Getting ready for a Spanish Christmas

As the end of the year approaches in many corners of the world, people rush to have all the preparations ready to enjoy this holidays with colleagues, friends and family! Here is our particular final countdown to live this celebration the Spanish way!

Haunted Madrid

Today we invite you to discover the ghost stories some important buildings in Madrid bear. There many witnesses through the centuries who claim to have had paranormal encounters within their walls… Banging doors, voices recorded from other dimension and unsolved crimes are just some of the ingredients of the haunted Madrid!

Haunted Spain, stories for an All Hallows Eve

As Halloween approaches, we bring you sceneries that could inspire a bunch of amazing horror movies. However, reality outdoes fiction, and the stories we are about to discover really took place and are part of the country’s black history, welcome to haunted Spain!

Asturias: Spain’s Natural Paradise

This week we invite you to follow us on a trip through Asturias: Spain's Natural Paradise! Located in the north of Spain is one of the most beautifully preserved regions in the country. The land of Asturias shares many traditions and culture with the Goths and Celts and its name comes from the Celtic word Stour that means river.

Ávila, the town of Stones and Saints

All through 2015, we have been celebrating the V centenary of the birth of St Teresa. The celebrations will culminate this month with the festivities of Santa Teresa in Avila. This annual festival honors the city’s patron saint with processions, concerts and fireworks. In October it is mandatory to visit the walled city of Avila!

5 off-the-beaten-track buildings in Spain

Spain has a great cultural and historic legacy printed in many cities and buildings like the Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona receive over 3 million tourist every year. Today we want to share with you 5 unique buildings off-the-touristic-beaten-track that will surprise you!!

San Sebastian Film Festival: ten things you should know

San Sebastian holds one of the most famous Film Festivals. For a week this Basque city is the capital of cinema and glamour! Here there are ten things you need to know of the oldest Film Festival in Spain.

Tarragona: a walk through a Unesco World Heritage City

Tarragona, just an hour away from Barcelona, is one of the oldest cities in Spain. A jewel included in the Unesco’s World Heritage Sites list for the huge roman legacy you can admire in its streets. Tarrago was the name Romans gave to the city that was for a long period of time the capital of Hispania Tarraconensis and one of the richest ports of the empire.

Running the bulls in Madrid

Madrid is a great city, you can find anything you can imagine and you can even find encierros! If you couldn’t made it to the San Fermines this year, don’t worry this week you have the chance of running in front of a herd of bulls in San Sebastian de los Reyes in Madrid. The festivities in honor of the Crist of the Remedios can boast of having the best encierros in Spain after Pamplona.

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