Morocco has been CaramelTrail favourite destination since 1999 and is like a second home for us! Morocco is a land of contrast, you can find the most outstanding luxury and the humble nomad life within its borders. There are deserts, and palm forests but also snowed mountains where the lowest temperatures in Africa are registered. Morocco won’t leave you indifferent… Once you surrender to its many charms it will seduce you, as we were!

In CaramelTrail we can tailor made your perfect trip to Morocco to discover the essence of an amazing country. We recommend a tour through the country visiting the main cities like: Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Meknes and Marrakech… To make the most of your holidays we offer the best private guides that will show you around and will help you knowing where locals go.

Morocco’s strategic location has made it be in hands of many different cultures through history. In the city of Volubilis you will find the best preserved Roman ruins of North Africa. Another place worth visiting is the 11th century Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou declared Unesco heritage site in 1987. All over the country you can feel the blend of the Muslim traditions, the Mediterranean spirit and its past as a French and Spanish protectorate.

Morocco is a land of contrast and amazing landscapes. The deserts are one of its many charms. Spending a night in a tend on the desert watching the starred night sky or hiking the Atlas Mountains on a day trip from Marrakech is a one in a lifetime experience!

But the Medinas are where the real Morocco is found. The Medinas are the oldest parts of the cities and where all the local commercial activity is held, you can find spice markets, guilds and souks. The most outstanding for historical reasons is the Medina of Fez. The oldest of the four imperial cities together with Meknes, Marrakesh and Rabat. All of them part of UNESCO World Heritage sites list. The small winding, narrow streets, the smell of the food stands, the colors of the traditional artisan products, the noise of bargaining and all the hustle and bustle are part of the daily activity in any city of Morocco where life happens on the streets!

In Morocco there is a strong contrast of the ancient and the modernity of a country that is being modernize little by little. You can find many monuments that represent the imperial past of the country like the Bab Mansour monumental getaway in Meknes. Or new important constructions like Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, the second largest mosque in the Islamic world after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, a symbol of an Islam open to the world.

You will find that the gastronomy of the country is spicy and tasty. Some of the specialties are the Cous-Cous and the Taijin. The gastronomy is a rich blend of Mediterranean products with the Muslim cooking tradition. Don’t forget to finish your meals with a hot green tea and some sweet pastries with almond, simple and delicious!

After a day full of excitements, Morocco offers incredible accommodations to rest and unwind. Luxury hotels in buildings full of history, like La Mamounia in Marrakech. Since this palace was turned into a hotel in 1923 many important people have relaxed in its famous gardens. Winston Churchill is one of the most celebrated guests, he discovered the wonders of Morocco in this unique place.

There is a lot to do and visit in Morocco a country full of contrasts that will fascinate you. CaramelTrail will arrange the perfect trip to discover the essence of Morocco and its best kept secrets!

Go Local & enjoy gastronomy, history and outdoors

FAQs – Morocco Travel Questions

Which side of the road do people drive on in Morocco?2022-07-19T13:02:41+02:00

In Morocco people drive on the right, on the same side as in the USA.

Shopping in Morocco2022-07-19T10:22:22+02:00

Trade and commerce are very important aspects in the culture and the DNA of the Moroccans. When you visit any shop in the traditional souks the prices are not marked and you must negotiate with the salesman a fair price for both. Although this can be shocking at first is the normal way to proceed and not bargaining can even be considered rude.

When you visit the medinas with your guide, he will accompany you to any shop, but please understand that he will not interfere in his compatriot business. That is why he will probably stay out of the shop while you do your shopping. Please, don’t feel any pressure to buy if you don’t reach an agreement. You can just say thank you and leave the shop and go to another. Your guide doesn’t receive any commission at any shop, he just considers he must not get involved in other person’s way of doing business.

Don’t worry you will soon get used to this way of buying, just relax and consider it part of the cultural experience!

What is the dress code in Morocco?2022-07-19T10:24:03+02:00

This is a very important point. Morocco is a very respectful country with all religions and they all co-live in the country. This means they are also respectful with different dress codes, but we suggest being a little bit careful and respectful with Moroccans. Even if you could wear any clothes, it is a matter of respect and cultural consideration, especially in the rural areas and out the big cities where people are not so used to see foreigners.

Women should cover shoulders and knees. Tank tops are ok as long as the cleavage is not exposed.

Temperatures in Morocco have big differences from day to night, especially in the desert and coast cities. We suggest nylon shell or sweaters rather than heavy jackets. Generally, unless travelling to the mountains, no need to take heavy jackets.

