Tapas tour in my barrio

The Plaza de Espana in Maria Luisa Park-Seville Spain

Seville begins to live when the sun starts to set, and the orange weaves magic across the Sevillian sky.

The orange magic touches everything, from the streets that glow to the street lamps that light up Seville’s cobblestone paths, the whiff of orange serenades Seville. As nighttime comes, Seville becomes a city of passion. So, if you are visiting Seville, don’t just enjoy the day and take a few pictures then retire back to your fancy hotel. That is not how to live and enjoy Seville, for it’s a city born at night.

In other cities, night is the time they wind down for the day, but when the sun sets and takes a dip down the west, the spirits of Sevillanos begin to rise. “Hello pal,” the city calls out to you.

From the tapas experience to the special brewery of Sevillian descent, to the remarkable nightlife bustling like the fireflies, there is no shortage of enjoyment and energy to bask in and thrill yourself with in this city. There is always something fun, something exciting and something to take with you when you finally leave those Seville nights.


Seville Setas-Spain
Seville Setas-Spain


Head out and enjoy the Seville tapas: To enjoy the Seville tapas, It is very important to note that, things are different here than they are in other western cities you may have visited. Dinner is late here, as compared to other western cities you may have been to. The Sevillano style suggests that after your heavy and bustling lunch, it is important to have something light and less filling for your dinner. To enjoy the Sevillano tapas, it is best to eat out at night.

Seville Tapas-Spain
Seville Tapas-Spain

Here in Sevilla, tapas is not just some food, or a style of cuisine. In Sevilla, everything is a culture, and that also goes for the Seville tapas, a way of life. You’ve never been to Seville if you have never lived the Seville-tapas way of life.

Take your stroll, living through the streets of the Andalusian capital that is ever throbbing with the energy of the sunset that beats this city, a city that becomes orange and you unravel the unrivalled Seville tapas crawl. Streams of local bars filled with the essence and culture that is Sevillian drinks and meals, lined up from Alfalfa all the way to Triana, spilling out onto the streets, and a people spitting out in rapid fire, the sing-song language of old mother Spain. The people are bustling with energy, and will lead you up to the bar, smile and help you ease into a spot where you’ll make your order. Every hat is an experience, and you have to see two or three to be sure you are in Seville.

Seville Tapas-Spain
Seville Tapas-Spain


Indulge in the Sevillano post-dinner drinks culture after your night fill of the Sevillano tapas to keep the experience on its toes and going. There are a great deal of bars, really enchanting bars that spillover onto the cobblestone streets of Seville, like the Gigabyte bar, or the Le XIX, a still budding, yet promising cocktail scenery that promises of bubbling vigour, luxury, and excitement, encased in a glass. It is what we do in Seville, it is how to live the Seville night. And you must have a lot more days on your calendar, because the fun has just begun. Seville promises a lot more…

Take in unbeatable Seville views: Whether it is the bright cherry day or the fun filled night, Seville is always beautiful. With a wide range of sights and sites to pick from, from the UNESCO class Alcazar palace complex, to the grand Sevillano cathedral and the Grand General Archive of the Indies. All these are heritage sites that speak and tell Seville stories, stories of one of the oldest cities in Europe, through its wars and invasions.

Seville cathedral-Spain

There is the Moorish rich beauty surrounding the Santa Cruz quarters, the Arenal Riverside, the Triana neighborhood on the western edge of the Guadalquivir, La Macarena on the North. All these holding the story of Seville’s age long and now lost, colonial glory. There is never a short supply of sights and fun when you are in Sevilla.

Triana neighborhood-Seville Spain

Other sites of notes, that should probably be in your to-do lists and a place on your postcards, else you won’t forgive yourself, include the following. The Plaza de Espana in Maria Luisa Park. Built by the architect Anibal Gonzalez for the 1929 Exposicion Ibero-Americana, it’s an outstanding example of Regionalist Revival architecture featuring Art Deco details and lavishly ornamented with Andalusian glazed tiles. Climb La Giralda tower attached to the monumental Gothic St. Mary of the See Cathedral; take a tour of the magnificent Torre del Oro river watchtower; and visit the Palace of San Telmo, one of the most emblematic baroque buildings you can find. Our culture glorifies self love, and that may probably be your reason for taking this trip. However, if you desire to find love, Seville is just the right city for you, because, hey, all you have to do is step out. The city is a haven for photographers because at every point you turn, you are faced with antique beauty, lovely sites, statues and monuments. Even the natural lights in the city conspire to create magic with you. Seville is also heaven for the extroverted, but it does not discriminate. Introverted? It draws you into its invigorating energy and at the same time, fills you with an unparalleled calm and peace.

La Giralda tower-Seville Spain
Torre del Oro-Seville Spain


Catch a flamenco show: When you’re in Seville, do like the Sevillanos. Let’s say the nightclubs and its scenery is not exactly your thing, no worries. You don’t have to just head back to your hotel yet; there is a wide range of entertainment and culture that Seville promises. One of these, and the most favorite to visitors is the fanciful, color-spiced flamenco show, the most authentic you will ever see in Spain, in a city bustling with life and energy, with a suave of dancing and jolly country music. A song that tells the story of Seville and a dance that is rooted into the heritage of the people. The flamenco dance varies in quality and style from one event venue to the other, and these beautiful performances are sure to hold the spectacle of tourists and visitors in all the joints across the city. Here in Seville, catching a flamenco show is one of the most delightful things to do.

There are professionals at it;  and with just a few questions asked, you will be directed to the authentic and favored flamenco shows. And when you finally leave this place and its cobblestone behind you, you will still remember the passion of the flamenco.

Flamenco Seville Spain

When is the best time to visit? The best time to visit Seville is in the shoulder months, from April to June and September to October when the weather is usually beautiful, yet not too hot. The summer months (June-August) are always buzzing with tourists and it can get rather warm.

Come visit Seville, and enjoy its ever present energy.

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