Flamenco master class

A journey into Spain will not be completed without an approach to one of the most iconic aspects of Spanish culture: Flamenco!

Flamenco is an Art that has passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is a way of living and being and its main ingredients are passion and inspiration but also technique.

Although the flamenco music and dancing belong to Andalusia in the south, the truth is that Flamenco is found, in greater or lesser extent, all through the country.

Some of the best flamenco shows can be found in Madrid. Thanks to immigration from the countryside to industrialized areas in Catalonia they even have they own form of Flamenco in the Rumba Catalana.

Flamenco Master Class

Flamenco is better shape than ever, the purest forms dwell with more contemporary approaches blending trap and electronic music but always staying passionate and intense!

It doesn’t matter that you don’t speak a word of Spanish to understand it, Flamenco music goes deep under the skin, direct to the heart speaking the universal language of feelings and emotions.

You cannot miss to approach a little bit to the vast world of Flamenco by attending a show or, why not, by taking a flamenco class!

Flamenco, Spain
Flamenco, Spain


We will arrange a private flamenco lesson in Seville where you can learn the basics. For this purpose, you will need to cross the Guadalquivir River into Triana, one of the cradles of Flamenco.

Your teacher, born & raised in the neighborhood, will introduce you to the different styles and rhythms called palos.

There over 50 different palos that have evolved through the centuries, so don’t worry, getting a deep knowledge of Flamenco is a hard task also for Spaniards!

She will also give you an introduction to palmas, the clapping that singers do while the guitar plays, and the most important, you will learn the basic moves and body positions that will allow you to dance flamenco.

At the end of the class you will be able to do an easy and fun flamenco routine!

Isn’t this the perfect way of getting to know the secrets of this ancient culture?

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