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Portugal is placed on the Iberian Peninsula and, although it´s small, this country is a tourist paradise due to its delicious gastronomy, rich cultural history, and affordable travel costs. It´s capital – Lisbon – is one of the most popular and visited cities in the region and if you get here, it will be easy to understand why.

With its temperate climate, many hours of sunshine a year and more than 850 kilometers of impressive beaches by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe.

Portugal is a tourist paradise and a trip here is a trip home


Spring and fall in Portugal offer the best combination of good weather, long days, and plenty of tourist and cultural activities. If you want to go in one of the major pilgrimages to Fátima, plan to be there on either May 13 or October 13. Consider booking your accommodations well ahead if you plan to visit a spot during any big-time event.

The summer months are the most crowded in the coastal areas and although Portugal is not as hot as Spain, an air-conditioned room is worth it in summer.

In the off-season – November to March – expect shorter hours, more lunchtime breaks and fewer activities.

Location on the map of Lisbon & Center (Portugal)


Portugal is the country that has the oldest borders in Europe. Here you can explore exceptional landscapes that are separated by short distances, along with a rich cultural heritage where tradition and modern mix perfectly.

Come and savor its excellent cuisine, the legendary wines and of course the hospitality of truly welcoming people.

Fado music sculpture. Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal has many beautiful places, castles, museums and old cities that are worth seeing. But if we had to choose among the most beautiful places in Portugal or the best experiences in this country, we recommend you choose between the following:

  • Go wine and Port tasting in the Douro Valley

  • Escape to see the gorgeous Sintra

  • Wander around the cozy streets of Tavira and take some pictures

  • Be amazed by the Street Art in Lisbon

  • Stroll around Braga

  • Wind a way through Porto’s historic enchantment

  • Pass a weekend in the Algarve region

  • See the waterfalls of the Azores

  • Visit the magnificent island of Madeira

  • Pass by the Chapel of Bones in Evora
  • Walk part of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

All of them will make you fell like a local.

Évora Roman Temple
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. Lisbon


This country is bathed in natural beauty and there are plenty of unbelievable panoramas and views that are waiting to be discovered.

According to Travel Triangle, these are 10 best National Parks in Portugal:

  • Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

  • Peneda-Geres National Park
  • Arrabida Natural Park

  • Southwest Alentejo and Vicenti Coast
  • Serra Da Estrela Natural Park

  • Montesinho Natural Park

  • Ria Formosa Natural Park

  • Litoral Norte National Park

  • Alvao Natural Park

  • Douro International Natural Park

Peneda-Geres National Park

Photo: Peneda-Geres National Park.

All these natural wonders are perfect to breathe fresh air and to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tasty Portuguese food

The Portuguese love good food and this can be noticed in all aspects of life. You’ll most probably find many regional Portuguese dishes that are emphasizing fish, meat, bread, olive oil, tomato, herbs, and spices.

The food in Portugal is cooked with simple ingredients that give fresh flavors which go very well with the local wines.

By land or sea, Portuguese food is backed by some classic dishes with Mediterranean foundations, but also peppered with portions of African, Brazilian, and Spice Route influences.

Take small group luxury tours in Portugal

The Portuguese culture is a beautiful mix of old and new, and almost everywhere you go, you will find old-fashioned qualities and some boutique crowds. You can visit Gothic cathedrals, historic cafes, a few vintage trams, and of course the narrow lanes of Lisbon’s lovely backstreets.

Belém Cake
Dominican monastery. Batalha, Portugal

Don’t miss traditional Portuguese food

About Lisbon to Madrid train

Taking a train is always a good choice, promising fast travel times and unparalleled comfort during the journey. But when talking about the Lisbon – Madrid railway route, there is a plus of stunning landscapes you can admire along the way.

Lisbon to Madrid train route is a very popular one, so you can share the train with travelers from all over the world. Besides, you can fancy a bit of a chat or head to the café bar and swap a few tourist tales.

