Local culture, gastronomy & wine adventure in Spain


  • Destination: Spain

  • Itinerary:

    Barcelona (3 days)

    San Sebastian (3 days) includes visit to La Rioja

    Madrid (3 days) includes visit to Chinchón

    Seville (3 days) includes visit to Aracena and Jabugo

    Axarquia (3 days)

  • Duration: 14 Nights

  • local culture, gastronomy, wine, jamon, cooking, tapas, sail.

Trip itinerary map for Spain

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Day 1 – Welcome to Spain! Discover the Barri Gotic

  • On arrival to Barcelona your private transfer will take you to your centrally located hotel.

Today you will enjoy a private guided tour to the highlights of this unique city. You will stroll down the Gothic Quarter with our expert guide that will show you all the secrets of the old city. You will discover San Jaime Square and Barcelona’s Cathedral among other important buildings.

Besides its outstanding buildings also visit to typical boulevards or “Las Ramblas”, more than 1 kilometer avenue ending in Colon Square where locals meet. You will immerse in the streets and find nice cafes or flower stalls to stop by while you discover the city.


The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain
The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

Day 2 – Discover rural Catalonia in a traditional Masia

Today you will enjoy a day to the Catalonian countryside. Your guide will take to an old Masia (traditional farmhouse) which origins can be traced back to the 12th century.

A magnificent property that has belonged to the same family for nothing less that 24 generations. A member of this family will discover you the local life and take you for a walk in the surrounding vineyards.

  • You will enjoy a lunch of locally sourced and home cooked food and wine from the grape growing state. An unforgettable experience!

An old Masia in Catalonia, Spain

Day 3 – Travel to San Sebastian, Spain’s Gastronomic Capital

  • In the morning your private transfer will take you to Barcelona’s Train station where you will take a train to San Sebastian.

After checking in at your hotel, you will have free time to enjoy and discover San Sebastian.

The most recognizable city snapshot features the beaches of Ondarreta and the Concha, with Santa Clara Island nestling in the center of the bay.

La Concha beach in San Sebastian, Spain
La Concha Bay in San Sebastian, Spain

If the weather allows it, you can rent a bike and visit the city from a different point of view.

You can also visit Monte Igueldo, it offers the best-known and most iconic views of La Concha Bay.

Do not miss a stroll along one of the best beaches in Europe, “La Concha” and in San Sebastian’s Old Town.

  • You will enjoy a lunch of locally sourced and home cooked food and wine from the grape growing state. An unforgettable experience!

Day 4 – Having pintxos like a local!

Pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain

Today you will discover the local gastronomy in this Pintxos tour (The Basque word for tapas).

Our guide will take you off the tourist trail and into San Sebastian’s side streets and hidden plazas to the best pintxos bars in town where locals go.

While hoping from bar to bar he will recommend the best wines to pair each tasty bite.

Our local gastronomy expert will introduce you to the history of Basque´s traditions, the “txikiteo”, gastronomic societies, the modern and traditional “pintxos”

Avoid the frustration experienced by many visitors to San Sebastian when they do not know where to go, how to order or what to expect!

Day 5 – Day trip to La Rioja wine region

Your private transfer will take you directly to the heart of La Rioja: to de medieval town of Laguardia.

The town is located on the top of a hill from where you will have the best views over the surrounding vineyards.

Laguardia has preserved the medieval taste on its streets and within its walls, you will find remarkable examples of Gothic art as the Portico of Santa Maria de los Reyes one of the few in Spain that still maintains its polychrome painting.

There are many small wineries in the town. Many families still produce their wines in a traditional way in the cellar of their houses.

You will visit a couple of traditional wineries, producing the worldwide famous Rioja wine.

Today you will also have the chance of cruise along the wine region, enjoying the magnificent modern architecture of the famous wineries in the area.

Traditional vineyards of La Rioja
most famous wineries in La Rioja
Tasting of the famous wine of La Rioja, Spain

Day 6 – Train ride to Royal Madrid

  • In the morning you will catch a train to the capital of Spain.

Today you will discover with our expert guide the “Madrid de los Austrias”.

When the Habsburg dynasty reigned the country, they built many public works. This private walking tour will take you to the downtown streets.

You will visit the Plaza Mayor and the Almudena Cathedral among other highlights of this fascinating city.

