Barcelona Food Market & Private Cooking Class

Like most great cities, the origins of Barcelona are lost in the mists of time. Whether it was founded by Hercules as the myth suggests, what we can be certain of is that over the centuries Barcelona has become one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.

No matter if your interests lay in art, architecture, history, food, football or laying on the beach, the capital of Catalonia has it all and it´s ready to welcome you with open arms.


Everyone knows that Spain is a dream destination for foodies, but not everyone realizes just how varied the cuisine is from region to region. If you are thinking about planning a trip to Barcelona, here are various types of local foods to try and many of those varieties date back to hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

Starting with the famous La Boqueria and getting to the lesser known Mercat de Sant Josep or to Santa Caterina market, the city of Barcelona is full of amazing food markets that are waiting for you.

Barcelona is the perfect example of how food is part of Catalan culture. There are 39 food markets, so tourists and locals alike don’t have to go far to find fresh products.

La Boqueria Barcelona food market
La Boqueria Barcelona food market

The markets around here are all unique in their own way. You can find fruits, veggies, meat, fish, or even flowers or cooked food. Also, the food markets are opened all week (except in August), which makes them perfect to have fresh homemade recipes every time you want.

With our Barcelona food market tour, you will get to talk to the fishmongers, butchers and veggie sellers and learn about the products that are part of the daily diet in every home in Spain.

La Boqueria Barcelona Food Market


If you think that gastronomy is an important part of a country’s culture and you love to mingle with locals, then visiting a local food market will be the perfect activity for your vacation.

We share you some tips about what to look for when cooking typical Spanish dishes:

  • Buy the whole vegetable. The veggies that don´t have the root attached may look more appealing, but the ones with the root are fresher and last longer.

  • The best hours to go to the market is between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. This way you arrive before the morning rush, when the food is most fresh.
  • Before making your first purchase, take a lap around the market. Make sure you compare prices and the food quality.

  • Ask questions. You can even ask the sellers to help you choose the best fruit or even for a homemade recipe. They are very friendly.

Typical spanish dishes


Markets are a good opportunity to find the culinary culture of a country, a region or a city. More fun than supermarkets and without the etiquette of restaurants, markets are totally different, with sights, sounds and colors to delight your senses.

Here the market vendors shout to draw the attention of prospective buyers, and along with the scents of fresh produce and multicolored displays of products, Barcelona’s markets are a world unto themselves, one we highly recommend discovering.

La Boqueria Square Barcelona


You should know that many Spanish vegetable dishes were invented by some of the poorest people. This is due to the fact that in the past, people counted mainly on the ingredients they had around them, or to the ones they grew on their farms. Also, this meant that recipes were different from region to region, and from a house to another.

Besides, vegetables that are in season are relatively inexpensive, which makes Spanish vegetable dishes a great option to enjoy some great Spanish food on a tight budget.

Paella in La Boqueria Barcelona Food Market

Many of the Spanish vegetable dishes are very flexible to cook and their recipes can be easily adapted to the ingredients you have at hand. So, if you want to cook a classic Spanish dish they are perfect!

The best Spanish dishes can contain meat to give more substance, and this means you can have two dishes from one recipe.



After discovering the beauty of the city of Barcelona, all its magic and the fascination of its people and markets, it´s time to relax. Can you think of a better way of doing it than cooking some of Spain´s most popular dishes and enjoy it with some great company?


Prepare an authentic meal with our private cooking class and when your work is done, sit down and rest. You will have the company of some selected Spanish wine and great people!

Cooking Class Barcelona

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