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As expert travelers ourselves, in Carameltrail, we offer to plan trips with care. Trips that include gastronomy, culture, folklore, outdoor activities and the best-kept secrets! No matter what kind of trip you have in mind for your clients, Carameltrail will work hard with you to offer them the best tailor-made experiences!

Here is a guide to book your trip and enjoy the whole process creating your trip with Carameltrail:


Tell us about your dream holidays!

You can contact us filling in the trip request form, via email or by phone.

We will love to know about your interests, preferences, travel style, what you would like to see and do, your travel dates.

We will also like to know as much as possible about yourself: interests, where have you travelled before, what did you liked more of those trips, what would you have done differently, if you have any specific interests (gastronomy, history, wine, art, culture…) The more we know about you the better itinerary we will create for you.


We will prepare an exclusive travel proposal

Based on the interests you have shared with us we will send you a unique trip proposal, just like you!

We will arrange an itinerary full of experiences and activities that will meet your interests. You will certainly find the perfect trip you are looking for.


Fine tuning

After you review the proposal, we will be in contact to fine tune your itinerary and do any needed changes to adapt it to your interests and preferences: we can modify any aspect of your trip, tell us what you like, what you miss, if there is anything you would like to do differently and we will adapt it to your travel style.


Book your trip!

When you are ready to book your trip, we will send you link to secure gateway and you can pay deposit by Visa, American Express or MasterCard. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, you can do it also.


Travel Schedule

After your deposit is made, we will start working on your Schedule document where you will see all your trip details: times, meeting points with drivers, guides, their names, restaurant recommendations, suggestions on what to do and see during your free time, FAQ…



45 days before your trip we will send you a new link for the balance. We will not do any charge to your credit card. We send you a new link to the balance and you pay it.


Prepare your suitcase and enjoy your trip!

Get ready to start your adventure with Carameltrail. Our travelers are the ones who better describe Carameltrail. They’ve trusted us, they’ve experience travelling with us and most important, they all have enjoyed discovering new places! Please check our review page and you can see how we have helped many travelers to plan their dream trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.


During your trip

From the moment you arrive to your first city you will have 24/7 assistance and you will be in touch with the travel planner who helped you planning your trip. We are all based in Spain so you will be in the same time zone as all our staff. This makes things easier if you need any help. Also, we have a team of local guides all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco who can assist you in anything you may need. We are all here to help you.

FAQs – Plan your trip

Please visit Terms and Conditions to see the conditions to cancel a trip.

As mentioned in Terms and Conditions  when you book a trip a deposit will be needed to reserve your trip. The outstanding amount will be claimed 45 days before the trip.

For both the deposit and the payment of the outstanding amount we will send a link to a secure payment platform where you can pay using Visa, American Express or Master Card. We will never charge your credit card, the only way we take a payment is through the secure payment platform.

Yes, from the first moment we will be in permanent contact to create a trip that fits your preferences, travel style and interests.

Yes, the experiences that appear on the website are just some of the many we have.

Yes, all our trips are customized and we adapt them to the preferences of our clients.

No. They are just some examples of itineraries to give an idea of different itineraries that we can do in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. But all our itineraries are adapted to the preferences of our clients.

In order to book a trip with Carameltrail the first thing you have to do is fill out this form.

These questions will help us better understand your interests, travel preferences, travel style, budget, destinations you want to visit and other information of interest so that we can design the best trip for you.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you by phone or email for more information. From that moment on, we will design a detailed itinerary with the activities, experiences, services included, hotels and total cost of the trip.

Once you review the itinerary, we will contact you again to make as many changes as necessary to adapt the trip to what you are looking for.

Breakfast is included in all the hotels we work with.

Also, some meals will be included. For example, in tapas tours, when visiting the wineries or in the gastronomy experiences…

Services included:

  • All needed transportation during your trip: private transfers, domestic flights, train tickets, ferry…

  • Private guided tours
  • Entrances during guided tours
  • Full consultancy service before, during and after your travel

  • Customized and personalized itinerary

  • Information required to discover Essence of Spain, Portugal or Morocco

  • 24/7 assistance during your trip

  • Breakfast is included in all hotels

  • Some meals along the trip when mentioned in the inclusions list

Services excluded:

  • International and connecting flights. We do have flight provider that can help you with international flights

  • Travel insurance. We highly recommend all our travelers to purchase a travel insurance to protect the cost of your trip, medical emergencies or any expenses due to unforeseen situations

  • Telephone charges, hard liquor or mini bar charges, laundry
  • Meals (unless mentioned in inclusions)

  • Medical expenses (recommend to check out your personal medical insurance)

Trip Planning Reviews

We arrived safely back in the Atlanta yesterday afternoon. We want to thank you again for arranging a wonderful trip for our family.
All of the drivers and guides were fantastic and everything went very smoothly. I think we were also extremely lucky that the weather was also excellent during our entire trip (it was raining hard when we left yesterday – but that wasn’t an issue). I think we will be back to visit the south of Spain sometime in the future – and we are already discussing coming back to see Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia when it is finished (the walls of stained glass windows that has now been installed are breathtaking – and the abundance of light in the church is fantastic). So, I am sure that we will be contacting you in the future to organize another trip for us.
Samuel Speck familyAtlanta, Georgia. USA


Discover Spain with CaramelTrail. Let us know your interests and we will arrange a unique trip according to your wishes. Spain has much to offer and with CaramelTrail you can be certain to find the essence of its most beautiful and interesting places.


Portugal has become one of the coolest destinations in Europe. In CaramelTrail, we will guide you from the stunning beaches of the Algarve to the small Porto wineries. A journey though a country that will captivate your senses!


Looking for an unforgettable holiday? Travel to Morocco with CaramelTrail. We will show you the stunning beauty of the desert and the wonders cities like Fez and Marrakesh hide. You will live an experience beyond your dreams in Morocco.

Do you want us to plan a unique trip for you, tailor-made and according to your preferences?

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