Bike Tour Sevilla: Tour the city and the Guadalquivir River

Sevilla is the sunny capital of Andalusia. Filled with orange-lined squares, narrow streets, green spaces and gardens, and lots of history and culture. To take it all in we recommend you cycling in Seville, as it’s the best way to cover the whole city in just a few hours.

Discover the lovely sites that line the Guadalquivir River on this eco-friendly bike tour in Seville. During the tour, follow your local guide along the bike-friendly paths while enjoying the view and the tranquility of this amazing city away from the typical tourist crowds.

Carameltrail offers you this guided tour in the form of a bicycle route through Seville. It is though for those who love sports as well as for those who want to know the city in a comfortable and fun way.


Bike Tour Seville: Plaza de España


Seville is often referred to as the ‘Jewel of Andalucia’ and it’s easy to see why. This city has a lot to offer with its rich and colorful mix of history and culture.

You can spend hours visiting its famous Alcazar baroque cathedral, the largest in the world, with its Moorish tower from which you can enjoy the best views of the city.  Or maybe you want to go for the Roman ruins of Italica and the old tobacco factory that was the inspiration for Bizet’s opera Carmen. Besides, for those who wish to experience Seville’s gastronomic delights there are cookery courses, tapas tours and wine tours.

During this bike tour we will make several stops at the most important monuments, where the guide will make explanations regarding them and the history of the city of Seville.

Italica in Seville, Spain


The guided bike tour in Seville is the perfect way to know the city. Together we will discover the most important monuments, neighborhoods and spots of the city as well as the lifestyle of the Sevillians. Join us and see the city by bike in a different way!

The sunny weather and the bike-friendliness of the city make cycling in Seville a great idea. Our local English-speaking guide will not only show you the most beautiful spots, but also tell you all there is to know about its history and culture.

Seville bike tour along the Guadalquivir River


On the edge of the Guadalquivir River, Seville is a city full of color and charm, through which over the years many civilizations have passed, each leaving its mark on the city. In the narrow streets of its well conserved and large historical center you can admire the signature architectural style of each of these cultures and eras. Today, Seville is a bustling modern city where new meets old by creating a fascinating city of interesting contrasts.

One of the highlights will be biking very close to the banks of the Guadalquivir River, with beautiful views of Triana, across the other side of Seville. The tour will allow you to discover the beauty and the wonderful views of this magnificent city. We will include views of the Cathedral, Giralda and Alcazar, amongst other surprises along the route!

Seville bike tour along the Guadalquivir River
Seville bike tour along the Guadalquivir River


Located between what is now Plaza Nueva and the Town Hall, the plaza San Francisco in Seville was considered the “heart of the city” in the 16th century and it has always been a very important point in the history of the city. For this reason, it is very unlikely that a visitor will not end up in this place.

Events such as the well-known autos de fe of the Holy Inquisition were held here, and to this day it is still a very important place. Besides, it is one of the main transit points for the Corpus Christi and Holy Week processions, and from this point you can enjoy spectacular views of the Giralda.

City Hall of Seville in the Plaza de San Francisco


Maria Luisa Park is the most famous park in Seville and the most visited. This Park is one of the fundamental lungs of the city of Seville and the primary urban park.

With 34 hectares of size, it is an ideal corner for local people as well as for guests to rest in the shade of a woods, stroll with loved ones on the trails or sit and appreciate the trilling of fowls, the Garden of the Lions or beautiful frog fountain.

Maria Luisa Park is an oasis of peace in Seville and it provides some cool relief on the hot days, thanks to the shady footpaths, fountains and the expanse of Mediterranean trees and colorful flowers. For many Sevillians, the park is an ideal place for a picnic, for a romantic walk or for cycling.

If you want to know more about it, visit the officiel Andalusia tourism website.

Maria Luisa Park Sevilla, Spain
Maria Luisa Park Sevilla, Spain


This is another interesting visiting point you will enjoy during this bike tour. The tobacco factory is a building made of stone during the 18th century as the first tobacco factory established in Europe.

It is one of the most splendid representations of the industrial architecture of the Old Regime. Since the middle of the 20th century, the building has housed the headquarters of the rectorship of the University of Seville and some of its faculties.

Tobacco Factory Seville, Spain

Photo: Author Carlosrs in Wikimedia

It is one of the largest and best architectural buildings of its kind in Spain, as well as one of the oldest of its kind in Europe.

This wonderful place is one of the monumental buildings of the city, built in a Renaissance style with the feel of an Escorial monastery. Consider walking through the interior patios and gardens and admiring its overwhelming size.


Triana, the Plaza de San Francisco, the Guadalquivir River, the old tobacco factory, Maria Luisa Park, Plaza de España, the Cathedral and the Alcazar are some of the best things you can enjoy by taking this original Seville bike tour. Your local guide will bring the city to life with fascinating stories and legends!

La Giralda of Seville and Guadalquivir River

Explore stunning architecture and charming neighborhoods as you discover 2,200 years of history!

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