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Batalha Monastery & Nazare Lighthouse Day Trip in Portugal

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a day on the beach without rushing back to the city or maybe spend the evening watching the sunset with the freshest seafood out there?

How about visiting an old historic city with many attractions?

For both of these sceneries, Batalha and Nazare from Portugal worth a visit.

Nazare Lighthouse Day Trip in Portugal

Photo: Nazare Lighthouse Day Trip in Portugal.

Batalha is a small town near Lisbon in Portugal and it is one of the most beautiful places you can visit here. It counts with many famous attractions, like the Batalha Monastery, Ponte da Boutaca or Museu da Comunidade Conselhia da Batalha.

On the other hand, Nazare is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. This is because this coastal town has long stretches of golden sand, a nice historical city center, delicious seafood and some big waves for surfing.


“Batalha” is the Portuguese word for “battle”. This small town placed on the hills of the Leiria region, became famous upon the building of its magnificent monastery, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage.

The Mosteiro da Batalha was built to celebrate Portugal’s victory over the Castilians in 1385 and as a sign of gratitude from the Portuguese King João I to Virgin Mary because she answered his prayers and defeated the Spanish King Juan.

The city of Batalha is small and for this reason many tourists choose to stay in nearby Fátima or Nazare and making this one a day trip.

Batalha monastery

Photo: Batalha monastery.

Go to the Batalha Monastery

The Monastery of Batalha is a very good example of a beautiful design in a Gothic style. It counts with magical chambers and chapels and its exterior is ornated with sculptures of saints and other important characters. Inside this beautiful monastery there are some elegant tombs belonging to people of great importance in the Portuguese history.

Wonder at the Batalha Monastery, a UNESCO Site dating from the 14th century

The Batalha monastery is a must-see in Portugal, both if you visit it on a day trip from Lisbon or if you want to stay longer. Together with Evora, Sintra and the Douro Valley, it can be amongst your favorite trip destinations.

Batalha monastery

Photo: Batalha monastery.


The beauty of Nazare goes way beyond its waves and beaches. This is a captivating fishing town that has a very colorful personality. It´s among those captivating cities that has a heart-warming harmony which includes rouses an intrigue and makes you want to discover more about it.

Nazare is great if you want to recharge, to relax and to immerse yourself into the Portuguese lifestyle

Nowadays Nazare is the capital of big wave surfing, because it holds the record of the largest wave ever ridden (of 24 meters), in 2011.

Big waves in Nazare

Photo: Big waves in Nazare.


It doesn´t matter the time of year, there are plenty of things you can do in Nazare. Although it may feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of cities like Lisbon or Porto, but the heritage of this little coastal town worths a visit.

Here is a list of some of the best things to do in Nazare:

  • Surf the big waves

  • Explore the narrow streets

  • Visit the Faro di Nazare and the Surf Museum

  • Take the funicular from Nazare beach up to the old town

  • Take a surf lesson

  • Enjoy the view from Mirador del Suberco

  • Chill at Nazare beach

  • Explore Bairro dos Pescadores

  • Enjoy sunset at the beach with a seafront dinner

  • Stroll along the Nazare promenade

  • See the big waves

  • Visit the Local Market

  • Taste the freshest seafood

Big waves in Nazare

Photo: Big waves in Nazare.


Some places leave a long-lasting impression upon you and the Nazare North Canyon can be one of them. It´s here where you can see and surf enormous waves.

From October to March Nazare is no longer a little fishing village, but it becomes a bustling surf town as it attracts big wave surfers from all around the world.

If you want to witness it, keep an eye on the forecast because waves are not always there. The big waves in Nazare form due to the combination of several natural elements, among which there are the direction of the stream, the wind, the North Atlantic storms and the wave period.

Besides, here is also an annual big wave surfing event that lasts for a day and it has no fixed date, but it’s usually confirmed 3 days in advance.

Nazare beach

Photo: Chill at Nazare beach.

Surfers from all around the world visit Nazare to venture into the sea and chase the biggest waves

See the Nazare lighthouse

When in Portugal make your way to Farol de Nazare which is situated right on the cliff edge. From here you can take in the views of Nazare beach on the left and of Praia do Norte on the right. You’ll discover that a lighthouse and the cliffs may be fascinating places because they stand unbreakable against the winds and the turbulent waters.

The ocean tends to be relatively calm during the summer, but the immense power of nature can be felt on every step. From the top of Forte de São Miguel that is now a lighthouse even the most ordinary views become magical.

Seagull in Nazare

Photo: Seagull in Nazare.

Surfers from all around the world visit Nazare

Photo: Surfers from all around the world visit Nazare.


A good day trip from Lisbon may include a visit to the Batalha monastery and to the Mecca of surfing in Portugal. Each one of these places has its charm and you will remember the trip long time after.

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