Carameltrail and Samuel went above and beyond any travel agency we have used in the past.
It was very evident that this company is a labor of love. We learned so much from each of the excellent Spain local guides Samuel arranged for us to meet in each of the cities we visited. So much history in both countries, but if we were on our own, we would have missed all of the personal stories about the personalities and cultures, the art and music, the idiosyncracies, the wonderful, odd little details that make up a culture.
We felt like we were immediate friends with each of our guides And our drivers were so friendly and helpful. I lost my travel journal with everyone’s names and emails, which made us sad as we have invited all of them to visit in California!
Everything was covered and with our little wifi device we could contact Samuel at any time with any issue and he responded quickly with a solution to the problem. This was a rare experience for us in the travel sevice industry. So- we miss you Samuel!
Greetings to everyone at Carameltrail!

Nancy and Joe TuhtanSan Rafael, California. USA