COVID-free in the whitewashed villages

Did you know that many whitewashed villages in the Axarquia have not registered a single case of Covid-19 during the pandemic? These villages are not on any major tourist route and we are happy to recommend them to those travelers who are more adventurous and are always looking to discover the off the beaten path Spain;

Easter in Spain

Easter in Spain is lived in a very special way. Spain has historically been, and is, a Catholic country and the tradition of Easter or Holy Week goes back to medieval times. Easter is a time of sorrow and redemption for the Catholic religion and the Holy Week is full of centenary traditions.

Tapas tour in my barrio

Seville begins to live when the sun starts to set, and the orange weaves magic across the Sevillian sky. The orange magic touches everything, from the streets that glow to the street lamps that light up Seville’s cobblestone paths, the whiff of orange serenades Seville.

Axarquia Coast: Sailing Day

The Axarquia coast is one of our favourite regions in Spain for many reasons: charming white washed villages, an incredible coastline and many outdoor activities to enjoy in couple or with all the family! Located in the sunny Andalusia coast is always a great place to spend some days.

The best Paradores to enjoy Spain in September

Paradores, September and Spain make the perfect equation now that summer has almost come to an end. We are not going to moan about going back to work because September can be a perfect month to enjoy Spain!

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