Day trip to a bull farm or attending a bullfight, experiences to approach the world of the bullfighters

The bull is a mighty animal that has fascinated humanity since the dawn of mankind. Associated with power and virility the representation of its strength goes back to the prehistoric paintings and the Greek myths.

Some studies suggest that the actual bullfights come from Roman times where fights between men and wild animal were a popular entertainment. All through the Mediterranean countries there have been popular festivities involving this animal.

Day trip Bull farm

In Spain the tradition has been kept alive for centuries. Before bullrings were built the mayor squares of every town held this kind of shows among other events. It was in the 18th century that modern bullfight was born and two of the most important bullrings where built: Seville & Ronda.

Bullring of Ronda, Malaga. Spain

The first famous bullfighters appeared, and they invented the different pases that are used today. Bullfighting had become an indispensable activity in any popular festivity all through the country!

Although today bullfighting is a subject of controversy in the Spanish society, it is still part of our culture.

We offer you the chance of approaching to the world of bullfighters and learning about what many consider an Art.

Bullfighter in a bullfight. Spain


As bullfighting is a seasonal activity, visiting a bull farm can be the perfect experience to learn about bullfighting when it is not possible to attend a bullfight.

From Seville you will travel South towards the “Ruta del Toro” (route of the bull). Along the way you will gaze the meadows with the imposing image of fighting bulls grazing in total freedom.

Today you will have the chance of enjoying a private tour to one of the most renowned stockbreeders in Spain. A unique way to learn about the history, traditions and the importance of the family names in the bullfighting industry.

You will take a 4×4 tour though the fields where bulls are breed in the wild. Your guide will explain the process a bull follows from its birth to the age when it is ready to gloriously die in a bullring.


Attending a bullfight can be a once in a lifetime experience but also it can be quite upsetting if you are not familiar with all the elements involved as the whole event is highly ritualized.

The first thing to know is where the best seats are located, logic would say that in a round venue all seats are equally good but in a bullring the position of the sun at the moment of the event is crucial!

Bullfighter in a bullfight. Spain

Once the bullfight starts there many rules and the public communicates its satisfaction in a particular way using a specific language.

That is why we offer the chance of learning the art of bullfighting by the hands of our team of professionals.

Our local expert will accompany you and explain all the secrets of bullfighting, step by step. From the different weapons a bullfighter uses, the movements of the capote to the meaning of different colored handkerchiefs used.

Bullfighter in a bullfight. Spain

Knowing the rules and what happens at every moment will definitively make your experience richer.

In the bullring you will experience on first-hand, what many consider the highest expression of the eternal dance between life and death that is our existence.

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