Game of Thrones in Spain


Seville and Osuna will be Dorne

HBO has confirmed that they will be shooting Game of Thrones in Spain. In the next season of the successful TV series there will be several locations in Andalusia. The Seville region will be part of the scenery for Game of Thrones season 5 TV show. Dorne, the south of Westeros, will come to life in the streets of Seville and the town of Osuna.

The Dorne is the south land of the Westeros, the hottest part of the continent, it’s arid and dry and it holds the only desert of the continent. The Red Mountains are the natural border that separate the Dorne from the Reach and the Stormlands and the Summer Sea and the Sea of Dorne wash its coasts. The weather is perfect for growing citrus fruits, olives and the grapevines that produce the famous Dornish wine. The region is also known for the Sand Steed a slim and fast horse bred only in the Dorne.

The Dorne has many resemblances with Andalusia, we are sure that George RR Martin found inspiration in the south of Spain while he wrote about the city of Sunspear, the House of Martell or the Water Garden palace in his book A feast for Crows! The election of Seville couldn’t have been more adequate to bring the world of Game of Thrones in Spain

The Alcazar of Seville

Game of thrones in spain
Although the HBO producers had in Spain many palaces to choose the perfect Water Gardens: the Alhambra in Granada or the Castle of the Christian Monarchs in Cordoba, they have finally decided that the Alcazar in Seville is the most appropriate.  The Alcazar is the oldest palace still in use in Europe and was included in the World Heritage Sites list in 1987. Its construction started in the Middle Ages and blends all kind of styles: Islamic, mudejar and forwardly gothic when the city was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. This impressive palace has many patios and fountains so characteristic in the Islamic buildings, where the water is the main character. The Courtyard of the Maidens will be the perfect scenario for the plot of the novel that takes place in the Water Gardens. We have always considered Seville to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain this is just the best excuse to visit the city and fall in love with it!

Game of thrones in spain

This small town which origin goes back to the Roman Empire, it’s the second choice of HBO to recreate the land of the Dorne. We will probably see the old 16th century University as part of the Dornish capital, Sunspear. And Las Canteras area is likely to appear as we discover what part the House of Martell plays in this game of thrones…

game of thrones in spain

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