The Castle Route


The Castle Route is perfect now that spring has come and sunny days are taking over the winter weather. If you are planning on travelling to Spain you cannot miss the chance of visiting the medieval city of Toledo and its surroundings. This suggested journey is suitable for couples, friends and children, who are always fond of castle stories: feudal lords ruling vast plots of land, warriors willing to invade other territories, fierce battles in defense of castles and fanciful tales about castles and travels of kings, princes and princesses living in those castles.

Toledo cathedral-Spain
Toledo cathedral-Spain


Toledo is a city that deserves a day for enjoying the delights of its unmatched beauty. Strolling along its streets and visiting its endless monuments, museums and churches. Two of the city’s most remarkable monuments are the Cathedral, with its magnificent choir, which is amongst the most stunning choirs in Spain, and the Alcázar (fortress), which magnificently overlooks the city and was built upon request by Alfonso VI.

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This is a journey into history. Driving along the Castle Route you will encounter quaint little towns that long time ago belonged to the rich aristocracy families that ruled Castilla. Some of the towns in the way are: San Martín de Pusa, Hontanar, Navahermosa, San Martín de Montalbán, Cuerva, Gálvez, Polán and Guadamur. It´s worth stopping by and visiting their castles and the history surrounding them. Don’t forget to stop at one of the many restaurants to try the specialties of the local gastronomy.

This trip is a superb spring outdoor getaway!


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