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Quinta das Carvalhas & Some of the best Quintas in Portugal

The Portuguese quintas are little known outside Portugal, but they are authentic treasures of ‘quality of living’ in the country. They were family farms surrounded by large plots of land that was intended for both economic sustenance and for family consumption.

These Portuguese farms were let out for rent of one-fifth of its produce and since “fifth” is “quintus” in Latin, they became known as quintas.

Douro valley in Portugal

Photo: Douro valley in Portugal.


The Douro Valley is the only place in the world that produces the Port wine. By taking a Douro valley tour, you can see for yourself the hard work that producing wine represents. But at the same time the production of Port is a labor of love, because grapes are still generally picked by hand and later on crushed in the traditional way (by foot) because machines are unable to achieve such high-quality results.

The Douro Valley is a Unesco World Heritage site and the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

The Douro valley is the ideal place to make tourism as this region could easily be called the enchanted valley because of its beauty and magic

Douro valley in Portugal

Photo: Douro valley in Portugal.

About the Quintas from Portugal

The quintas from Douro valley offer different varieties of grapes used to produce the Port wine. Port is a fortified wine and during fermentation brandy is added to it, which makes possible for the wine to preserve some of the sugars from the grapes. This is the distinctive signature sweetness of this unique wine.


There are numerous quintas in Portugal in the Douro region and each one has something unique to offer. Let´s take a look at the most visited ones.

Quinta das Carvalhas

Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the most emblematic and spectacular properties in the Douro valley. It is facing the Douro River and it has a lot of ecological diversity that connects it to the production of Port Wine.

Visiting the Quinta das Carvalhas means seeing the Douro region from the inside, with its vineyard work and olive harvesting. It means to see vineyards that are over 80 years old, to admire the Douro River and to enjoy the fauna and flora in symbiosis…

Duas Quintas in Douro

Duas Quintas was the first Quinta in the Douro region where, despite the tradition, individual vineyard blocks were planted with a single variety of grapes. The wines produced here are the best that the Douro has to offer: full-bodied, full of fresh fruit (mixed berries, plums) and that provide structure and a long finish.

Quinta da Pacheca

Quinta da Pacheca is one of the oldest quintas in the Douro region that can offer you some unforgettable experiences, such as a winery-guided tour, wine tasting, food tasting with regional products or wine courses, among others.

Quinta da Roêda

This quinta is placed in the heart of the Douro Valley and it resembles the old traditional style. Here you can try some renowned port wines or taste some local homemade olive oil on one of their many lovely terraces.

Quinta de La Rosa

Quinta de La Rosa is fantastic in wine production facilities and in its Port has a unique wine cellar. Here you can have guided tours to the wine estate, savor wine tasting experience or maybe lunch or dinner if you wish.

Quinta de Ventozelo

With more than 500 years of history on this single estate, Quinta de Ventozelo is one of the oldest and largest quintas in Portugal. Situated across some wide-ranging altitudes, when getting here you will be introduced to a diversity of soils, microclimates and grape varieties which stand for these extraordinary vineyards.

Douro valley in Portugal

Photo: Douro valley in Portugal.

Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto offers one of the best views you can get in the Douro region. This quinta is betting on modern, while respecting the family tradition and values that distinguishes it and its wines. In 2008 it was distinguished as the third-best wine producer in the world that year by the magazine “Wine Spectator”.

Quinta do Panascal

This quinta is a great stop when visiting quintas in the Douro Valley region. It has some amazing views over Portugal’s countryside.

While here, be sure to grab a refreshing “Siroptimo” (Siroco and tonic) or to reserve one of their tailor-made tastings. Note that you need a reservation for Quinta do Panascal, so don´t forget to book.

Quinta do Portal

Quinta do Portal owns plots all over the region and makes some of the finest ports you can have in the area. Their production facility is on top, away from the valley outright.

You will be amazed by the architecture of the building which allows the temperature to be controlled naturally and the wine to age beautifully.

Quinta do Seixo

Quinta do Seixo is different because it is not an independent producer like many of the other wineries here. They are part of the Sandeman brand (along with some other wineries in the Douro Valley). Due to this fact, their producer room is significantly larger than any in the region.

Quinta do Vallado

During your Douro visit, don´t miss a tasting tour at Quinta do Vallado as the tasting room experience is with a couple of tables outside in the parking lot of their location in Baixa Corgo. They have one of the best red wines in the area, the Sousão.

Quinta Nova

Here you will find an impressive museum that shows the history of port production in the region. The exhibits include the evolution from traditional methods to the modern production and you can watch an impressive video to go along with it.

Quinta do Nova can be one of your favorites because it can give you a good view about the wine production in the area.


Besides all these quintas you can visit and make an impression on how wine is produced in this region of Portugal, you will also have the opportunity to savor a cooking workshop.

Cod fritters

Photo: Cod fritters.

Step inside the Portuguese culture through its food

Have a first-hand immersion with the ingredients, the secrets and the techniques that you need to use on preparing a Douro meal, in an informal and casual ambience. All of it with a glass of Port wine to open your taste buds of course!

Afterwards, enjoy the lunch you prepared and pair it with Douro wines from the estate.

Queijadinha. Typical sweet of Portugal

Photo: Queijadinha. Typical sweet of Portugal.


Visit Quinta do Carvalhas with us and enjoy the vineyards along with the breathtaking scenery, and the top-quality Douro wines. Take home some magnificent impressions and the guts to come back soon!

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