Sam listenened very carefully to everything about which we were interested and arranged for us to see it all, taste it all and love it all. He provided wonderfully educated private guides to show us things that we may have otherwise missed.
Sam remained available by telephone at a moment’s notice if we needed advice about directions, appropriate tips or the best tapas on the planet. Senor Rojo always went above and beyond what one might expect from an ordinary travel agent.
He saw to it that all of our souvenirs were sent to our home in the United States and on the requested schedule. Also, I can never forget that my husband became sick while in Spain and Sam got all details about his condition from the spanish speaking physician and then translated that information for us. He called to check on my husband’s condition several times thereafter. Sam Rojo and this Spain travel specialist was never just a “travel agent.” He was a friend, a brother and a personal administative assistant all in one.
This is why our travel plans for next year’s trip will only be made with Sam Rojo and his Spain travel agency.
In my opinion, you would make a mistake if you chose anyone else.

Bill & Patty W.Athens, Michigan. USA