We had a wonderful trip to Spain. Because they had arranged all travel details, we were never stressed about travel connections. The pace was perfect. All of our guides were extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. When we had changes to make, the people at this Spain travel company worked with us quickly and efficiently to make it happen.
We were initially apprehensive about spending so much money and this company was new and had few reviews, but all travel, accommodations, and guides were top rate and worth the price. The most enjoyable part of our trip was visiting Alhambra in Granada, spectacular. Pablo, this travel company’s local guide, was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the Alhambra: history, politics, architecture, myth, intrigue, engineering, archeology, religion, linguistics, botony, plus more.
Also, when we arrived in Madrid jet lagged and concerned about how we were going to kill 4 hours before our next connection. We were greeted as promised by this travel company’s inbound manager, who didn’t just “provide documentation and transportation to the train station” as expected, but also drove us around Madrid, stopping at places to allow us to walk around, including the Royal Palace, finally escorting us to the train station for our last leg of the trip to Seville.
In Madrid, this travel company’s guide, Maria, had an indepth knowledge of the art in the Prado museum. Again, we were treated to a range of information about the art: art appreciation, history at the time of the painting, the artists and their influences, etc. She also treated us to a much needed warm chocolate drink (NOT your mother’s hot chocolate) in a very cool spot in Madrid.
All guides did a great job pointing out sights, restaurants, walks, vistas, cafes, etc., that we may want to visit on our free time, never steering us wrong.
If we could take our trip again we would spend more time there! I would have liked an additional side trip to a more rural area to get a break from the cities.

Tom KnutillaAnn Arbor, Michigan. USA