Top things to do in Ronda Spain

Would you like to spend a day to discovering one of the oldest cities in Spain? Then you must get to Ronda, in the south of Spain, about 100 kilometers from the city of Malaga. Don’t miss a visit to one of the most famous destinations in Andalusia, which will charm you with its narrow streets, an emblematic bridge, houses on the edge of the canyon, and much more.

This pueblo blanco” (white town) has one of the most beautiful settings around, perched on the edge of a gorge surrounded by rolling hills, whitewashed buildings, orange trees and olive groves.

Ronda in Málaga. Spain


Where is Ronda?

If you are wondering where Ronda is located on the Spain map, take a look at this page. It will help you locate Ronda city much better.

Ronda is close enough to Seville or Málaga for a day trip. Apart from stunning views, there are plenty of things to see and do to make it worth staying a night or two. So, if you’re looking for a spot for a relaxed Spanish city break – or an add on to a trip to Seville, Granada or the coast, here you will find some interesting things to do in Ronda.

How to get to Ronda?

There are 5 ways to get from Málaga to Ronda: by train, bus, rideshare, taxi or car. Of course, car is the fastest and most convenient option. But using the bus is also a great alternative, as well as taking part in an organized day tour, which will relieve you the stress of driving yourself. On the other hand, Renfe offers just one daily connection (and it is actually a bus).


Puente Nuevo in Ronda, Spain
Ronda City in Andalusia, Spain


Ronda sits in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by lovely scenery. The area is filled with tracks and trails which makes it ideal for walking routes between picturesque white villages and through unspoiled landscapes. Aren’t you curios?

See the famous “Puente Nuevo” (New Bridge): the amazing Ronda bridge

The heart of Ronda is the “El Tajo” gorge, a rocky drop plummeting over 100 meters to the Guadalevin river. The gorge cuts right through the center of Ronda and splits the town in two. On one side is the Moorish old town and on the other is the 15th-century El Mercadillo ‘new’ town, and there are three bridges cross the gorge to connect them.

The Puente Nuevo or New Bridge Ronda, is the most famous landmark: a giant triple arch with columns stretching 120 meters down into the depths of the gorge. Despite the name it’s over 230 years old (new by Ronda standards) and opened in 1783 after taking 40 years to build.

Ronda City: New Bridge

Cross the Puente Viejo

The Puente Viejo (Old Bridge) was built in 1616 and once was the main thoroughfare that joined the two parts of Ronda. Today it is only open to pedestrian traffic.

The bridge itself offers beautiful views and photos of the chasm below and the city’s third bridge, the Puente Árabe (Arab Bridge).

Puente Viejo in Ronda, Spain


The Parador is located in a spectacular spot in the heart of the city, beside Ronda’s emblematic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). The location is incredible, with unparalleled views of the Tagus River, a ravine 120 meters deep.

The views here are stunning.  If you aren’t afraid of heights, walk out across the “new bridge” just outside the Parador grounds, and you can look straight down 500 ft to the river below!

Some words about Orson Welles and his fascination for Ronda

The film director Orson Welles was infatuated with Spain in general and Ronda in particular because this locality has inspired him in a special way. Did you know that his ashes rest in Ronda? They are in the property of his friend: the legendary bullfigther Antonio Ordóñez.

Besides, the Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway called Ronda his favorite place in Spain.  

Acclaimed by the travel media as a staple destination to any visit to Southern Spain, Ronda has a regular influx of tourists, yet the town remains unspoiled. While surrounded by dramatic scenery and grand architecture, this city ensures that every visit stick in the memory bank – and in camera roll – for a very long time.

Parador de Ronda, Spain


Ronda Spain is ‘the dream city’ known for its iconic Puente Nuevo Bridge and El Tajo Gorge. Here you will find deep gorges, panoramic views, alleyways, cobblestone streets, city walls, whitewashed homes, iron balconies with large wooden doors, bougainvillea, and fountains. With all these wonderful things in the same place, this city is just amazing!

Waterfall in Ronda, Málaga
Guadalevin River in Ronda, Spain


Set among rolling green countryside, Ronda is one of those cities that immediately enchants everyone who visits it.  It is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia, Spain.

Ronda isn’t just a place to sight see, though there are plenty of opportunities for it. It is a place to meditate and wind down, a place to sit on a cliff top terrace for lunch and marvel at the scenery, or sip a tea in one of the leafy plazas and watch people.

There are times during longer travel journeys when you need to take a moment out for yourself, to lose your identity in a foreign crowd and rediscover it through keeping your own company. Ronda is designed for that.

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