Things to do in Douro Valley, Portugal: Douro River Cruise

This region in Northern Portugal is packed with incredible natural beauty. Besides, from hiking in the Douro International Natural Park to wine tasting and leisurely boat trips, the area offers experiences for all tastes.

With spectacular natural views, great architecture, some jaw-dropping train rides, along with boat, kayak, and hiking trips, this area needs more than a day or two to visit it.

Douro region Portugal

Photo: Douro region Portugal.


The Douro Valley is among the most stunning places you´ll ever visit. We know it for sure because the wine culture and the tradition here have created a landscape unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this world. Moreover, some of our favorite (and soon yours as well) viewpoints in Portugal are located in the Douro Valley and after getting here you´ll see it with your own eyes.

Taking guided tours in Douro Valley

By choosing a guided tour in the Douro Valley, you will experience a different kind of trip and will have plenty of photos and memories that will make you want to return. Our guides have many fantastic stories to tell you about the place and great spots to show you. All along the way, you will find many spectacular views and places that you will fall in love with. After all, any Douro Valley tour will awaken your taste for good wine and for a beautiful landscape.


There are always many things you can try when visiting a new place, but among the best things you can do when you are in the Douro Valley are the following:

  • Go back in time by visiting old villages

  • Discover the place by boat

  • Visit the Parque Natural do Douro

  • Hike through the Valley’s old paths

  • Kayak the Douro River

  • Visit one or more of the museums

  • Taste the World-Famous Port Wine

  • Visit one or several of the Oldest Quintas in the area

  • Harvest the grapes during the “Vindimas”

  • Take a train trip


Does sailing the Douro River in a boat tour sound like a good idea? Then jump in and enjoy a privileged view of the valley with its famous and unique vineyards, some amazing terraces, wine farms and the refreshing water of the river.

A boat tour here gives you the opportunity to sail through a stretch of the Douro River that cannot be seen from the main roads. Moreover, you can stop to take a refreshing dive in the waters of the river.

Douro River cruises

Photo: Douro River Cruise. Gerry Labrijn. Adapted under license (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Douro River in Portugal: perfect for taking a cruise

Douro River is settled in the Iberian Peninsula and it flows for about 550 miles coming from Northern Spain through Portugal. A great part of this river in Spain is not considered navigable. This is the main reason why the river cruises on the Douro River take place mainly in Portugal and some on the far western part of the river in Spain.

Douro river cruise in Portugal

Douro River flows from north-central Spain all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Many years ago, the Port wine was floated down the river to be cellared in Porto, but nowadays you can see cruise boats of all shapes and sizes along it.

One of the best things to do in Douro Valley is to take one of the Douro River cruises that you can combine it with a wine tour & tasting at a vineyard in the area.

The views from the boat are simply stunning

Douro river cruise in Portugal

Photo: Douro River Cruise. Gerry Labrijn. Adapted under license (CC BY-SA 2.0)


A river cruise along the Douro River is the perfect way to see some amazing landscapes form Spain and Portugal.

Besides, among the activities you can do in the Douro Valley, the cruises are between the most popular ones. Many of them include lunch on board or the possibility to take a refreshing bath in the waters of the Douro River.

The perspective you will have about the vineyards and the wineries in the region cannot compare with the one that you have when on land.

A Douro River cruise means a lot of discoveries, small pleasures and relax. Chances are that you’ll be dreaming about that Douro magic sail long after you get home.

Douro region Portugal

Photo: Douro region Portugal.

Float on a Douro Valley River cruise

If you want to know closer one of the largest rivers in the Iberian Peninsula, the Douro River, along with its magnificent surrounding landscapes, the best way to do it is by boat. For this to happen, you have various alternatives, like short mini-cruises, one-day or several day cruises and even cruises on hotel boats that have accommodation included.

Douro River cruises give you the chance to stop and visit several spectacular cities and villages that are along the route.

Most cruises in Portugal depart from Porto and one of the most popular stops is the picturesque town of Pinhão. A must-see attraction here is the railway station, which has some amazing ancient tiles on its walls.

Some other fascinating stops are the village of Bitetos or Régua.

Immerse yourself into the Douro Valley life

Harvest the grapes during the “Vindimas”

Photo: Harvest the grapes during the “Vindimas”.

River boat tours in Douro: try a different experience

If you want to take a short trip, one of the most popular is the one that includes sailing along the six bridges of the Douro River. Don´t miss the chance to admire the architecture of the bridges or the wonderful sight of Porto as seen from the Douro River. These images will stick with you for a long time.


The cruise boats that leave from Porto are passing through the beautiful stepped slopes of Port wine terraces so you´ll encounter here one of the most impressive rural landscapes you´ll ever see.

Porto has a charm of its own that is even more appealing due to the boats that are floating in the water beside it. If you want to know a bit more about this marvelous city, take a peek here.

Porto is also home to an extraordinary culinary scene, as it counts with numerous food markets, trendy cafes, some elegant dining rooms and of course traditional taverns.

Pop between the best Douro River cruises

Compared with other known European river cruises (like the Rhine, Danube, or Seine), Douro is placed right in the middle of a UNESCO-protected site. Along the way, you can see the stunning Quintas, the vineyards, the best-known Douro Valley Wineries, and at the same time enjoy as you breathe, rest, relax and dream…

Douro International Natural Park

Photo: Douro International Natural Park.

Sail the Douro River with us

If you want to get lost in one of the most unspoiled corners of Europe, give yourself the pleasure to slide in the most incredible river cruise on the Douro in Portugal. Enjoy the wonderful sights and be ready to be amazed.

Join us to experience one of the most amazing cruise you can have in Portugal!

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