The international zip line border between Spain and Portugal

Cross the Guadiana River

Looking for adventure? Whether you like your fun in the air, sea or with your feet firmly planted on the ground, Spain has a lot to offer if you’re into extreme sports. And if you consider a Southern Spain itinerary, then Andalucía is a must!

If you are looking for Spain itineraries, you might want to consider zipping over to Portugal for a visit. We don’t mean using the typical transport methods though. You can literally zip down from Sanlucar de Guadiana, in Andalucia, Spain, to Alcoutim, in Algarve, Portugal via a steel cable on the only zip line in the world that will take you over an international border. Isn’t that amazing?

Zip Line between Spain and Portugal


The first cross-border zip line in the world is located in Sanlucar de Guadiana in Spain. It is literally a zip line that goes from Spain to Portugal. It crosses the Guadiana River at 50 feet above sea level.

This brilliant experience is not only about getting from one country to another in less than one minute, it is also a form of time travel. The time zones of Spain and Portugal are different. If you start your journey on the coast of Spain at 4 pm, you will arrive in Portugal at 3 pm. This is a unique experience of crossing the border without queuing or passport controls.

Magic: The clock is now 1h back!

Guadiana River between Sanlucar de Guadiana in Spain and Alcoutim in Portugal


The Guadiana River rises in Ruidera, between Albacete and Ciudad Real, in Spain, and gently descends through the southern half of the Iberian Peninsula. This river flows into Portugal, forming a natural border between the two countries, before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is thanks to this river that this zip line between Spain and Portugal has been possible. Besides, you can observe beautiful landscapes and enjoy the view during your trip.

There is no need to be trained to complete the journey as all instructions are provided on site. There will be people to help you at both the departure and arrival platform, so all you have to do is listen to the instructions and enjoy your adventure.


Guadiana River in Sanlucar de Guadiana, Spain
International zip line in Spain


The zip line over the Guadiana River offers beautiful views of the landscape between Spain and Portugal and the two border cities. You actually fly through time and go back in time an hour because of the time zone difference between both countries.

Take a ride on the world’s only international zip line that will take you from Spain to Portugal and a one-time zone behind

International zip line in Spain

Users are brought by off-road jeep to the departure platform where they don their harness and helmets. As you leave Spain behind you have the birds eye views of the beautiful Guadiana River and the white-washed village of Alcoutim (Portugal).

You have to look fast though because users reach speeds of up to 80 kph as the line crosses the Guadiana and enters Portuguese airspace. When landing in Portugal, there is a 5 minute walk back to the Alcoutim jetty where a ferry takes you back across the river to Sanlucar.

One of the several cool things about this activity is that when you finish the zipline, you are one hour behind and that gives you some extra time to visit the beautiful Portuguese town of Alcoutim.

If you are not scared of heights and the river rushing below, this one clearly deserves a place in your bucket list. Be aware that you need to be at least 14 years of age, or you will be barred from this adventure. Another factor that might stop you from this adventure of a lifetime is the weight limit, as anyone over 140 kg is not allowed to get on the zip line due to safety measures.

This zip line is the only one in the world that will enable you to cross international border

International zip line in Spain


Enjoy a unique, unforgettable experience by crossing over the Guadiana River from Spain to Portugal. Along the 720 meters zip line length you will cross over the river at speeds between 70 and 80 km/h.

The groups are up to 8 people to the departure platform and after reaching the end of the zip line in Portugal you must walk for about 5 minutes to the Alcoutim jetty that will take you back across the river to Spain.

International zip line in Spain


Lovers of thrilling experiences have just encountered a new way to travel and enjoy an unforgettable experience: the Zip Wire. This is a zip line with a very special feature: you start in one country and land in another.

Originality and adrenaline come together in this adventurous experience that is increasingly finding followers. Would you like to give it a try?

Design your exclusive travel holiday in Spain!

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