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Wine and tapas tour Madrid. Enjoy Madrid like a local!

Spain is the healthiest country in the world. Much can be attributed to the Spanish cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet, which is synonymous with health, longevity, and classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

A wine and tapas tour Madrid will give you a new perspective of the city because there are two “Madrids”: the one you see, and the one you need a local to show you.

We invite you to enjoy the experience of “ir de tapas”, as madrileños do.

Taste the cured Iberian meat, the freshly fried calamari, the best “patatas bravas” and much more. If you travel for food, this experience is made for you!


Some tourists observe the Spanish way of eating with curiosity, while others absolutely love it. But there’s one word that describes the most popular Spanish foods: Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean cuisine is known for its many ingredients. Typical meals feature fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, nuts, rice, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fish, seafood, various types of meat, yogurt, cheese, and, of course, wine. This varied diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

Spanish Gastronomy: Madrid Tapas Tour
Spanish Gastronomy: Madrid Tapas Tour


Few European capitals can compare to Madrid when attracting visitors. With its great vibe, lively culture, and delicious cuisine, few cities can compare to the things that you can live and do in Madrid. Places like the Museo del Prado, Plaza de Sol or the Royal Palace are usually on top visitors’ bucket list, but oftentimes it’s the lesser-known spots that create the richest experiences, don´t you agree?

The only rule: start hungry!


Enjoy an off the beaten track gastronomy experience! Step away the touristic center and see the neighborhoods where the daily life happens. Our guide will show you the best places where madrileños go with friends to enjoy a drink and to have something to eat.

Besides, our expert guide will introduce you to the art of wine tasting, with the different appellations of origin (“Denonimaciones de Origen”), the importance of climate and soil, the glass and service of wine. You will see for yourself how the life flows in the best food markets in Madrid where people do their shopping.

Let yourself surprised by each place that you visit. Try famous dishes of typical Madrilenian and Spanish cuisine. This tour is ideal to get into the culture of this amazing country.

Spanish Gastronomy: Madrid Tapas Tour


Aside from its collection of European art that can be found in museums such as The Prado, Reina Sofia or the Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid is praised for having some of the best food and wines in Spain.

When in Madrid, tasting tapas and wines are a must. Test the delicious hams and the various kinds of cheese to pair with a glass of something divine. Head into the traditional bustling bars and indulge in the rich flavors of the garlic shrimp, olives and chicken.

Wine and Tapas Tour Madrid
Wine and Tapas Tour Madrid: Vermouth o Vermu

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You will enjoy feasting at gourmet restaurants, wondering through flea markets and drinking the best of Madrid’s wines. Let your holidays take you to new heights as you sample Vermouth (Vermu), sangria or other Spanish wine.

Discover the best experiences Madrid Enjoy it like a local!

Savor the Madrid tapas

In this Madrid wine and tapas tour you will visit the most typical bars and try the most well-known specialties. But you will go beyond that, you will try them paired with a good sangria, beer, cava or wine.

Moreover, you will do it in the company of the local people, and discover the stories behind the dishes, turning the tapas walking tours Madrid not only into a taste experience but also in a cultural, cheerful and fun experience for the mind.

Wine and tapas Tour Madrid: Patatas Bravas

This is a unique experience to discover the local Madrid!


Madrid is great place to eat. The sheer number of good restaurants, gastro bars, tapas bars and food markets is confusing. A stroll around one of the numerous food markets such as the Mercado de San Miguel, or the Mercado de San Anton in Chueca is evidence of the great gastronomy. In some stylish modern restaurants, classic dishes such as roast suckling pig with almonds, squid in its own ink with rice, quails with chickpeas and smoked red peppers are successfully reinterpreted. Are you hungry yet?

Malasaña Madrid

If you’re looking for hipster cafes, vintage clothes boutiques or excellent street food, Malasaña is the right place. This part of Madrid is a unique blend of modern and traditional. There are literally thousands of tapas bars in Madrid to choose from. We’ve spent years eating and drinking at every tapas bar in Malasaña to find the most delicious, authentic tapas that this central Madrid neighborhood has to offer so that you can enjoy the best experience.

Wine and tapas Tour Madrid, Spain

San Miguel Market in Madrid

Located in the heart of the tourist center of Madrid, this emblematic building is a traditional market which has been reinvented. It offers a lot of options: do your daily shopping, take part in activities and exhibitions, taste the products, browse, enjoy a snack or a drink…

The San Miguel Market has a stylish decoration and it aims to reflect the multifaceted nature of Spanish gastronomy, and to assume the role of a Centre for Culinary Culture, also hosting courses, launches or fairs.

Thanks to its long opening hours, this market is an ideal place for leisure both during the day and the night, as it has wine bars serving delicious tapas. Other venues here include a gastronomic library, a florist’s shop and a design shop.

San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain
San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain


Chueca is the place of the gay community in Madrid and also the symbol of modernity and open-minded tolerance. The streets in this neighborhood are the perfect place for anyone who is looking for fun and atmosphere.

This area of the town is the illustration of freedom and home to numerous places that are popular with the LGBT community.

Here you can stroll with friends by night because it has a large number of clubs where you can enjoy a drink or dance all night long. Moreover, in Chueca you can find different gastronomic options with some traditional restaurants or enjoy the international cuisine.

And last but not least, Chueca is the center of the Gay Pride Festival which takes place in Madrid every year between June and July and it fills the streets here with music, colour and high spirits.

Spanish Gastronomy: Wine and tapas Tour Madrid
Gay Pride Festival in Madrid, Spain


We highly recommend you discover the Spanish tapas culture on this fascinating wine and tapas tour. Visit several authentic Spanish locales tasting delicious food and drink while learning about the culture and tradition along the way. There is no need to research the best places to go to. Enjoy, relax, and let our guide take care of it.


You will discover hidden spots in the very heart of Madrid, each of which has something special to offer, be it a typical dish, a specific type of wine or its atmosphere. Get into the swing of things: go to a bar, enjoy your wine and your tapa, and, once you’ve finished, move on to the next venue. It’s as simple as that! Be ready to stand. We do.

Enjoy the best private tours in Spain, you will discover a unique destination. Plan your trip now!

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