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Portugal is a country full of history and also among the oldest from Europe. This tiny nation is full of charm for the tourists. Every part of the country has its own attractions, so discovering the best place to visit in Portugal depends mainly on your interests.

Sao Miguel. Azores
Sao Miguel. Azores

Some attractions when visiting Portugal

Among the numerous highlights that you can find in this small Iberian country there are some beautiful golden beaches, plenty of history, huge mountainous parks and a few delightful river valleys.

For example, the charming city of Tomar is known for the Knights Templar because they had their headquarters here during the 12th century. The good thing is that you can still find relics from that time, like the Convento de Cristo which was built with the approval of Afonso Henriques, Portugal´s first king.

Another good spot is the Azores: the perfect destination for nature lovers who get here. This Archipelago is situated exactly in the halfway between The Americas and Europe. It has 9 exclusive islands, each one with different things to do. Here you can: visit the islands, explore some caves, relax, swim with dolphins or even watch some whales.

Besides, the Algar do Carvao is one place you need to have on your list, and you can find this amazing lava cave on Terceira Island. It´s very special because the only other place that resembles it is 1899 miles away in Iceland.

Portugal inspired J.K. Rowling so it can inspire you too

The Portuguese people prefer Minho, which is a flourishing region with vineyard-topped valleys, a few mountainous wilds, along with isolated beaches and attractive river towns that almost haven´t changed in time. The entry point to this spectacular region is Braga, where you can find Roman ruins, an amazing medieval cathedral and several flower-trimmed plazas with cafes and restaurants here and there.

Another interesting place to see when visiting Portugal is Sortelha. We are talking about a small historic city that has a magnificent medieval castle placed in Central Portugal near the Spanish border.

It is also one of the oldest cities from Portugal. This city is one of those magical places where history left its mark for a long time and it looks like pulled out straight from a dream.

If you are looking for something more, maybe Elvas is a good idea. This city is placed in the most Eastern part of Portugal, near the border with Spain and it is known because for hundreds of years it has been the reason for a conflict between Spain and Portugal.

Other interesting places to visit in Portugal

However we look at it, Portugal is a great destination at any time of year.

But if all of the above is not enough, here are some more cool destinations:

  • Madeira, for the exotic island life

  • Serra da Estrela, for the outdoors nature lovers

  • São Miguel, for some stunning natural scenery

  • Monsanto, for the amazing mountainous retreat

  • Ericeira, for the best surfing ever

  • Peneda-Gerês National Park, for the ones who love forest camping

  • Coimbra, for the academics and library fans

  • Moreover, you can find charming and beautiful cities like Leiria, Funchal, Guarda, Aveiro or Viseu, among others.

Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar. Vila Nova de Gaia

Come to Portugal

Set down on the Atlantic on the far border of Europe, Portugal maintains a salty, traditional culture. In this small country fishermen still mend their nets, and rustically adorned women sell fish and other products in markets. But together with the old, you’ll also find the modern, especially in the capital of Lisbon and in Porto.

If you are looking for a good travel destination, a rich culture, some affordable prices, maybe a thriving urban scene, small seaside resort towns, an exotic architecture, a few windswept castles, and also fresh seafood to pair with chilled wine on a beach at sunset… Portugal is the right place.

Portugal: At least Once in a Lifetime

Old town of Porto, Portugal

Portugal is a tourist center that despite its size counts with some diverse culinary delights, a rich cultural heritage, and a lot of fascinating landscapes from one city to another.

Northern Portugal is the older part of this country and it inspires tourists due to its cultural and historical sites, the areas that have some amazing natural beauty, and of course for its plenty culinary traditions.

Starting with the dramatic natural scenery of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, passing through the Douro Valley’s fascinating winemaking traditions and getting to Porto’s cultural treasures, the Northern region has a lot to offer for different tastes.

Old tram in front of cathedral in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is placed on the Iberian Peninsula and, although it´s small, this country is a tourist paradise due to its delicious gastronomy, rich cultural history, and affordable travel costs. It´s capital – Lisbon – is one of the most popular and visited cities in the region and if you get here, it will be easy to understand why.

With its temperate climate, many hours of sunshine a year and more than 850 kilometers of impressive beaches by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Beach in Albufeira. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal´s most Southern region is famous for its pronounced limestone cliffs, for the fresh seafood, and also for the white-washed fishing villages around here. Considering that it has more than 100 beaches, Algarve is a top-level beach holiday destination especially in the summer. Besides, in spring and fall, this area is the ideal place for coastal walking.

With its splendid beaches and with its hot, sunny weather, the Algarve is Portugal’s most popular holiday landing place. Starting with bustling seaside resorts filled with activity and getting to the quiet stretches of sand that are perfect for relaxation, the most Southern region of Portugal is the perfect place for anyone who is planning a beach vacation. Besides, the Algarve’s inland villages are some captivating places to visit as well.


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FAQs – Portugal Travel Questions

In Portugal people drive on the right, on the same side as in the USA.

We suggest you talk to your phone company and check with them if your phone will work in Portugal. If it is a GSM phone then generally it will work, but please check before. You always have the option to buy a pre-pay SIM card in Portugal. It will be cheaper and you will have access to data, email, etc.

Yes, Portugal is a safe country. However, you must be very careful with pick pocketing, especially if you take a tram in Lisbon. Be careful not to leave unattended belongings in public spaces, restaurants and bars.

In Portugal you can pay with credit card almost everywhere. The best way to get cash is by withdrawal. That is why we don’t recommend you bring too much cash.

Ask your bank about commissions for withdrawal money from ATM in Portugal. The commission you are charged to withdraw money from ATM is set by your bank, so please check with them before you leave.

The best months to travel to Spain, Portugal and Morocco are Mar-May, Sept & Oct.

Our favorite months are Abril, May, June, Sept and Oct.

From June to August expect warm, sunny and dry weather in Spain and Portugal. In Morocco you should expect high temperatures in July and August, especially in the South of the country.

Electricity in Portugal is 220 Volt, 50Hz. Almost all electronic devices will adapt automatically to the different voltage. If in the labelling of your device says “120V” or “100-120V”, you will need a voltage transformer. If it does not say this, generally your device will adapt automatically.

What you may need is a plug adapter. Sometimes the plugs adapters are combined with voltage transformer. Please read carefully the information on the unit. If the label of your device says “110-220” or “100-240” then you will only need a simple plug adapter (in this case, no transformer needed).

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We suggest Google Maps. We have used many apps and this one is accurate, updated and works perfectly both in big cities or small villages.

If you want to use it to move around the cities, we suggest downloading on your phone the maps of the cities you will be visiting so you can use them without a connection. Look for this option at the menu, click it and drag the world map to the required areas.

June, July and August are sunny and dry months. So, our suggestion is to wear sun glasses, sun cream and hat if you are not used to sun.

Reviews about trips to Portugal

Hola Samuel the family have returned home safely to Australia!
Short note to say thanks for all the organisation and planning put into co-ordinating our rather packed trip to Spain and Portugal! A fantastic set of guides and recommendations all over Spain and Portugal who you’ve obviously established great relationships with. Will look you up for a Basque area tour next time for sure! Best regards.
Jason & Ethel KSydney, Australia


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