Today you will also visit the Royal Palace.

It was built in the 18th century is one of the largest Palaces in Europe. Among its treasures a great collection of paintings and tapestries from the Spanish Royal Family.


Madrid de los Austrias, Spain

Day 7 – Discovering the local artisans

A luthier makes Spanish guitar

Today you will have the possibility to experience the rich cultural legacy of Spain in an exclusive way.

Our expert guide will take you to the finest artisans’ workshops in Madrid.

You will enjoy a walk in the city centre and its historical corners to the little shops where master hands craft traditional products just like their ancestors did!

We can arrange a visit to the tailor of the finest torero suits in the world or to the last bota wine-bag maker in the city.

If you enjoy music, you can learn about the art of guitar making with a luthier whose family has been crafting Spanish guitars since 1887.

You will live a memorable day!

Day 8 – Day trip to Chinchon and tasting the Madrid wines

Today you will discover the charming wine region of Tagus River Valley.

Only 50km away from Madrid you have the chance of visiting a winery where the present meets the past.

They still age their wines in clay amphorae along with oak barrels following a 200 year old tradition.

Afterwards you will visit Chinchon and its jewel the quaint Mayor square.

You will have the opportunity to taste its typical Castilian cuisine.

Mayor Square in Chinchon, Madrid

Day 9 – High-speed train to Seville and enjoying the city like a local

  • In the morning your will catch the high-speed train to Seville.

After checking in at your hotel you will start enjoying the city the local way!

As more and more tourists visit Sevilla each year, it is difficult to find the local flavor in the city center bars where you will find yourself among fellow travelers…

That is why today we invite you to discover the real local face of Seville.

Our guide will lead you away from the touristy areas of the center and will proudly show you their own neighborhood.

You will perfectly understand how the tapas culture is all about sharing and socializing, spontaneity!

The tapas culture in Seville, Spain
The tapas culture in Seville, Spain

Day 10 – Learning the secrets of Jamón

Today your private guided tour will take you to the towns of Aracena & Jabugo.

There you will visit a family-run pig farm to learn about the breeding and production of Spain’s favorite and most coveted animal: the Iberian pig.

You will visit the acorn filled land where the pigs graze, the salting area and the cellars where the “jamones” are hung to cure.

You will taste some freshly cut jamón.

And you will enjoy a home – cooked lunch at the farm using ecological products.

The perfect day trip for any food lover.

The iberian pig, Spain
Tasting of freshly cut ham
Iberian ham tapa

Day 11 – Road trip to Axarquia, the last Mediterranean gem

In the morning your private transfer will be ready to take you to Axarquia along the beautiful Andalusian landscapes.

Axarquia has managed to keep the charm and beauty of its breathtaking landscapes intact.

It holds many surprises for those travelers looking for the essence of Andalusia: whitewashed houses, the blinding light of a stunning coastline and unique gastronomy specialties.

If you like off the beaten track destinations where beauty and charm has been kept untouched over the centuries, you will fall in love with this unknown gem of Mediterranean Sea.

Axarquia, the beautiful Andalusian landscapes

Day 12 – Spanish cooking class!

Spanish cooking class

Today you will discover the secrets of Spanish gastronomy.

One of the best chefs in Andalusia will guide you in this delicious journey.

You will first visit Malaga’s local food market to choose the fresh ingredients you will use in your class.

At his restaurant, he will teach you a traditional recipe you will later taste with some wine.

A perfect experience for all foodies!

Day 13 – Relaxing sailing day in the Mediterranean

Today you will live an unforgettable experience: you will sail the Mediterranean Sea on a private Cruiser yacht.

The Axarquia coastline is one of the most spectacular in Europe. Where the Almijara´s Natural Park mountains plunges into Mediterranean Sea, erosion has created a spectacular coastline of coves and small, lonely beaches.

This unknown region boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in Spain.

Sail the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain
The Almijara´s Natural Park mountains, in Spain

From the sea, you will border the Maro and Cerro Gordo Natural Park reaching lost and lonely beaches where you can swim or snorkel on its clear waters.

You will also enjoy a picnic onboard while you enjoy cold drinks.

You will live a perfect and relaxing day!

Day 14 – Goodbye Spain!

  • At convenient time your private transfer will take you to Malaga International Airport.

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