Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe and one of the best-kept secrets in the continent. Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians left their mark on this small nation until it became an independent country in the 12th century. Portugal boasts of a splendorous past, in the 15th and 16th centuries it established the first global empire becoming one of the world’s major economic, political and military powers.

The historic legacy of Portugal is vast and in many towns you will have the chance of coming face to face with the past. Medieval towns, cathedrals, hilltop castles and fortress are the cultural treasures you will find wandering across the country.

The capital of the country, Lisbon suffered the deadliest earthquake in history however, it raised from the ashes and today is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Portuguese worship culture above all and in Lisbon you will find a large number of theaters, galleries and concert halls, you can even find the oldest library in the world!

Lisbon is a city you will enjoy in 360º, from the colorful tiled houses to the beautiful black and white pavements. Is the European capital with the best weather, perfect to visit it all year round!

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FAQs – Portugal Travel Questions

Which side of the road do people drive on in Portugal?2022-07-19T13:02:37+02:00

In Portugal people drive on the right, on the same side as in the USA.

Will my cell phone work in Portugal?2022-07-19T10:25:56+02:00

We suggest you talk to your phone company and check with them if your phone will work in Portugal. If it is a GSM phone then generally it will work, but please check before. You always have the option to buy a pre-pay SIM card in Portugal. It will be cheaper and you will have access to data, email, etc.

Is Portugal a safe country?2022-07-19T10:29:06+02:00

Yes, Portugal is a safe country. However, you must be very careful with pick pocketing, especially if you take a tram in Lisbon. Be careful not to leave unattended belongings in public spaces, restaurants and bars.

How do we get euros in Portugal? Debit card in bank ATM?2022-07-19T10:35:47+02:00

In Portugal you can pay with credit card almost everywhere. The best way to get cash is by withdrawal. That is why we don’t recommend you bring too much cash.

Ask your bank about commissions for withdrawal money from ATM in Portugal. The commission you are charged to withdraw money from ATM is set by your bank, so please check with them before you leave.

What is the usual temperature in Portugal?2022-07-19T10:37:31+02:00

The best months to travel to Spain, Portugal and Morocco are Mar-May, Sept & Oct.

Our favorite months are Abril, May, June, Sept and Oct.

From June to August expect warm, sunny and dry weather in Spain and Portugal. In Morocco you should expect high temperatures in July and August, especially in the South of the country.

Will my electronic devices work in Portugal?2022-07-19T10:40:39+02:00

Electricity in Portugal is 220 Volt, 50Hz. Almost all electronic devices will adapt automatically to the different voltage. If in the labelling of your device says “120V” or “100-120V”, you will need a voltage transformer. If it does not say this, generally your device will adapt automatically.

What you may need is a plug adapter. Sometimes the plugs adapters are combined with voltage transformer. Please read carefully the information on the unit. If the label of your device says “110-220” or “100-240” then you will only need a simple plug adapter (in this case, no transformer needed).

If you need more information on this website you will find more detailed information about electricity and adapters: http://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/

You have to select on the right side of the page where are you travelling, then say which country you live in and you will see all the information.

What means of transportation are there in Portugal?2022-07-19T10:44:53+02:00

Domestic flights, trains, private transfers, public transportation.

Is there any app you recommend to move around the cities or self-driving?2022-07-19T11:13:38+02:00

We suggest Google Maps. We have used many apps and this one is accurate, updated and works perfectly both in big cities or small villages.

If you want to use it to move around the cities, we suggest downloading on your phone the maps of the cities you will be visiting so you can use them without a connection. Look for this option at the menu, click it and drag the world map to the required areas.

Will I need to protect myself from the sun, wear sunscreen, hats or caps?2022-07-19T11:19:43+02:00

June, July and August are sunny and dry months. So, our suggestion is to wear sun glasses, sun cream and hat if you are not used to sun.



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