History, Arts and Architecture Experiences

Enjoy our recommendations of experiences dedicated to History, Art and Architecture in our main destinations: Spain, Portugal and Morocco. You will be able to visit historical monuments, discover the different cultures that populated there and visit the most avant-garde and impressive architectural works.


Mila House, La Pedrera, Barcelona. Spain

If you are you excited about coming to Barcelona and see its highlights or visit the Gaudi cathedral, you probably though about seeing Sagrada Familia inside, the Güell park, La Casa Battló or maybe the passeig de Gracia.

The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona (Spain)

During centuries, the Iberian Peninsula has been home to prosperous Jewish communities. Even if we don´t know with great accuracy when did Jewish life begun there, there were evidences that date back to the I century A.D. Most of the Jews in Spain were called Sephardic, including those from Portugal, but those living in Catalonia were known by other names.

The Força Vella is Girona´s Cathedral

This tour is a very good option if you want to see some nice Catalan medieval villages and a little bit of history. Luckily, the Spanish geography keeps many memories of the Middle Ages with its towns. These stand out for their impressive castles or the great walled enclosures or their beautiful cathedrals and monasteries.

Bilbao & Guggenheim museum

This Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Tour will reveal you the beauty of the cosmopolitan city of Bilbao known as the botxo (the hole) because of its location in the valley of the Nervión and Ibaizábal Rivers, surrounded by mountains. In this historic city you will discover the Seven Streets, the medieval nucleus of Bilbao which in the words of writer Miguel de Unamuno, is the “little silver cup.”

La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastián (or Donostia as it is called in Basque) has a circular bay with intact white sand beaches that attract rich beach-goers in search of sun. San Sebastian Old Town from Spain with its Basque culture and pintxos is what made this city famous during the Belle Époque and it is also where Queen Maria Cristina established her royal summerhouse. The proof of San Sebastián’s glamorous past can still be seen today. Would you like to see it?

St James Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Saint James Cathedral from Santiago de Compostela is an iconic symbol of the city of Santiago and the final point for many pilgrims walking or cycling the Camino de Santiago. The Cathedral welcomes pilgrims from all over the world. Over the centuries, thousands of pilgrims worldwide have made their way to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia.

Prado Museum Madrid (Spain)

Madrid is the third-largest city in the European Union. Today, Madrid is a vibrant, modern city with lively nightlife and great shopping, but it also is a cultural city that has many museums and art galleries, including the famous El Prado.

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo Spain

Toledo is situated on a hill over the Tajo River. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and it is known as the city of the three cultures – because it has been populated for centuries by Christians, Jews, and Muslims -, or as the “Imperial City“ as it was the seat of the royal court during the reign of Charles I.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the art capital of Spain. This is the impression you get when you discover his famous “Triangle of Art”. The Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía National Museum are the protagonists of this unique route, along with the Prado Museum.

Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain

Did you know that Spain has 15 World Heritage cities? Segovia is one of these cities recognized for its Roman aqueduct, the buildings, the squares, the streets, the patios and all the history behind the territory of Castilla y León.

Seville Cathedral, Spain

Between the orange-scented courtyards, stunning architecture, and joyful flamenco dancing in cozy plazas after dark, Seville is a dream come true. Visiting Seville is discovering a very rich architectural and historical legacy, but also diving in Spanish culture, with tapas, sangria and flamenco.

Cadiz Beach and Cathedral in Andalusia, Spain

The Costa de la Luz stretches over the entire Atlantic coast of the Andalusian coastline, from the Gulf of Cadiz to the Strait of Gibraltar. The long beaches are formed by endless dunes, sometimes colored with pine forests. The sand is gilded by considerable annual sunshine and the hotel and tourist infrastructures are well developed.

Game of Thrones Route in Spain

Cordoba is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities of Andalusia. It stands on of the Rio Guadalquivir. This southern Spanish city was one of the greatest urban centers in the world. Explore its ancient sites and medieval charms with a private guide who is ready to take you on a private Cordoba tour.

La Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Granada is a city full of history. It is the southern Spanish city which is the home of the Alhambra and here you can find a lot of things about the Nasrid dynasty or Charles V of Spain, as well as see such incredible places like the Granada Gardens, the court of lions or the lion fountain.

South of Spain: Málaga City

Malaga is a cultural city that holds art galleries, fashion boutiques and an edgy new creative quarter, all under near-constant sunshine and golden-sand beaches. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, let’s see how we can improve your experience in this city.

Ronda in Málaga. Spain

This “white village” is one of the most beautiful perched on the edge of a gorge surrounded by hills, whitewashed buildings, orange and olive groves. Ronda is in the south of Spain, about 100 kilometers from the city of Malaga. It will charm you with its narrow streets, an emblematic bridge, houses on the edge of the canyon and much more.

Porto - Portugal

Portugal has received many, many travelers in recent years, and this is due to the fact that it´s affordable, it’s adventurous and above all it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Northern Portugal is where Port and Douro wines are produced and then sent worldwide.

Padrão do Salado. Guimarães

Also known as the “birthplace of Portugal”, Guimarães is a city full of history and it will surely amaze you! Placed in Northern Portugal, it was here where some of the most important politic and military events took place in 1128, events that led to the independence and creation of a new nation.

Bom Jesus do Monte

If you’re looking for a slice of authentic Portugal, then the northern city of Braga is the place you are looking for. Here you can enjoy traditional Portuguese food and lots of hospitality away from the tourists.

Braga is located in the heart of the green Minho region and it is famous for its historical buildings, monuments, gardens and fountains. In this beautiful region religious devotion combines with modern in a marvelous way.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city where each neighborhood is different and has its own glamour. If you walk from the cosmopolitan Baixa towards the narrow streets in Alfama, or to Chiado or Bairro Alto, you’ll understand what we mean.

Lisbon has a rich history and wonderful architecture. As one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of Portugal had an important economic, political and cultural center.

Giraldo Square (Praça do Giraldo)

Évora is a lovely city full of history from Portugal. Its century-old history has left many traces, so Évora became a must-see destination during a trip to Portugal.

By choosing a medieval tour in Evora, you can see the legacy that the Jewish people have left here.

Fatima in Portugal

This is about an apparition of the Virgin Mary in front of three shepherd children near Evora several times between May and October of 1917. These apparitions have culminated with the Miracle of the Sun, when thousands of people have gathered to see the children’s premonition come true and when the sun danced around the skies above Fatima on the 13th of October in 1917.

Obidos Castle

There are so many lovely places you can visit in Portugal, that it becomes hard to choose from. But we know that Obidos is a destination you should not miss. This beautiful village is full of whitewashed buildings covered with colorful bougainvillea. Be sure that you’ll quickly love it as you slowly walk around the narrow streets.

Pena Palace: Sintra best-known castle

Portugal is a small country and it is easy to get around. That is why Lisbon can make an excellent base for day trips. There are so many beautiful places to see in Portugal, and most of the best are day trips from its capital.

Monument to the Discoveries. Lisbon

Portugal is a country with no coast along the Mediterranean Sea, but only to the Atlantic Ocean, so this country’s advances in worldwide exploration from centuries ago are very obvious. Besides, it was the passion and goals of a man that moved Portuguese exploration forward, the one known as Prince Henry the Navigator.

Palácio de Estoi. Faro

The Southern region of Portugal has some of the most incredible resort towns in the country, with some staggering nature scenes made up of rugged cliffs, few giant sea caves, hidden beaches, and a unique wildlife.

Praia do Barril on the Ilha de Tavira

Near Portugal´s coast, in the eastern Algarve, Tavira is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. Placed on both sides of the River Gilão, this town has historical legacy, a past that is shaped by the Romans and later on by the Moors, and all this is still visible today.

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