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San Sebastian surf spots: La Zurriola in the Cantabrian Sea

The Basque Country is one of the best-known surfing destinations. The Cantabrian Sea helps a lot because it causes the proper conditions for any keen surfer: wind, waves and some spectacular beaches. Also, the surf culture and the main core of the Basque Country (with its classic villages and gastronomy) complete each other very well.

San Sebastian is certainly Spain’s most iconic surf town. There are many beaches that invite you to practice surfing, no matter your level is. That is why in San Sebastián you’ll always find that perfect wave you are waiting for.

You may be looking for your next surfing holiday, or maybe you want to do something fun during your holiday in the Northern Spain. In both cases we have the right option.

San Sebastian Surf, Spain


Some of the best waves in Europe are found on the Iberian Peninsula, which makes it the perfect place for a trip when it comes to surf.

Why España? Because of tapas, sangria, flamenco, its culture, museums, inhabitants… Because Spain is a diverse country which will amaze you with its flavors and surprises. It’s because of its spectacular beaches, variety of waves, surf festivals, warm climate, the food, the great number of surf camps that make the world’s best surfers keep on coming back here…

Spain’s long sun-kissed coastline is the perfect destination for a surf trip at any time of the year

Playa de la Concha in San Sebastian, Spain
Surf in Spain


Renowned for its long coastline, perfectly placed to attract large Atlantic swells all year round, Spain´s coastline is one of the most consistent in Europe. The Northern area is split into four regions: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and The Basque Country. Each has its own character, landscape, history, food and of course, pumping waves.

Northern Spain is a surfer’s paradise. This coastline has surf spots for all levels and tastes and challenging waves!

San Sebastian Beach, Spain
Best places to surf in Spain


Whether it is a weekend break or a longer holiday, those who visit San Sebastian always have its beaches in mind. Even those who come for a congress or a festival reserve, part of the time they enjoy its beaches.

One of the reasons that this city it is so beautiful are the 3 golden sand beaches. These beaches are not only located in a green bay in the middle of the city, but here you can also find a very special and pleasant atmosphere.

San Sebastián’s 3 beaches are symbolic of the city and a wonderful place to be in all seasons.

Best beaches in San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and this is due mainly to the 3 urban beaches that give it a special air.

Each one of these three beaches are different, especially when it comes to the Playa de la Zurriola. This is the youngest of all and here good atmosphere and surfing are always around. Chances are that on this beach you may find people practicing volleyball in the sand while some others are catching waves in the water.

The Playa de la Concha is the most recognized worldwide for appearing in countless magazines and travel guides. It has been nominated as one of the most beautiful in the world so you certainly cannot miss it. In its bay you can practice paddle or canoeing and the sea is usually much quieter.

Best places to surf in Spain

If you are keen to paddle or canoeing, then the beach of Ondarreta may be your destination. This beach is separated from La Concha beach by a stone overhang called Pico del Loro which is in fact a continuation of it until the slopes of Monte Igueldo.


The beaches in San Sebastian will take your breath away thanks to the Cantabrian Sea. This city is the perfect place for learners who want to improve their surfing skills.

The beach where you can surf here is connected to a beautiful city and this makes it an incredible surfing spot. This way you won´t need to travel to catch a wave.

This is due to the quality of the waves and the vibe. The main point is La Zurriola, a pretty easy beach break with crumbly lefts and rights.

San Sebastian Surf, Spain

San Sebastian surf is super fun

Come in San Sebastian to enjoy the waves during the day and to entertain yourself with the local culture and wine during the night.

Best time to surf in San Sebastian

In Spain you can surf all year round.

If you are a beginner, the best time to surf in San Sebastian is in summer and early autumn because the waves during this time of the year are smaller and friendlier. Besides, this is a good time for intermediates that want to brush up their skills.

On the other hand, for some intermediate and advanced surfers coming in San Sebastian, the best time to surf here is between September and April. The reason is that autumn and spring waves are bigger than in summer. Moreover, during this part of the year, the conditions here are very reliable and the beaches are less crowded too.

Winter comes with some huge swells, but the good news is that there are plenty of sheltered spots in Spain, so you may find both powerful and gentle waves to surf upon.

Best San Sebastian surf spots

The best surf spots in Spain are famous for the world-class waves. In fact, surfing here didn’t really catch on until the 1960s and 70s. However, since then the country has produced some of the top surfers in the world.

If you plan surfing holidays below the Spanish mainland, take a look at these 7 best surf spots that Culture Trip is talking about and take your pick.

Beach in The Basque Country, Spain

San Sebastian is the perfect place in Spain to surf because you’ll always find a wave to ride


Playa de la Zurriola is where the surf becomes serious in San Sebastián. It’s much more exposed to the Cantabrian Sea, and with the right conditions you’ll see wave upon wave roll in. Many surfers from all across the world come to this beach when they want to catch some of the best waves in Europe. Set in an open bay the beach is perfectly exposed to swells from the north.

The surf at Zurriola Beach is the most reliable in San Sebastian

The astonishing surf along with the soft sand underfoot make this beach a desired location for many tourists. And because it has some local surf schools, it can get busy. But no worries, we got you covered!

San Sebastian Surf in Zurriola Beach, Spain


The fact that San Sebastian is blessed with a wave spot is the main reason we say this is one of the best destinations for surf holidays in Spain. Come, enjoy the culture, drink the wine, party at night, and hit the waves in the daytime. Easssssy.

Enjoy the best private tours in Spain, you will discover a unique destination. Plan your trip now!

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