Lisbon train station: connected to the world

Lisbon is well connected to many famous destinations by rail, so the city is a perfect starting point for memorable day trips. There are 4 main railway hubs that start in Lisbon and send trains to many destinations throughout the country, including Entrecampos, Gare do Oriente, Santa Apolonia, and Sete Rios stations.

Every station provides different services, but you can be sure that all offer everything you need to have a comfortable journey.

Santa Apolonia train station from Lisbon

Santa Apolonia train station is the oldest railway in Portugal. It´s located on the northern banks of the Tagus River, in the Alfama district.

Santa Apolonia is the key hub for many suburban, national, and international routes. Besides, this small classical train station is a departure point for most cruises across the Atlantic Ocean.


In 2017 CNN named Lisbon one of the coolest European cities, and nowadays this still remains true. This Portuguese capital balances old and new and it is known for its food, for the nightlife and the colorful buildings, and nevertheless for fado music and very friendly locals.

Lisbon is a city full of color, character, and creativity

Among the best places you can see in Lisbon, there are:

  • The historical neighborhood of Belém
  • Alfama District

  • Sé Cathedral

  • The National Tile Museum
  • St George’s Castle
  • The Monastery of Jerónimos
  • The Lisbon Oceanarium
  • The National Pantheon

  • Mercado da Ribeira
  • Castelo dos Mouros
  • Bairro Alto
  • Regal gardens at the Palace of the Marquises of Fronteira
  • Aqueduto das Águas Livres
  • The youngest museum in town: MAAT (Art, Architecture and Technology Museum)
  • Portas do Sol
  • The Colorful Food Markets
National Palace of Pena near Sintra. Portugal
The Jeronimos Monastery. Lisbon


With its wandering streets, its intricate tile work and those unforgettable colors, Lisbon by day is one of Europe’s most charming capitals. But after dark, the city takes a mood of mystery and romance, and this is best seen in the fado music. This genre is electric, raw, emotional and it´s one of the visitors most treasured memories.

This type of music is so integral to the Portuguese way of life that UNESCO recognizes it as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In Lisbon there are plenty of bars where you can listen to it, some are more touristic, others more typical. Here are the best places to listen to fado music in Lisbon.


Overwhelmed by the number of museums in Lisbon? Let us point you in the right direction.

From Classical art to Modernism, from historic palaces to buildings that are designed by famous contemporary architects, here’s a brief guide to the best Lisbon museums.

Maybe the most outstanding ones are the MNAA, located in a beautiful 17th century palace in Lapa, and Gulbenkian Museum which is famous for its outstanding quality.

Note that many museums in Lisbon are closed on Mondays, so check the museums’ websites before you visit.


The Jeronimos Monastery from Lisbon glorifies the Age of Discovery, Portugal’s power on sea, and also its contact with distant lands.

King Manuel I built it in 1502 on the site of a hermitage where Vasco da Gama and his crew spent their last night in Portugal praying before leaving for India. The entire monastery is a masterpiece of Manueline architecture and its ornamentation is mixing naturalistic elements with religious and royal symbols.


Standing on the banks of the Tagus River, the Belém Tower or Torre de Belém has been guarding Lisbon ever since the 16th century from Portugal’s Age of Discoveries.

The Belém Tower is one of Lisbon’s most striking monuments and a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it represents the discovery of new worlds.


The 25th April Bridge, or Ponte 25 de Abril in Portuguese, is the longest suspension bridge in Europe. This bridge is a spectacular sight from any direction and it is even longer than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which it resembles.

The foundation of 25 de Abril bridge holds the world record as it goes 80m (262ft) below the riverbed and stands on basalt rock.

Underneath this impressive bridge, there is an attractive dock full of restaurants and bars.

Sanctuary of Christ the King. Lisbon, Portugal


In the central port of Portugal, you will find a little bit of everything. Here are historic villages, thermal springs, the world’s largest waves, many castles, canals, beside cherries and wine. So, in a region full of history everyone is looking for the best snapshot.

Lisbon on the other hand is known for its unique historical center, for stunning architecture, colorful azulejos (ceramic tiles), and great food, among other things.

