A Palace on wheels. All the amenities and comfort of a hotel have been put together into these historic and luxury trains. A special mixture of leisure, gastronomy, excursions, tourism and luxe, real jewels of rail transport
Carameltrail brings you the opportunity to enjoy this [prettyPhoto title=”Luxury Trains” type=”link”  class=”videos” link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inNV0au4DFc”]unique experience[/prettyPhoto] aboard a luxury train while discovering some of the most beautiful regions of Spain.


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Al Andalus Train

Exclusive travels in Al Andalus trainThe Al-Andalus luxury train offers two itineraries: one in Andalusia and the other one through Aragón, Castilla and Madrid. Its seven suite-carriages and four lounge cars provide all the comfort and space that will make this trip unforgettable. Learn more about the Al Andalus train


Expreso de La Robla

Expreso La RoblaThe Expreso de La Robla is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a luxury train at an affordable price. Its two itineraries, Bilbao-Gijón by the coast or Bilbao-León crossing the basque mountains and Castilla, will both bring you a wonderful combination of landscapes, gastronomy, tourism, nightlife and relax. Learn more about the Expreso de la Robla


Transcantábrico Luxury

transcantabrico-lujoBorn in 2011, this trip is designed to satisfy all the needs of the most demanding travellers. On the basis of the Transcantabrico Clasico, it has been taken to the highest level of exclusivity and comfort. It is the perfect opportunity to make The Northern Way of Saint James, all along the Cantabric sea coast, from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela. Learn more about the Transcantábrico Luxury.

Transcantábrico Classic

transcantabrico-clasicoFrom León to Santiago de Compostela (or the other way round), this luxury train will take you through Castilla y León and the green landscapes and seashore of Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country. Learn more about the Transcantábrico Classic.


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