Douro Valley Wine Tour: Wine Tasting Experience in wineries

The Douro Valley is really stunning. It has a meandering river that makes its way through the valley along the vineyards and creating a breathtaking scenery. It has charming wine-making farms and some green and golden slopes that are covered with vineyards.

By taking a tour here, you will relax and enjoy the landscape and at the same time taste some of the best wines from Portugal.

Douro Valley Wine Tour

Photo: Douro Valley Wine Tour.


The Douro Valley from Portugal is one of the most appreciated wine regions in the world. The region is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco and it is also home to amazing natural landscapes. The Quintas (wineries) on this area are placed on rural properties and offer interesting experiences, such as spas, balloon rides, farm-to-table activities or excellent restaurants.

In this part of Portugal, travelers step back in time to an era where living off the land is natural

Douro Valley Wine Tour

Photo: Douro Valley Wine Tour.

How far is Douro Valley from Porto?

One of the most marvelous regions of Portugal is only an hour and a half drive away from Porto.

If you choose a day trip from Porto to the Douro Valley, it will leave you speechless and besides you will have to pull your camera out every 10 seconds because you will definitely fell in love with it and it will be on your list of places to return to.

Why choose Douro Valley tours

By taking a Douro Valley tour, you will experience the wine culture of the area, enjoy lunch and of course taste wine from the region.

While the valley is famous as the top producer of port wines, the vineyards owners take their wines very seriously. This is due to the fact that the dramatic variations in both the orientation and altitude makes the style of the wines very different depending on the provenance of the grapes and on the intentions of the winemaker.

Douro Valley wine tour

Photo: Douro Valley wine tour.


This Portuguese valley is a peaceful rural area, filled with vineyards and olive groves that have around elegant wineries and small villages.

Here you will find awesome quintas (wineries) where Port wine is produced and you can enjoy the late-September harvest that brings a pleasant bustle to the valley, when the workers around sing late into the night while they pick the grapes and tread them by foot.

About the Douro Valley vineyards

The vines are placed on the steep hillsides overlooking the Douro River in the region and this gives some amazing views. The Douro Valley offers different grape varieties due to its variations of altitude. For this reason, the wine production here is very complex. Besides, the terraces of the oldest vineyards are considered World Heritage.

Wine tasting experience

Photo: Wine tasting experience.


Finding the best wineries in Douro Valley is not an easy task and it is the same if you are looking for the best vineyard in the area.

The good news is that they are placed along the Douro River in Northern Portugal.

We picked for you 5 wineries that offer some of the best wine and Port tasting in the Douro Valley:

Each one of them is the best proof that the Douro valley wine is among the best in the world.

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There are some parts of the region that produce popular table wines, but the region’s true recognition is due to the styles of Port that are produced here.

There are three main categories of red Port that are worth trying:

  • Ruby Port: aged in oak barrels for a couple of years and then aged further in the bottle. This wine is bright and fruity.

  • Tawny Port: aged in the barrels for several years, it has a tawny color and some matured characteristics.

  • Vintage Port: one of the greatest styles of port, it´s made only of the best vintages and it is aged in the bottle for several years before consumption.

Douro Valley Wine Tour

Quinta do Seixo winery: come see it for yourself

One of the most impressive quintas in Portugal is Quinta do Seixo because the view here is breathtaking throughout the year due to the constant change of color and light. One of the oldest in the region, the vineyard from this quinta is a heritage of many traditional Douro grape varieties that still endure the harshest conditions and temperatures.

After the harvest of the grapes, they are carefully selected to be trodden in the robotic mills. The fermentation process here combines the best tradition with the latest technology to achieve the richness of the first aromas of the Port wine.

Quinta do Portal wine: a cool spot in Northern Portugal

Quinta do Portal winery is home to the majestic Casa das Pipas. This house is settled between the vineyards and it is known for its beautiful terrace and pool deck that provide beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Among the most interesting activities you can do here there are wine tasting, boat trips, mountain biking, hiking, swimming and even stand-up paddle boarding. Tourists here can also savor the local delicacies prepared by a chef using only the best local ingredients.

Quinta de Ventozelo: wine tasting at its best

Quinta de Ventozelo is one of the oldest and largest properties of the Douro region. The wines produced here are unique and memorable editions.

Moreover, the olive oil made here is of superior quality, very velvety and smooth.

And if this is not enough, let us tell you that in this quinta they also make gin with aromatic herbs and it is very successful.

The best wines in Douro Valley

Photo: The best wines in Douro Valley.


If you are wondering why taking a Douro wine tour may be a good idea, we can give you some strong reasons. Besides the fact that wine has been produced here since the 3rd century, there are amazing hills and sparkling water and the views from the vineyards will leave you breathless.

A good propose of choosing between Douro Valley wine tours may be to see this valley from an original and ´like a local´ perspective. In other words, you will see what is really important, you will taste and learn a lot of things.

Combine this Portuguese treasure with the tasting of the Port wine as the top product of the region and you have the perfect plan for your next trip to Northern Portugal.

Embrace a Douro Valley private wine tour

Experience the winemaking region of Douro along with a private guide. Find out more about the Douro Valley local history, about its geography and witness for yourself why visitors and locals alike fall in love with the beauty of this place. Don´t forget to bring your camera to capture the Douro Valley´s unique charm.

Pick a wine tasting experience in the Douro Valley

Wine tasting experiences give you the chance to know the most important wine villages from a region. The places here in Portugal have unique background stories that are told among vineyards, churches, castles, and museums.

Taste some of the best wines from Portugal

Photo: Taste some of the best wines from Portugal.

Taste the best wines in the world and learn about their secrets and tradition

A visit here would go through the most important point of the region and of course about tasting the best wines in the world while you to the secrets of centuries of wine production, the tread of the grape or the characteristics of the soil itself.

Wine Tourism: discover the best wines with us

With our Douro Valley wine tour you will enjoy a remarkable wine tasting experience and meet some inspiring winemakers and owners of wineries that will receive you as if you were at home.

Nevertheless, you will savor wonderful food and discover beautiful baroque palaces, all of it along with the most spectacular landscapes in Europe.

Join us and fill your holiday with exquisite wine tastings and delicious local Portuguese food to pair it with.

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