe when it comes to nightlife.

Every corner of the Mallorca Island is perfect for holiday sailing and enjoying life to the fullest


Are you coming to Mallorca and are you looking for an exceptional experience? See the coastline from a different angle on our private Mallorca Sailing Tour and let us arrange a private sailing trip you will never forget.

A sailing tour is a perfect event for the family, corporate group wanting to enjoy the views of the city and the sea and relax on the boat. Besides, the weather in Andalusia is perfect for a sailing tour because you have close to 300 days with sun per year.

A perfect activity during the whole year is a sunset sailing in Mallorca. Seeing the island from the seaside, feeling the gentle breeze and jumping into the turquoise-blue water of a bay for a refreshing swim is one of the most amazing things to do here.

Alcudia Beach in Mallorca (Spain)
Private sailing tour around Mallorca (Spain)

Choose a romantic sailing trip or go sailing for a few hours, half a day or a full day. Sailing is a fun experience for all age groups. Try it, but be careful: it’s addictive.


Mallorca is an ideal sailing area for beginners and less experienced yacht charter crews. This is due to the fact that apart from maneuvering in the overcrowded and close ports there are no particular navigational challenges.

Private sailing tour around Mallorca (Spain)

There’s something for everyone on a Mallorca trip. You can also visit Mallorca’s mysterious Dragon Caves and underground lake, or enjoy old Spain in the historic Port d’Alcudia.

The stunning and charming town of Palma de Mallorca is a favorite Mediterranean yachting destination and luxury sailing yacht base. There are also a large number of superyachts and charters that cruise this part of Mallorca, Spain in the Mediterranean.

Luxury sailing yacht in Mallorca (Spain)
Sailing holidays in Mallorca (Spain)

Palma de Mallorca is steeped with rich history and old traditions, being an old settlement that dates back to the first millennium. This stunning coastal town is the buzzword in yacht charter circles and definitely an essential part of an authentic Mediterranean holidays.

Thanks to its warm character and historical marvels, Palma de Mallorca is one of the top destinations in the Balearic Islands.


Local guides and safe boats

Spain’s beautiful island of Mallorca offers many exceptional opportunities for exploration, and a sightseeing cruise is one of the best ways to discover all that the island’s coastline has to offer. Many trusted area companies combine professional captains with local guides and safe, comfortable boats for a wonderful experience on the water for both couples and families who are traveling with children.

Private boat ride

Come on board and treat yourself to an elegant and private boat trip around Mallorca.

Explore the most beautiful bays, snorkel and eat a wonderful meal. An experienced captain will show you Mallorca from the coast. Remember to bring along sunscreen, a towel and bottled water for your day out at sea.


If you haven´t found out yet, small dinghy sailing is the ultimate way to learn how to sail.

If you’re on the island just for holidays, you can rent a boat with a skipper and ask him to teach you how to sail. You’ll discover beautiful places around the island and learn a bit about life on the seas.

Or, if you live on the island or plan to stay a while, you can start with a full course on dinghy boats because going to sailing school is the best way to learn how to ‘feel’ and to understand the process of sailing.

With the dinghy sailing courses you can learn how to: identify the parts of the boat, identify the movement of the rudder, identify the direction of the wind, leave and enter the port, tack and gybe, mast and unmast the boat.

Dinghy sailing courses in Mallorca (Spain)


So, get your sea legs here, pop your life jacket on, and get ready to discover this Mediterranean island by boat on the best Mallorca sailing holiday. We know for sure that sailing in Mallorca is not an experience you’ll forget easily.

We all spend our lives planning, wishing, waiting for the perfect moment. So, don’t put it off any longer, join us and we will make your holiday dreams come true!

Private sailing tour around Mallorca (Spain)

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