Haunted Spain, stories for an All Hallows Eve

As Halloween approaches, we bring you sceneries that could inspire a bunch of amazing horror movies. However, reality outdoes fiction, and the stories we are about to discover really took place and are part of the country’s black history, welcome to haunted Spain!

Asturias: Spain’s Natural Paradise

This week we invite you to follow us on a trip through Asturias: Spain's Natural Paradise! Located in the north of Spain is one of the most beautifully preserved regions in the country. The land of Asturias shares many traditions and culture with the Goths and Celts and its name comes from the Celtic word Stour that means river.

Tarragona: a walk through a Unesco World Heritage City

Tarragona, just an hour away from Barcelona, is one of the oldest cities in Spain. A jewel included in the Unesco’s World Heritage Sites list for the huge roman legacy you can admire in its streets. Tarrago was the name Romans gave to the city that was for a long period of time the capital of Hispania Tarraconensis and one of the richest ports of the empire.

Tamborrada in San Sebastian

Spain is an exciting country where there is always something going on. Even in the cold winter days of January, we can find celebrations as spectacular as the Tamborrada in San Sebastian. On the 20 of January is the patron Saint of this northern city and the whole city dresses up as soldiers and cooks and hit their drums for a 24h non-stop noisy celebration.

Buy a castle in Spain, or a monastery, or a whole village!

It is possible to buy a castle in Spain. What little girl or boy has not dreamt about being a princess or a knight in their own castle? The Real State market in Spain brings you the chance of owning your own castle, or monastery or even a whole abandoned village.

The best Paradores to enjoy Spain in September

Paradores, September and Spain make the perfect equation now that summer has almost come to an end. We are not going to moan about going back to work because September can be a perfect month to enjoy Spain!

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