Carameltrail, Luxury Travel Specialist in Spain, Portugal and Morocco
Carameltrail, Luxury Travel Specialist in Spain, Portugal and Morocco
Carameltrail, Luxury Travel Specialist in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Experience the heartbeat of tradition, indulge in the exclusive, and journey beyond the ordinary

Crafting unforgettable moments since 2011



Where do you want to travel?

We arrange tailor-made trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco where you will find their essence through gastronomy, culture, history, people, live and laughter!
Travel to Spain


Discover Spain with Carameltrail. Let us know your interests and we will arrange a unique trip according to your wishes. Spain has much to offer and with Carameltrail you can be certain to find the essence of its most beautiful and interesting places.
Travel to Portugal


Portugal has become one of the coolest destinations in Europe. In Carameltrail, we will guide you from the stunning beaches of the Algarve to the small Porto wineries. A journey though a country that will captivate your senses!
Travel to Morocco


Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Travel to Morocco with Carameltrail. We will show you the stunning beauty of the desert and the wonders cities like Fez and Marrakesh hide. You will live an experience beyond your dreams in Morocco.


Uniques experiences

What do you expect when you visit a country? You want to know its essence during the days you spend there, in a word, you want to live unique experiences that will make your holidays memorable.

Go local, gastronomy and wines

Go Local

Because immersing in the local life of a country is one of the most satisfying experiences when travelling, we will make sure you discover the real essence of each destination. [Go Local, Gastronomy & Wines]

Delicious gastronomy experiences

Delicious gastronomy experiences

If you want to taste the flavors of the traditional gastronomy, we offer delicious food experiences that will leave you more than satisfied. [Go Local, Gastronomy & Wines]

Wine, wineries & tastings

Wine, wineries & tastings

If you are a wine passionate, our team of expert guides will grant you the access to the most special wineries in well-known wine regions and they will introduce you to below the radar wines. [Go Local, Gastronomy & Wines]

History, art and architecture

History & Art

An incredible cultural and historic legacy. In CaramelTrail we can arrange Culture and History tours that will allow you discover Spain through its monuments, art, castles or monasteries. [History, Arts & Architecture]

Architecture & unique buildings

Architecture & unique buildings

Discover incredible buildings of all styles and immerse yourself in the architectural legacy of the cities. [History, Arts & Architecture]

Outdoors activities & family fun itineraries

Outdoors activities & family fun itineraries

If you are looking for different ways of discovering a country with your loved ones, we arrange outdoors activities that will leave you breathless and the best family friendly itineraries. [Outdoors Activities]

In CaramelTrail we can tailor-made your perfect holidays, just tell us what your interests are and we will grant you unique experiences!


What do you like about travelling?

Those butterflies in your stomach when a new adventure spreads ahead of you? Being the only tourist in a place full of local people and yet fell like home? Visiting a monument and get to know all the secrets its stones keep? Tasting new flavors of recipes that have gone down generation to generation? Meeting people on the way that you will later call friends?

What we like the most about travelling is to make these experiences possible for you!


How do we do it?


Tell us about your dream holidays!

Contact us by filling out the travel request form, via email or by phone. We will love to know about your interests, preferences, travel style, what you would like to see and do, your travel dates.


We will prepare an exclusive travel proposal

Based on the interests you have shared with us we will send you a unique trip proposal.


Fine tuning

After you review the proposal, we will be in contact to fine tune your itinerary and do any needed changes to adapt it to your interests and preferences.


Book your trip

When you are ready to book your trip, we will send you the link to the secure gateway so you can pay.

Here you have some of our traveler’s reviews so you can see what they value most:

I couldn’t be more impressed with this travel company. The attention to detail was excellent. They made every effort to make the trip exactly as we wanted it to be. Perhaps the most impressive part was the local guides that were provided. They were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their cities. They truly made every effort to make sure that we had the absolute best experience. In some cases that meant spending a little more time with us than was planned or taking us to places that might not have been on the original plan. I think it speaks for itself to say that nearly every one of them said that this travel company was their favorite company to work with because of the faith put in them to provide a great experience without questioning their decisions.
Jim Page, (Fresno, California. USA)

We loved our vacation.  The travel company planned each day with activities that were all first class.  There were no issues with any tour agencies or activities.  All the tours were private, and the hotels were really nice, far exceeding expectations.  They were great to work with, helping us plan the trip with activities that fit our interests and budget.
Where they really excelled was once the trip began.  The stayed in contact with us, making sure everything was going smoothly.  When we had a small medical emergency, our travel consultant really went out of her way to help us find a hospital and meet us there.  She stayed with us through the entire appointment, making sure everything was okay before she left.  Later in the trip when we lost a beloved stuffed animal at a hotel, they worked with the hotel management and cleaning contractor to locate the toy and send it to us the next day.
I can’t say enough about how great this travel company was!

Bill Kayser, (Milwaukie, Oregon. USA)

I take an annual “5-star” holiday, so my standards are high.  Given the top-rated travel agencies that Zicasso works with, the expectations for best in class service are an assumed baseline. […] did not miss a single thought or area of interest I mentioned, even in passing […] It is difficult to exceed expectations in any business when the baseline is very high, and that’s what sets the top 1% of performers apart from even the best in class rest of the field.  This travel agent and his agency are definitely at the top of the 1% group

Svetlana Gorodetsky, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA)

The level of service and attention to detail was impressive […] Our planner made thoughtful changes to our itinerary based on our wishes […] I received regular messaging from the trip planner […]

Cleon Yee, (Burlingame, California. USA)

Our trip planner listened to what we wanted and set up a beautiful trip […] was very responsive during the trip itself: every time I texted with a question or request, he responded within minutes.

Francie Turk, (Lincolnshire, Illinois. USA)

The guides he set up for us were all fantastic, and the travel he arranged between cities went seamlessly […] Originally, I had a huge list of ideas of places to go and things to see, and our travel specialist helped me narrow those ideas down to what was reasonable for the time of year

Jay Hafner, (Brookline, Massachusetts. USA)
Al-Andalus luxury train
Al-Andalus luxury train
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