Local Artisans tour

In a world were mass production rules we cannot be grateful enough for the important artisan sector that still exists in Spain.

From north to south many artisans can be found manufacturing goods preserving the singularity of each region.

In Madrid, we invite you to discover these people that are keeping many centenary traditions alive!

Their expert hands will open the doors of their workshops where you will live the intimate experience of getting to know their secrets and challenges. They will also show you how they put their soul in every piece they sell no matter if it is an expensive jewel or a traditional wine Bota-bag.

Local artisans tour in Madrid Spain

A unique walk through the city centre streets where you will not stop by magnificent palaces or ancient churches, but in small shops that might pass unnoticed but keep an important part of our cultural heritage within their walls.

You will discover some of the crafts that go hand by hand with Spanish traditions like flamenco or bullfighting. But you will also get to know artisans that have recovered ancient techniques to put into value humble materials like esparto grass.

You will have the chance of talking with a Spanish guitar luthier whose family has been in the business since 1887!

Their beautiful guitars not only stand out for the technique behind each one but for the sound they make. Paco de Lucia or Leonard Cohen were frequent customers of his atelier.

If you are interested in the flamenco culture, we can arrange a visit to a master shoemaker with more that forty years of experience in making flamenco shoes.

A mix of smells and sounds are involved in the creation of a flamenco shoe. The leather and glue used for each pair penetrates your nostrils while a constant beating sound wraps the workshop.

Nails are hammered in the heel and the tip of the soles and are responsible of the rhythmic noise dancers achieve on their performances. Without any doubt the purest flamenco sound!

Spanish guitar luthier

If you are feeling more dandy and you want to take home an exclusive piece of art for your wardrobe, we suggest a stop at number 23 at de la Cruz street. Since 1901 in this same address Spanish capes have been tailored and sold to madrileños and celebrities.

In the atelier at the back of the shop you will learn how each piece is hand-cut from a dense wool flannel that protects from cold and rain.

A first-hand experience to celebrate the perfect imperfections of the manually made products!

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