Day trip to Costa de la Luz coastal villages

Spain has almost 3800 miles of coast, bathed in great part by the Mediterranean Sea.

In Andalusia the best-known coast is the eastern Costa del Sol. Here you will find beaches with mild waters and small coves all through the Mediterranean coastline.

Like night and day, the western coast couldn’t be more different: vast golden sand beaches bathed by the wild Atlantic Ocean are the delight of windsurfers!

A big part of the Costa de la Luz has managed to stay away from the excesses of tourism exploitation, what makes it a perfect destination for any discerning traveler!

Costa de la Luz

Surrounded by two natural beauties like Doñana National Park (UNESCO Natural site) and the Strait Natural Park in the Costa de la Luz you can find dunes, mashes, estuaries and coastal lagoons. A real paradise for birds and many endemic species!

No other coastline in Spain resembles the Costa de la Luz!

At the Costa de la Luz tour you will discover beautiful hilltop white villages and enjoy incredible seafood.

Doñana National Park, UNESCO Natural site


You will start you day visiting the picturesque town of Vejer de la Frontera. Located a top of a rocky hill, Vejer was an enclave for the oldest Mediterranean civilizations: Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.

However, were the Arabs who left the deepest mark in the town after 539 years of settlement. The narrow winding streets, the ruined castle and the design of its houses, with their humble exteriors and bright inner patios have a morish seal.

From the highest point of the town you will enjoy the 360º views of the Atlantic, the Strait of Gibraltar and the surrounding countryside.

Of course, you will learn all about Vejer’s rich and curious history. Many old traditions have survived for centuries but perhaps the one that stands out the most is Vejer women’s traditional robe known as the “cobijado”

It is a black garment that wraps them from head to toes leaving only one eye visible, giving them an aura of mystery. Although it has been wrongly attributed to the Moorish past of the town, its origin is completely unknow as nothing like it is found in the rest of Spain.

During the local summer festivities girls and women from Vejer proudly dress up as “cobijadas”, the contrast of these black figures among vacationers is unique and surprising!!

'Cobijadas' of Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz. Spain

You will continue your trip to Barbate, Spain’s most famous tuna fishing port. The traditional way of fishing each tuna one by one is still the way fishermen use. The almadraba is one-of-a-kind spectacle that dyes red the Atlantic waters.

Your drive will take you through the Breña park pine forest before dropping down to perhaps the most beautiful beach in Andalucia.

The Caños de Meca beach is a famous neo-hippie resort where surfers and kite surfers hang out during the summer months.

A covered in sand road will lead you to the Trafalgar lighthouse. In these waters the famous Trafalgar battle between the Spanish and British fleets was fought in 1805.

You can take a walk in the silky sand dunes whimsically sculptured by eternal winds.

Of course, you will also have the chance to sample some of the renowned seafood of the Costa de la Luz in one of the traditional local restaurants!

A day that will leave you with the taste of sea salt on your skin and soul!

Trafalgar lighthouse in Barbate, Cádiz. Spain

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