The white villages of the Axarquia in Malaga Spain

Your visit to Malaga in Andalusia wouldn’t be complete without a side trip to one of the beautiful white villages. While the capital deserves more time for its historic center, delicious food, walks along the pier and world-class museums, tucked up in the hills around there are the famous pueblos blancos, or white villages from Spain. They are bursting with charm, flowers, and true Andalusian flavor.

The dazzling white villages of Spain along the coastline and in the Sierras are charming and make for a perfect day out. At Carameltrail we are your trusted travel experts in custom tailored travel and we’d be happy to look after all your travel needs.

Axarquia, the last Mediterranean gem


The spirit of Andalusia is fascinating. With great art, late night dining, and beautiful streets, Southern Spain has so much to offer. There’s a fascinating history along with authentic, delicious food and the enchantment of a diverse landscape with beaches and mountains.

Andalucia is famous for its beaches of the Costa del Sol, firm-favorite of many a package holiday fan. Its gateway is the port city of Malaga, but stepping into this region is to discover its beating, cultural heart and the very best of the South of Spain.

Málaga is a historic city and a wonderful place to make a trip. The best way to explore it is to wander around the beautiful streets and explore its historic architecture. Then enjoy the beautiful coast by spending some time on the beach.

Axarquia Coast-Spain


In Malaga city you’ll find a large quantity of fantastic beaches where we can enjoy the sun and the great weather.

Actually, no trip to the capital of the Costa del Sol is complete without paying a visit to one of the many nearby beaches. With over 300 days of sun every year, a visit to the beach should be on almost any vacation itinerary. Whether you want to swim, find the best seafood, or just relax, there’s a great beach option for you here.

José Banus Marina in Marbella, Malaga


The route of the white villages of Malaga is one of the most famous routes of Andalusia. It is also a journey through a land with history that has witnessed numerous conflicts that have left their mark in the form of castles and in archaeological remains.

The route of the White Villages is known as a group of towns and villages that meet two fundamental requirements: they are white and they are beautiful

"Serranía de Ronda" in Malaga, Spain

This famous route of the white villages of Andalusia is comprised of a number of villages located near the regions of the ‘Sierra de Cádiz’ and the ‘Serranía de Ronda’. The mountainous feel of these villages is reflected in their customs and traditions.


The pueblos blancos, or white villages in Spain, are mostly located in the region of Andalucia, which is home to the cities of Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. But you’ll find plenty of pueblos blancos throughout other parts of the country, as well. These small hilltop villages are known for their simple white homes with red or tiled roofs.

Frigiliana is a white village in the Axarquia in Malaga, Spain
Frigiliana is a white village in the Axarquia in Malaga, Spain

Take the tour of the white villages in Spain

Andalusia’s Pueblos Blancos route is a must-do trip when you are on holiday and want the freedom to escape the city and the beach to explore a slower pace of charming life, culture and history.

Nearby white villages are a first resort for a lot of visitors. And besides that there are many white villages in Málaga along the coastline, there are even more inland white villages that most tourists never get to see.

In the region of Malaga, you can admire examples of beautiful towns such as Mijas, or Cómpeta, Comares and Frigiliana, in the region of the Axarquía.

The whitewashed villages in the Axarquia


The Axarquia is the easternmost region in the province of Malaga. This is one of the great open secrets, with many corners, amazing nature and white villages to discover.

The name “Axarquia” originates from the Arabic word for the direction of a place towards the east. From the many centuries that the Arabic culture is present in the area, these white villages are still influenced today.

Mijas in Malaga, Spain


Here are 3 good reasons to visit this amazing white village:

01| Excellent walking trails

For self-guided hikes, The Mountains of Nerja and Walk the Axarquía are some useful handy guidebooks. If you want to stop by the highest mountain, La Maroma, please consider going with a guide.

02| The Nerja Caves network

This is a 5 km-long network of chambers and tunnels and is open for tours. Standard visits include a 45-minute exploration and night tours or special discovery tours are also available. Sometimes concerts are held inside these caves too, so this is an amazing opportunity.

03| Beautiful, quiet beaches

Taking a path along the entire Costa del Sol is always a good idea. So, consider exploring some pretty white washed villages like Maro or the quiet beach towns beyond Nerja.

Frigiliana, Axarquia. Málaga
Nerja Caves in Malaga, Spain


Discover the white villages of Andalusia

When it comes to charming towns and white villages, Andalusia is incredible, no doubt. With a good blend of famous villages and lesser-known, this is a great starting point if you plan on exploring southern Spain.

Its wonderful natural environment

You will be overwhelmed by the calm you can soak up here. The Spain white villages usually lay on a hilltop, which makes them shine in contrast with the blue sky and green hills of Andalusia. Can you think of something that can be more beautiful than that?

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