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Known for its history, delicious tapas dishes, and vast array of beaches, Spain is very popular with tourists. However, this beautiful country is also home to world-class folk music and dance, making it the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy a night of traditional flamenco dancing.

Seeing a live flamenco show is definitely one of the top things to do in Seville. Would you like to join us?

Flamenco Master Class


From the city’s tourist heart in the cobbled mazes of Barrio Santa Cruz, to the bohemian Macarena and lively Triana, there is truly something for everyone in the neighborhoods in Seville.

For a bohemian vibe, head to Macarena: one of the liveliest areas of Seville. This neighborhood is an excellent location to explore the vintage shops and antique bookstores. Once the poorest slum in Spain, it’s now a characterful area with many interesting palaces.

Besides, Seville is the birthplace of flamenco and it all began in Triana. Humble, down-to-earth, and full of artistic flair, this neighborhood has been home to artists, dancers, sailors, gypsies, bullfighters, and potters. If you want to blend in with the locals, this is the most authentic place to go to in Seville.

These two neighborhoods give off art and makes anyone who visits Seville fall in love. Get to know all the corners and go for tapas in terraces and bars. You won’t regret it!

La Macarena in Seville, Spain


Music and dance play a big role in the diverse culture of Spain. Imagine the brightly colored costumes, tapping feet, and sounds of bagpipes and strumming guitars. People often think that Flamenco is the only dance form existing in Spain, but this is not true.

Though traditional dance in Spain summons up iconic images of flamenco, there are many variations widespread across the country. From the gypsy communities of the south, to the Celtic heritage of Galicia in the north, the culture of Spain is perfectly captured in these traditional Spanish dances.

Flamenco, Seville. Spain

Every day in Seville you can enjoy the flamenco art in all its splendor at the famous flamenco “tablaos” (the direct descendants of the old flamenco bars), in the neighborhood clubs, thematic areas, some bars and, of course, at festivals such as the Biennial.


Flamenco dance (el flamenco) is a highly-expressive, Spanish dance form. The flamenco is a solo dance characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm, and body movements. The dance is usually accompanied by a singer and guitar player.

This beautiful and passionate art form has been recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage of Humanity. It originated in Andalusia within gypsy communities and it’s based on the various folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain.

Seville: Flamenco is typical spanish dance


Flamenco dancing has its roots in the gypsy barrio of Seville. Flamenco performances are offered all over Seville and typically take place in tablaos, which are restaurants or bars that charge admission for the show. It is possible, however, to catch a flamenco show for the price of a drink alone.

Flamenco is the purest expression of Andalusian folklore. They say it began with the fifteenth-century arrival of the gypsies to the Cadiz countryside of Jerez and Seville and in the middle of the nineteenth century, it was popularized through the flamenco bars.

Every flamenco show has their own unique qualities, so sometimes it really depends on what kind of experience you are after. Do you want an intimate experience, trade in authenticity for a show with dinner, or maybe you want to see flamenco stopping by a local bar? Whatever experience you are after, we’re here to help you chose the best flamenco show in Seville to suit your needs.

For an incredible flamenco dance, these are the best ingredients: Spanish guitar, the flamenco dress, sevillanas and flamenco shoes


Seville is a city in love with the flamenco guitar. The International Guitar Festival is held in this city every year and the event is honoring this instrument with the presence of famous Spanish guitarists, whether classical or flamenco.

The guitar was incorporated into flamenco to accompany the cante (singing). Little by little it has been gaining ground to become a benchmark for this art, thanks to the contribution of many artists who with their mastery have made this instrument even greater.

The flamenco guitar is one of the variants of the Spanish guitar, being the most popular and well-known inside and outside of Spain.

Flamenco Seville Spain


The flamenco dress, traje de flamenca or sevillana dress is the traditional suit for Spanish ferias. It is worn at the stage thanks to flamenco performances. These dresses are distinguished by being close-fitting attires with flounces (except for the canastero dress) made of different fabrics: pattered, plain, with laces, flowered and the traditional polka-dot pattern. They are totally fit to each woman’s body, which highlight their curves and figures.

It is an outfit that reflects the identity of the Andalusian culture, a dress that is present in the traditional festivals and pilgrimages that are celebrated in Andalusia.

Sevillanas are the only dance form in flamenco performed in pairs and can be seen at gatherings, nightclubs or on the streets of Seville.  Every spring the people of Seville participate in La Feria de Sevilla (the Seville Fair). People review, refresh and practice their sevillanas often ahead of time to enjoy performing them in public at the feria.

And the show would not be that good without the flamenco shoes.  This is a type of shoe worn to perform dances to the Spanish Flamenco music style that has delighted audiences for centuries. The term “flamenco shoes” usually refers to women’s shoes, because in most flamenco dances, men more properly wear boots. The nails in the heels and toes are what make these shoes special, because they allow the dancers to use their feet as percussive instruments that complement and enhance the music.

Typical flamenco dress


As you can see, the flamenco guitar is an indispensable element in a tablao. A tablao flamenco is a place where flamenco shows take place with a social atmosphere with references to this Andalusian art. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a flamenco show without the presence of this instrument.

Sink into a comfortable seat and watch an electrifying performance that demonstrates the flair and fire of Spanish flamenco. Enjoy complimentary drinks and opt for traditional tapas to have the best experience!

Tablao Flamenco


There are many things to love and admire about Spain. From food to art, it is easy to get lost in the rich and varied Spanish cultural landscape. Nevertheless, one thing that seems to stand out is the love for dancing. Besides, if you are looking for the best flamenco show in Seville, Spain, Carameltrail is the best option for your trip!

So, if you are planning to travel to Spain soon, join us for an enchanting flamenco show and for some top tapas in the buzzing local bars of the city center. We would happily join you!

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