Go Local, Gastronomy and Wines

Enjoy our recommendations of experiences dedicated to Go Local, Gastronomy and Wines in our main destinations: Spain, Portugal and Morocco. In them you will be able to live life like a local, enjoy the best gastronomic corners, culture and local crafts. Get out of the tourist routes and get into these unique and irresistible experiences.


Day trips from Barcelona: in rural Catalonia

The city of Barcelona is a fantastic urban destination, with so much to see and do. But if you limit yourself to staying within the city, you’re missing a lot of what Catalonia has to offer. Within a couple of hours of Barcelona, there is a myriad of seaside villages, pretty hillside hamlets, stunning secret beaches, beautiful historical towns, cultural and natural attractions, and even giant theme parks!

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City Tour in Barcelona

A bike tour is a great way to see Barcelona and it has numerous advantages over traditional walking tours. The most obvious is that being on a bicycle enables you to see much more of the city and those of you who like a little exercise will also appreciate the chance to burn off a couple more calories.

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La Boqueria Barcelona Food Market

Everyone knows that Spain is a dream destination for foodies, but not everyone realizes just how varied the cuisine is from region to region. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona there are all sorts of local must-eat foods to delve into, many of which date back to hundreds if not thousands of years. From the famous La Boqueria to the lesser known Mercat de Sant Josep or Santa Caterina market, Barcelona is full of wonderful food markets piled high with fresh produce.

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Penedes: Wineries near Barcelona

Whether it is climate, culture or geography, Spain offers spectacular variety. From rustic to refined, traditional to innovative, red, white, sparkling and fortified, the wines of Spain along with its legendary cuisine, friendly people and spellbinding natural beauty have something very special to offer visitors. A wine vacation in sunny Spain is a feast for the senses you will never forget!

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Best spanish red wines

If you are looking for the coolest wine tours to have in Spain, you came to the right place! Can you think of a better way to discover the Spanish wine than by actually visiting their places of origin? Many of Spain’s leading vineyards are open to visitors: many are hundreds of years old, some boast an extraordinary architectural richness, and others even include interesting collections of art relating to the wine culture.

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La Rioja Wine Region, Spain

Have you ever thought about visiting a traditional winery in Spain’s most famous wine region? Did you know that in this country Rioja is synonym of wine? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you all about it!

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The Basque Country, Spain

The landscape of Basque Country is breathtaking. There are lots of different routes that you can take to explore Basque Country where you can also taste its stunning food. Food and wine enthusiasts visiting the Basque Country in Northern Spain discover that Idiazabal cheese and Txakoli wine are two of the most iconic and easy-to-find regional products.

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Basque food: pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, or Donostia for the Basques, is one of the most famous foodie cities in one of the top culinary regions in the world. With its Michelin-starred restaurants and amazing pintxos bars, it’s easy to be spoiled by the food choices you encounter here. San Sebastian is simply full of good eats. The best pintxos bars in San Sebastian are a buffet of colors and smells.

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Shopping in Madrid: Gran Via

Madrid is the best city in Spain to go shopping, but you’ll need to know where to look. In the downtown streetsthe blocks with stores with affordable prices, young designer fashion shops alongside traditional ones, alternate with restaurants, cafes and terraces.

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Wine and tapas Tour Madrid, Spain

Spain is the healthiest country in the world. Much can be attributed to the Spanish cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet, which is synonymous with health, longevity, and classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. We invite you to enjoy the experience of “ir de tapas”, as madrileños do.

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Flamenco Master Class

Seeing a live flamenco show is definitely one of the best things to do in Seville. Would you like to join us? Spain is known for its history, delicious tapas and wide variety of beaches. However, this beautiful country is also home to world-class folk music and dance.

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Bullfighter in a bullfight. Spain

Let us take you on a journey into the world of bullfighting. Join an exciting and fascinating trip that revolves around the art of bullfighting and gives you an in-depth understanding of this art. Come and experience the Andalusia countryside life!

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Spanish cured ham: Jamon Iberico

The mighty Iberian pig is something of an icon in Spain, with ham being the king of tapas throughout the country and beyond. This tour explores the journey of Iberian ham from farm to table, offering you a fascinating insight and appreciation. On our tour of southern Spain you will discover all about Iberian acorn-fed ham.

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Spanish sherry wine

Taking a Jerez de la Frontera wine tour is more than just an opportunity to taste these local wines. It is a journey into the history of Andalusia that goes back more than 3000 years and traces the centuries of the many civilizations that occupied this rich land.

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Spanish flamenco dance in Seville, Spain

The southern Spanish city of Seville will steal your heart with its charming streets, glorious architecture and its traditions. Or maybe you prefer hang out at the tapas bars chatting up friendly folks. And if you have some time, why not soak in the cultural air and learn the flamenco dance? Seville is, after all, one of the greatest sources of flamenco in Spain.

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Axarquia, the last Mediterranean gem

Your visit to Malaga in Andalusia wouldn’t be complete without a side trip to one of the beautiful white villages. The dazzling white villages of Spain along the coastline and in the Sierras are charming and make for a perfect day out.

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