Once you come here, you will fall in love with its magic.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city where each neighborhood is different and has its own glamour. If you walk from the cosmopolitan Baixa towards the narrow streets in Alfama, or to Chiado or Bairro Alto, you’ll understand what we mean.

Lisbon has a rich history and wonderful architecture. As one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of Portugal had an important economic, political and cultural center.

Giraldo Square (Praça do Giraldo)

Évora is a lovely city full of history from Portugal. Its century-old history has left many traces, so Évora became a must-see destination during a trip to Portugal.

By choosing a medieval tour in Evora, you can see the legacy that the Jewish people have left here.

Fatima in Portugal

This is about an apparition of the Virgin Mary in front of three shepherd children near Evora several times between May and October of 1917. These apparitions have culminated with the Miracle of the Sun, when thousands of people have gathered to see the children’s premonition come true and when the sun danced around the skies above Fatima on the 13th of October in 1917.

Obidos Castle

There are so many lovely places you can visit in Portugal, that it becomes hard to choose from. But we know that Obidos is a destination you should not miss. This beautiful village is full of whitewashed buildings covered with colorful bougainvillea. Be sure that you’ll quickly love it as you slowly walk around the narrow streets.

Pena Palace: Sintra best-known castle

Portugal is a small country and it is easy to get around. That is why Lisbon can make an excellent base for day trips. There are so many beautiful places to see in Portugal, and most of the best are day trips from its capital.

Monument to the Discoveries. Lisbon

Portugal is a country with no coast along the Mediterranean Sea, but only to the Atlantic Ocean, so this country’s advances in worldwide exploration from centuries ago are very obvious. Besides, it was the passion and goals of a man that moved Portuguese exploration forward, the one known as Prince Henry the Navigator.


Portugal is a very famous travel destination. From Lisbon, Porto, and Douro in the North part, till the Algarve in the South, and even out to the Madeira and Azores Islands, this country is very special when it comes to traveling. Setúbal is not quite popular among the visit destinations. It is a working port, a commercial fishing center, and besides the 6th largest region for wine production in Portugal.

A culinary journey: Caldo Verde

Are you looking for a unique and exciting foodie experience near Lisbon?

If you’re thinking about eating the amazing Portuguese food and at the same time experience the techniques, the history, and the cultural traditions behind it too, this trip is for you!

Batalha monastery

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a day on the beach without rushing back to the city or maybe spend the evening watching the sunset with the freshest seafood out there?

How about visiting an old historic city with many attractions?

For both of these sceneries, Batalha and Nazare from Portugal worth a visit.

Tuk Tuk tour in Lisbon

Exploring the Portuguese capital by foot can be exhausting, so you can try to combine your trip with a Tuk Tuk tour. This way you may pass through the narrow streets of Alfama, one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods, before heading to the vibrant Bairro Alto in Lisbon.

Cascais, Portugal

Some know that Portugal is has a great assortment of fish, because fishing is one of the adventures you may have in this country. Portugal´s most known fish is the Bacalhau, which is better known as codfish.

The Tagus River. Lisbon

Many of us know that Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Starting with the picturesque old town and getting to the breathtaking views of the coast and the beaches, The Portuguese capital is full of tourists for a reason. Nevertheless, if you are looking for new ways to discover Lisbon, a cruise along the Tagus River at the sunset is a good option.

More experiences in other geographical areas of Portugal

Northern Portugal

Portugal is a tourist center that despite its size counts with some diverse culinary delights, a rich cultural heritage, and a lot of fascinating landscapes from one city to another.
Northern Portugal is the older part of this country and it inspires tourists due to its cultural and historical sites, the areas that have some amazing natural beauty, and of course for its plenty culinary traditions.

Algarve & South

Portugal´s most Southern region is famous for its pronounced limestone cliffs, for the fresh seafood, and also for the white-washed fishing villages around here. Considering that it has more than 100 beaches, Algarve is a top-level beach holiday destination especially in the summer. Besides, in spring and fall, this area is the ideal place for coastal walking.

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