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Faro Portugal Tour: Medieval Quarter. Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

The Southern region of Portugal has some of the most incredible resort towns in the country, with some staggering nature scenes made up of rugged cliffs, few giant sea caves, hidden beaches, and a unique wildlife.

Definitely there are many great things to do on Portugal’s impressive Algarve coast, especially if you are a nature lover. With its spectacular beaches that are hiding between dramatic cliff formations, with its massive sea caves, the incredible wildlife, and the endless water sports activities, it is evident why many people choose to come to this fantastic destination.

Igreja De Nossa Senhora Do Carmo. Faro


This most Southern region of Portugal is an astonishing variety of fishing villages, some golf resorts, villas, hotels, good restaurants and bars, amazing cliffs, and much more.

Algarve is famous for its coastline, where tourists come to wander the tiled streets of white-washed ports, to stay on some of Portugal’s best beaches, and to taste the fresh seafood.

The Algarve Portugal

There are many reasons why the costal Algarve is so popular. This is a truly beautiful area, with golden beaches, great impressive coastal cliffs and some small islands. Although it’s true that it’s hard to find some unspoiled fishing villages nowadays, and also that there are some lines of holiday resorts and beautiful hotels along the coast, but outside the high season you can still find some stunning beaches right next to attractive cliffs.

The city of Faro is the start of the Central Algarve, which leads into the Golden Triangle area, which is home to few of the world’s finest resorts.

Walking around Faro it is easy to find the colorful train station and also Faro’s marina, which is a beautiful palm-tree harbor that is full of fishing and some passenger boats that may take you on tours to the Ria Formosa.

Ria Formosa is an amazing coastal lagoon in the Algarve that separates Faro from other cities along the coast and which has several stunning Atlantic beaches.

Algarve will give you a different type of energy

Where Is Faro in Portugal?

Are you wondering where is Faro located?

This beautiful city is situated on the Eastern Algarve, near Cape Santa Maria, at about an hour from the Spanish border. Faro is boasting a fantastic metropolitan city and also an island beach. This makes it a perfect Portugal holiday destination and at the same time offers easy transfer to other resorts across the region.

Palácio de Estoi. Faro

Photo: Palácio de Estoi. Faro.


Faro is the capital city of the Algarve region from Portugal and it is also the gateway for many tourists that arrive in the Southern part of the country. This is the largest city in the region.

As a tourist, you will most probably want to visit the Old Town. Faro’s Cidade Velha sits on some Roman and Moorish foundations. A network of cobblestone streets and some rare leafy squares surround the wonderful cathedral. Going further, you’ll find some cafés and restaurants between rows of orderly houses and artisans’ workshops.

The esplanade has a small marina, after which lie a number of lagoons from the Parque Natural Ria Formosa. This amazing natural park also contains numerous islets and enormous sandbars that have their own fabulous beaches.

The biggest city in the Algarve region, Faro is the gateway to the Southern Portugal paradise

Faro. Portugal

Photo: Faro. Portugal.

Ria Formosa

Photo: Ria Formosa.

From wildlife spotting adventures and a fair few river cruise and getting to a bunch of natural treasures and some of the most delicious seafood you´ve ever tasted, you’ll never be stuck for what to do in Faro. Besides, due to its location, this city is a great place to visit at any time of year.

The city has more than it takes to spend a fun holiday: an attractive marina, a few well-preserved parks, a historic old town, a buzzing nightlife, and a strong theater scene. Tourists coming here can enjoy sightseeing from the Arco da Vila, the Faro Cathedral, and from the Municipal Museum.

Cathedral Square of Faro

Photo: Cathedral Square of Faro.

Cathedral Square of Faro

Photo: Cathedral Square of Faro.

Medieval Quarter: The Old Town Faro

In the center of the city, you will find the charming old quarter or the Old Town Faro, where you can see a lot of interesting places. It has paved squares and numerous winding streets, that will make you jump into the atmosphere of medieval Portugal.

This district is surrounded by an oval-shaped fortress wall that has 3 entrance gates. From the initial ones, you can now see only fragments. Besides, here you will find the Castelo de Faro. An interesting fact is that Faro´s Castle has hardly changed.

Behind the walls of Old Town, you will encounter the quiet Cathedral Square of Faro and also the Episcopal Palace, which is the residence of the bishops from Algarve.


Among the numerous Portugal beaches, Faro is actually a city that does not have a beach of its own. Nevertheless, the amazing sandy beaches of Praia da Ilha da Culatra, with its picturesque lighthouse and also the wilder Ilha Deserta (Barreta) are some good options, as they are at just a short trip across the lagoon by ferry or private water taxi.

These beaches near Faro are great destinations, not just because of the sun worshippers, but because you can do some birdwatching and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.

Moreover, if you don’t fancy the boat ride, Praia da Faro Island is related to the mainland by a bridge, which makes it accessible by bus or by car.

Faro Beach is the most popular beach from Faro

This huge beach ends in Quinta do Lago Beach. Although it may seem a little bit too crowded during high season, the truth is that if you walk a few meters to one side or to the other, you will find an area with fewer people.

And yes, there are several bars and restaurants along the Faro beach, where you may enjoy a beer while you are watching the sunset.

Beaches of the Portuguese Algarve

Photo: Beaches of the Portuguese Algarve.


Igreja do Carmo dates from the 18th century and it has a Baroque façade and twin bell towers. One of the most important things and that brings many visitors every year is its Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) which is covered with many skulls and bones that once belonged to the Carmelite monks. Although it may seem rather macabre, the church definitely worths a visit.

Faro city


The Southern Portugal is a place full of wonders and amazing beaches. The Algarve coast has some dramatic cliffs that are unique and astonishing at the same time. And between all this beauty, you may discover the magic city of Faro, a place full of surprises if you let yourself dive into its charm…

The Algarve Coast

Photo: The Algarve Coast.

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