The Retiro Park in Madrid

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Going to the Retiro Park is always a delight but when summer is getting nearer and days are warmer and longer is our favorite place in Madrid to relax and uind! In June the Annual Book Fair takes place within its boundaries becoming the center of the cultural activity in Madrid.

El Greco in five tips

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In 2014 will take place the commemoration of the 4th centenary of the death of El Greco, one of the greatest artists of all time. There are three great exhibitions programmed for the year and the largest will gather over a 100 works of El Greco in Toledo. This will be the largest exhibition of the artist ever held in history. Many of the works, which will come from museums all over the world, are exhibit together for the first time. Here are five tips to know a little bit more about El Greco, the man and the artist.

Don Quixote Tour

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He thereupon commended himself with all his heart to his lady Dulcinea, beseeching her to succor him in this peril; and, being well covered with his shield and with his lance at rest, he bore down upon them at a full gallop and fell upon the first mill that stood in his way, giving a thrust at the wing, which was whirling at such a speed that his lance was broken into bits and both horse and horseman went rolling over the plain, very much battered indeed…”