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La Rioja wine region: Visit to a traditional winery in Spain

Have you ever thought about visiting a traditional winery in Spain´s most famous wine region? Did you know that in this country Rioja is synonym of wine? Keep on reading and we´ll tell you all about it!



Rioja is internationally famous for the quality of its wines. Apart from wine tasting, a visit to this region offers a range of activities you can make in and around the extensive vineyards, including horse-riding or 4×4 routes, among others.


Rioja is among the best places in Spain if you want to enjoy tapas (known as pinchos here) and to pair them with some local wines. The region of Rioja extends from Haro on the west to Navarre and it goes all along the Ebro River, Spain’s second-largest river.


This region is also closely linked to the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrim route, and has a whole host of cultural attractions.


You can’t talk about Spanish wine without mentioning Rioja.

First of all, Rioja is a place, not a grape. And like most European countries, Spain names its wine by the place it comes from, so often you won’t even see the grape on the label. There are 70 official quality winemaking regions in Spain which here are called “Denominación de Origen”, D.O. for short.

In Rioja the wine producers are present for centuries and this is why the region is famous in winemaking.

In Spain, Rioja is synonymous with wine

The Rioja wine region is divided into three regions:

  • Rioja Alta, where you can find the oldest wine “chateaux”.

  • Rioja Alavesa, a region that geographically belongs also to the Basque Country.

  • Rioja Baja, a larger, the arid region known because here you can find some of the largest dinosaur prints in Europe and a trip here can be very exciting.

La Rioja Wine Region, Spain


In the region of Rioja, you will find some extraordinary wine museums along with emblematic wineries, amazing hotels (note that some of them are built on wineries). Add to that the breathtaking landscapes and the ancient monuments and you have the perfect destination for your next trip to Spain.

Besides, modern Architecture has improved lately the reputation of Rioja and made possible for some of the wineries to be hotels and restaurants and this makes them even more interesting for the tourists.

Beginning with the 16th century, Rioja’s wine production developed steadily. It had a major boost in the late 19th Century, when the vineyards of neighboring France Bordeaux came to this land in search for new wine supplies.

With some amazing rolling landscapes, that give birth to exquisite wines, La Rioja is Spain’s Tuscany

The best-known grape from Rioja is Tempranillo, which mixed with some other regional grapes like Graciano, Mazuelo or Garnacha Tinta, creates some of the richest wines in the world.


La Rioja Wine Region, Spain
La Rioja Wine Taste, Spain


The best Rioja wines are those that well balance the levels of fruit with the right amount of oak, ensuring the perfect blend of berried fruit and toasty, vanilla notes.

There are, of course, different styles of Rioja wine, from the traditional bottlings that spend a long time in American oak, to more modern expressions that focus more on the fruit and are aged in French oak, for a more elegant, fresh feel.

The Rioja region is considered Spain’s most important and finest producer of premium red wines.

According to The Culture Trip, the best wines from La Rioja are:

  • La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva
    – Cirsion
    – Baron de Chirel
    – Viña El Pisón
    – Contador
  • Viña Tondonia Gran Reserva

  • Viña Real Rioja Blanco

Both food and wine lovers will adore Rioja

La Rioja Wine Region, Spain


Spanish red wines are good values, but buying one can be frustrating if you aren’t sure what grows where within the world of Spanish wines.

Many of Spain’s best red wines are labeled with the name of the wine appellation, rarely by grape variety. So, Spain can be divided into three “bands” for red grape varieties and wines: the Tempranillo grape variety excels in wines from central and northern Spain, Garnacha in wines from northeastern Spain and Monastrell in southeastern Spanish wines.

Red wines from Rioja are among  the most desirable on the planet

Rioja makes for a great food-pairing also, and is suited to dishes like grilled or sauced beef, mushrooms, oily fish, or even certain seafood dishes, making it a great starting place. Besides, a Gran Reserva is one of the easiest ways to make an impression.

La Rioja Wine Taste, Spain

Red wine benefits for female

Red wine is used in cooking and baking because it adds the taste and nutrients to your dish. Believe it or not, it also does magic when you use it for face massage or scrub. Are you excited to know more about its benefits?

Owing the components and antioxidants it has, it is no less than a blessing for women’s health. One drink of red wine in a day could help you reverse the signs of aging and get your lost glow back.

Among the most common benefits that red wine has for women are those for skin, hair, and Health. Let’s see some of them:

  • Good for heart health

  • Prevents obesity

  • Reduces bad cholesterol level

  • Reduces hair loss

  • Fights back diabetes

  • Controls high blood pressure

  • Improves functioning of the lungs

  • Combats stress

  • Helps to strengthen bones

  • May reduce the risk of cataracts

  • Gives glowing skin

  • Fights back acne

Red Wine Benefits



Culture and wine make an unbeatable combination. And if you add some amazing natural attractions… In La Rioja you’ll find Mediterranean forests, high-mountain areas, lunar landscapes, the Sierra de Cebollera Nature Reserve or the Arnedillo Biosphere Reserve.


In this divine region there are many small wineries so many families still produce their wines in a traditional way in the cellar of their houses. By joining this experience with us, you will visit a couple of traditional wineries that are producing the worldwide famous Rioja wine.


Besides, you will have the chance of cruise along the wine region, enjoying the magnificent modern architecture of the wineries in the area.

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