I would like to thank you for the details arrangement and quick response all the time. Sevilla was my first pick. Tapas was my most favorite food. Paella is my favorite always. The morning for Trinan old path and tapas tour was memorable.
I like Morocco a lot too, It is such a mystical place.We have learned so much about Morocco of the first visit. You are right without a good guide, we may not survive in those old ancient town. We tried a few excellent local restaurants. The food requires special taste.
Our tour guide, Abbdou, a very due diligence guide. The driver, we called him Mr. R was very kind.
The New Year Eve dinner was a kind of drag for us, ( sorry to say that), the food was great and beautifully presented: 1 appetites, 4 main dishes and 2 deserts. It took 3 hours to finish them. Services were wonderful though. My sister ate to 3rd main dish, she was too tired to continue. Anyway it is a new experience to us. Me and my husband hung on to New Year’s Day to say goodbye to 2019.
Over all, we enjoyed our trip. Thank you! Wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

Ivy TingLos Altos, CA. USA