Will my cell phone work in Morocco?2022-07-19T10:25:12+02:00

We suggest talking to your phone company and check with them if your phone will work in Morocco. If it is a GSM phone then generally it will work, but please check before. You always have the option to buy a pre-pay SIM card in Morocco. It will be cheaper, and you will have access to data, email, etc.

Stay healthy in Morocco2022-07-19T12:35:42+02:00

Travelers’ diarrhea is the most common travel-related illness. We recommend to always drink bottled water and wash and peel the fruit you eat to prevent it.

We suggest bringing appropriate medication with you. You can ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics for self-treatment of moderate diarrhea, just in case.

Is Morocco a safe country?2022-07-19T10:28:24+02:00

Yes, Morocco is a safe country. If you follow common sense safety rules, then you will have no problems in the country. Tourism is main industry in the country and the safety of tourists is a priority in Morocco.

Try to keep your money and documents close to your body. In big cities, be careful with pick-pocketing and not leaving unattended your belongings in public spaces, restaurants and bars.

As a general recommendation for a trip to Morocco, as for any other country in the world, is to take with you photocopies of your Passport and credit cards (both sides) and keep them separately from the original. This way if there is any problem with them, you will have always a copy of original. Never travel with original and copies together. If you feel more comfortable, you can always email us a copy of your passport and flight tickets and we will keep them until your return.

How do we get money in Morocco? Debit card in bank ATM?2022-07-19T10:31:22+02:00

Probably the best way to get cash is by withdrawal. Once in Morocco, you can withdrawal the money or exchange USD at the airport. Out of the big cities it will be more difficult to find ATM’s.

Ask your bank about commissions for withdrawal money from ATM in Morocco. The commission you are charged to withdraw money from ATM is set by your bank, so please check with them before you leave. Your bank is the one who charges the fee for each credit card ATM, so if you take the maximum allowed each time you withdraw, then you will save on fees.

Also, ask your bank if there are banks that will accept easily your credit card and go directly to those ones.

Let you bank know you will be travelling to Morocco and intend to use your credit card, so they don’t block any payment. We have seen how US banks in prevention of fraud don’t allow some credit card payments and then the traveler must call their banks from Morocco.

Regarding how much cash you should take with you, we suggest having around 300USD per person in cash with you always. This will help you to have peace of mind, especially during the weekends when ATM’s can run out of money and they are not restocked until Monday. Also, try to have always change and small currency for the daily expenses: water, taxis, coffee, tea, small purchases at the souks, …

You will be able to pay by credit cards in upmarket shops and restaurants. Visa and MasterCard are generally accepted. Amex is not a popular card.

In every city there are ATM’s.

What is the usual temperature in Morocco?2022-07-19T10:37:12+02:00

The best months to travel to Spain, Portugal and Morocco are Mar-May, Sept & Oct.

Our favorite months are Abril, May, June, Sept and Oct.

From June to August expect warm, sunny and dry weather in Spain and Portugal. In Morocco you should expect high temperatures in July and August, especially in the South of the country.

Will my electronic devices work in Morocco?2022-07-19T10:39:48+02:00

Electricity in Morocco is 220 Volt (sometimes it will be 110V in old buildings, but very strange), 50Hz. So almost all electronic devices will adapt automatically to the different voltage. If you read the labelling of your device and you read “120V” or “100-120V”, then you will need a voltage transformer. If you don’t see this, generally your device will adapt automatically.

What you may need is a plug adapter. Sometimes the plugs adapters are combined with voltage transformer. Please read carefully the information on the unit. If the label of your device says “110-220” or “100-240” then you will only need a simple plug adapter (in this case, no transformer needed).

In Morocco, the power sockets are of type C and E.

If you need more information on this website you will find more detailed information about electricity and adapters: http://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/

You have to select on the right side of the page where are you travelling, then say which country you live in and you will see all the information.

What means of transportation are there in Morocco?2022-07-19T10:44:27+02:00

Domestic flights, private transfers.

Is there any app you recommend to move around the cities or self-driving?2022-07-19T11:13:38+02:00

We suggest Google Maps. We have used many apps and this one is accurate, updated and works perfectly both in big cities or small villages.

If you want to use it to move around the cities, we suggest downloading on your phone the maps of the cities you will be visiting so you can use them without a connection. Look for this option at the menu, click it and drag the world map to the required areas.

Will I need to protect myself from the sun, wear sunscreen, hats or caps?2022-07-19T11:19:43+02:00

June, July and August are sunny and dry months. So, our suggestion is to wear sun glasses, sun cream and hat if you are not used to sun.



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