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Bike Tour Barcelona: Taste the best tapas in its restaurants


A bike tour is a great way to see Barcelona and it has numerous advantages over traditional walking tours. The most obvious is that being on a bicycle enables you to see much more of the city and those of you who like a little exercise will also appreciate the chance to burn off a couple more calories.

The chance to rattle around Barcelona on two wheels will also make you feel a little more independent (and dare we say ‘cool’) than those who’ve hopped on the nearest tourist bus.

Custom Barcelona guided tours

After many years of experience offering custom Barcelona guided tours we know that nowadays travelers aren’t just looking forward to seeing the sights. They also look for in their vacations to meet the local culture.

A friend in Barcelona

With us, you’ll feel like having a friend in Barcelona thanks to our first-class customer care. A friend who knows a lot about the city because we will take you around to all the best places in the city, as we are telling you the history of the places that you’re seeing.

City Tour in Barcelona


A bike tour in the heart of Catalonia has many advantages, but let us show you the most important:

  • Barcelona’s warm & dry weather is perfect for biking

  • It’s not strenuous, but still a good work out

  • You can fit in many more sights than on a walking tour

  • You are more independent than on a bus/car tour!

  • Barcelona has 300km+ of cycling paths and many car-free zones

  • The center of the city is mostly flat (and the hilly tours you can do on an Electric Bicycle)

  • It’s an environmentally friendly way of seeing the city

  • Bicycle tours tend to be very affordable

Barcelona by Bike


Barcelona is world famous for its tasty Tapas food. So, on this tapas tour you will know a variety of bars specialized in Tapas where you stop to sit down and taste these beautiful delicacies. This way you will discover the secrets of Barcelona’s food.

The word ‘tapa’ in Spanish means ‘lid’, and the ‘s’ simply shows its plural form. There are many cited origins for the tradition of eating tapas, and how they got their name, with the most romantic featuring King Alfonso X in a starring role.

The King, also known as Alfonso the Wise, was gallivanting around his kingdom many moons ago, when he decided to visit an inn and duly ordered a beer. The innkeeper served this refreshing pint of ale with a small complimentary dish of food on top of the glass.

Tapas Tour Barcelona
Tapas Tour Barcelona

With this bike and tapas tour you can combine culture, fun and a gastronomic experience

Sure, tapas were not a traditional Catalan way of dining in the past, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t become a staple of Barcelona’s  international restaurant scene. The city is teeming with fantastic tapas bars, and it’s our job to help you find them! Among the best bars in Barcelona are cocktail classics, swanky innovators, traditional vermouth houses and some really great beer.


With our bike and tapas tour in Barcelona you will discover the mystery of some not so popular places and therefore the experience is much more interesting.

Eixample: Barcelona’s most easily noticeable neighborhood

Eixample – which means “extension” as being a newer part of the city – is a big area heading North of Plaça de Catalunya and it is spreading left and right of Passeig de Gràcia.

This part of the city is easy to recognize thanks to its angular grid pattern. Home to some of the city’s finest Modernist architecture, the neighborhood has many bars and restaurants, as well as designer and high-street shopping.

Eixample: shopping in Barcelona

Eixample is famous as home to the most of Barcelona’s art nouveau masterpieces, and still a high-class residential and shopping area. In this neighborhood there are most of Barcelona’s international designer shops like Chanel and MaxMara. Besides, along this road are La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, which are two of Gaudí’s characteristically dreamlike buildings. There are many interesting art galleries in the area so you will be entertained for a while.

In Eixample you will find some of the best, and also most expensive, restaurants in Barcelona. If you combine this with some internationally known bars like Dry Martini converts the district a good place to spend the evening.

Eixample: Casa Batlló Barcelona

Gràcia – culture and creativity wherever you turn

Gràcia is a charismatic, bustling, sophisticated and bohemian district. A place where lifelong residents and exchange students, Gypsies who play music on the streets and bohemian artists looking for inspiration, all live side by side. The young and not so young who greet each other in the squares, while queuing at the independent cinema. It is one big family in Gràcia: a district with room for everyone.

The neighborhood of Gràcia is very close to Passeig de Gràcia, nevertheless it seems a whole different world. Gràcia was a different town until the late 19th century, and the community is still small and tight. Besides, the people here are very proud of their roots.

Passeig de Gracia

In this area of Barcelona you can find artists, a bohemian crowd, a high ethnic population and also the highest concentration of foreign restaurants in the city.

Plaça de Sol is the most renowned area of the neighborhood, it’s lined with terrace cafes, and at night this is where the people convene to drink and be merry. However, despite the trendy nature of Gràcia, it is also a traditional barrio with a large elderly population which makes for an amusing and odd mix.

Sant Antoni Barcelona: the trendy neighborhood

Sant Antoni is a rarity we’ve all got to look after. It’s the fragile balance between old and new, where you’ll find a Barcelona that’s unfortunately disappearing. Here you will find one past generation cultivated, where so much of life was lived in the city’s streets and squares and also the very latest trends in fashion and gastronomy.

On one side you’ve got the Raval neighbourhood. On the other, Poble-sec and Barcelona’s symbolic Montjüic. And in the middle, this gem that’s full of life and which was revitalized in spring 2018 with the reopening of the Mercat de Sant Antoni, the center of this neighbourhood´s activity.

The atmosphere in Sant Antoni is very bohemian. If you follow Catalan series you might even find some of your favorite actors as some of the places are very known.

Mercat de Sant Antoni Barcelona


A guide by your side

With our guides by your side, it’s like having a friend show you around the city, someone who can not only tell you all about Barcelona’s amazing history, but take you to the real city behind the tourist façade.

Discover the secrets

Not only will we talk about its history and architecture, but we will also uncover secrets about the rich gastronomy in this marvelous city. From the world-famous markets to the local artisanal pop up markets, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Tailored tour for you

Our amazing bike and tapas tour take you to authentic restaurants, where locals love to eat. So, no tourist traps, but only places where they serve traditional tapas. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy a tour that is 100% tailored to you!

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