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Visit Setúbal in Portugal: Moscatel Wine Tasting

Portugal is a very famous travel destination. From Lisbon, Porto, and Douro in the North part, till the Algarve in the South, and even out to the Madeira and Azores Islands, this country is very special when it comes to traveling. Setúbal is not quite popular among the visit destinations. It is a working port, a commercial fishing center, and besides the 6th largest region for wine production in Portugal.

Since it is not a typical tourist destination, Setúbal is often forgotten. As a day trip from Lisbon, it’s the place to escape crowds or tourists and to experience the Portuguese daily life. Setúbal is full of nature, history, fresh seafood, and you can even encounter some dolphin sightings.

Fortress of San Felipe in Setubal, Portugal

Photo: Fortress of San Felipe in Setubal, Portugal.


If you are looking for an immersive experience in Southern Portugal, we recommend you to go for a private tour with a local guide. This is a good idea if you want to forget about the driving, and at the same time tailor a day trip based on your preferences.

Just 40 minutes away from Lisbon, you can visit some wineries and wine producers in the Setúbal region which is globally known for its sweet moscatel wine. Besides, Setubal is at the heart of the Portugal sardine’s industry.

The streets are pedestrian, the fountains and gardens lend in grace, although it´s harbor dominates and gives the feel of a still thriving historic town.

At less than 40 minutes’ drive, Setubal is an easy day trip from Lisbon

Portuguese sardines

Photo: Portuguese sardines.


Parque Natural da Arrábida

Photo: Parque Natural da Arrábida.

Despite the fact that Setubal is a small city, there are a lot of things you could do here. Among the best things to do in Setubal, we recommend:

Street in Setubal

Photo: Street in Setubal.


Explore the charms and wild landscapes of this gorgeous city. Start with the 12th century castle in Palmela, then go down to Setúbal to stroll around its lovely and lively food market and you will feel how the ocean magically connects.

The best way to discover this magical city is to stroll through the streets of its beautiful historic center. You can walk along Álvaro Castelões street or along the main Luisa Todi Avenue and you will be amazed by its charm.

Setúbal is that kind of city where every corner is attractive


Photo: Setúbal.


In the world of wines, there is no other producing country that has as much diversity of products as Portugal has. With more than 200 exclusive types of grapes growing on the Portuguese lands, the distinction of the Portuguese wine is wide and highly qualitative.

The gastronomy reflects this evolution better than any other form of expression. If you combine the avant-garde museums and chic boutiques with the culinary scene, you may have a very interesting revolution. You can choose a menu of the day, pay 7 euros and get a deeply comforting ´caldo verde´ or either bet for any of the top restaurants.

Portuguese sardines

Photo: Portuguese sardines.


No one knows for sure how muscatel – which is a white grape from Egypt – arrived in Setúbal, near Lisbon. What we do know for sure is that moscatel took the region and produced wines that are perfect to start or to end a meal. Moreover, this grape got to a variety — the purple moscatel—that only exists in Setúbal. This one is sweeter and more aromatic than its white cousin.

Moscatel Wine Tasting

Add Muscatel de Setúbal on your wine tasting list

Wine tasting in Setubal can be a reason to check the surroundings, walk through the cobbled streets in the old center, to join a dolphin watching tour, or to relax on the turquoise watered beach.

This is possible because on these lands vineyards coexist with beautiful national parks, with olive groves, with golf courses and of course with long sandy beaches. This area from Portugal is also well known for the amazing sweet wine called Moscatel de Setubal.

Moscatel wine in Setubal region

The Setúbal region produces about 60% red wine and 35% white wine, so the 5% that is left is occupied by the Muscatel de Setúbal. This wine has been produced here for more than 115 years.

Moscatel Wine Tasting

Moscatel de Setúbal wine is a demarcated region

Setúbal DOC is a designation for the wine produced in this region. It can be used to name the white wine from Moscatel de Setúbal, as well as the red Moscatel Roxo. For these wines, the fermentation process is stopped when the brandy grape is added. This makes the wines more exotic as they also have a smell of honey, flowers and orange blossoms. But at the same time, these wines have an aroma of coffee, nuts and dried fruits.


See the best of Setúbal like a local. You´ll see a lot of new and interesting places and take a tour in the land of the Moscatel wine in an environment that breathes the history of the Portuguese ancestors.

Bring along your camera and be prepared for a stunning experience of delicious, mouthwatering adventure!


Photo: Setúbal.

Enjoy the best private tours in Portugal, you will discover a unique destination. Plan your trip now!

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