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Travel to Northern Portugal

Portugal is a tourist center that despite its size counts with some diverse culinary delights, a rich cultural heritage, and a lot of fascinating landscapes from one city to another.

Northern Portugal is the older part of this country and it inspires tourists due to its cultural and historical sites, the areas that have some amazing natural beauty, and of course for its plenty culinary traditions.

Starting with the dramatic natural scenery of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, passing through the Douro Valley’s fascinating winemaking traditions and getting to Porto’s cultural treasures, the Northern region has a lot to offer for different tastes.

Northern Portugal: Visit it & Live it

Home to plenty of things to do for every taste, budget, and even time-scale, here are the most beautiful places you can visit in Northern Portugal.


The beautiful capital of Northern Portugal doesn’t need an introduction. By getting to Porto, you´ll know what the North part of this country has to offer. This World Heritage city is the gateway for your journey across the natural and cultural diversity of this region.

The second city from Portugal´s is known globally for the Port wine which is sent from here all over the world. Besides, this city is famous for a heritage that brings together ancient churches and monuments (like the Cathedral and the Church of São Francisco), with some modern buildings (like Casa da Música or Serralves Museum).

Location on the map of Northern Portugal (Portugal)


Guimarães is the birthplace of Portugal. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site Portugal was born due to Dom Afonso Henriques, who was the first king of Portugal. This city from the North part has an attractive historic center you can see in a few hours.

Largo do Toural. Guimarães


Counting with some of the most captivating landscapes from Portugal, the Douro Valley is a fascinating destination when you are traveling in Northern Portugal. Choose a boat trip on the placid waters of the Douro River and enjoy the view of the magical terraced vineyards that go up upon the valley. Here you will find many vineyards and it is where the famous Port wine is produced.

Portugal is definitely one of the best countries to visit in Europe. It has some cities such as Porto, Lisbon or Faro that are some authentic tourist magnets. But the North part of Portugal has a lot of quieter cities that you can explore for its architectural, gastronomical, cultural, and other marvels like its fortified wine.

Douro river. Porto
Souvenirs shopping. Porto


Porto - Portugal

Portugal has received many, many travelers in recent years, and this is due to the fact that it´s affordable, it’s adventurous and above all it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Northern Portugal is where Port and Douro wines are produced and then sent worldwide.

Padrão do Salado. Guimarães

Also known as the “birthplace of Portugal”, Guimarães is a city full of history and it will surely amaze you! Placed in Northern Portugal, it was here where some of the most important politic and military events took place in 1128, events that led to the independence and creation of a new nation.

Bom Jesus do Monte

If you’re looking for a slice of authentic Portugal, then the northern city of Braga is the place you are looking for. Here you can enjoy traditional Portuguese food and lots of hospitality away from the tourists.

Douro valley in Portugal

The Portuguese quintas are little known outside Portugal, but they are authentic treasures of ‘quality of living’ in the country. They were family farms surrounded by large plots of land that was intended for both economic sustenance and for family consumption.

Wine tasting experience

The Douro Valley is really stunning. It has a meandering river that makes its way through the valley along the vineyards and creating a breathtaking scenery. It has charming wine-making farms and some green and golden slopes that are covered with vineyards.

Douro River cruises

This region in Northern Portugal is packed with incredible natural beauty. Besides, from hiking in the Douro International Natural Park to wine tasting and leisurely boat trips, the area offers experiences for all tastes.

Douro Valley Tour by Car

The Douro River Valley is a splendid region in Portugal in which you can find some terraced landscapes that will remind you about the rice fields present in certain parts of Asia. If you are planning to spend a few days in Porto, you can also make a trip to the Douro Valley.

Ponte da Arrábida. Porto, Portugal

The Douro most famous bridge before the Atlantic is the Ponte da Arrábida and what really put it on the map is the bridge-climbing activity. This gives you the opportunity to be attached to a safety line before inching your way up to the arch below the road crossing.

More experiences in other geographical areas of Portugal

Lisbon & Center

Portugal is placed on the Iberian Peninsula and, although it´s small, this country is a tourist paradise due to its delicious gastronomy, rich cultural history, and affordable travel costs. It´s capital – Lisbon – is one of the most popular and visited cities in the region and if you get here, it will be easy to understand why.
With its temperate climate, many hours of sunshine a year and more than 850 kilometers of impressive beaches by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Algarve & South

Portugal´s most Southern region is famous for its pronounced limestone cliffs, for the fresh seafood, and also for the white-washed fishing villages around here. Considering that it has more than 100 beaches, Algarve is a top-level beach holiday destination especially in the summer. Besides, in spring and fall, this area is the ideal place for coastal walking.

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