Haunted Spain, stories for an All Hallows Eve

As Halloween approaches, we bring you sceneries that could inspire a bunch of amazing horror movies. However, reality outdoes fiction, and the stories we are about to discover really took place and are part of the country’s black history, welcome to haunted Spain!

5 off-the-beaten-track buildings in Spain

Spain has a great cultural and historic legacy printed in many cities and buildings like the Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona receive over 3 million tourist every year. Today we want to share with you 5 unique buildings off-the-touristic-beaten-track that will surprise you!!

Buy a castle in Spain, or a monastery, or a whole village!

It is possible to buy a castle in Spain. What little girl or boy has not dreamt about being a princess or a knight in their own castle? The Real State market in Spain brings you the chance of owning your own castle, or monastery or even a whole abandoned village.

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