Answered all of our questions, and fine-tuned our travel itinerary based on our interest and travel style. Before travelling, we informed the planner that our group is Deaf and do not need the service of a sign language interpreter. Written documents given to us about the historical sites and our Boogie Board (electronic devise for notes) for communicating with the guides would be sufficient. Just a few days before the trip, he informed us he found American/Spanish/International sign language (ASL/SSL/ISL) interpreters in Spain would accompany my group to make the travel experience more meaningful with no extra charge. We were so impressed with his kind offer. 10/10 for our drivers/tour guides! All of our guides (Morocco and Spain) have a wealth of knowledge – great personality – very vibrant, full of educational information, and very competent. Our guides have great attention to details and made sure there was anything we needed as well as made sure safety was high on the list.

Fred MangrubangAshburn, Virginia. USA