Buy a castle in Spain, or a monastery, or a whole village!

It is possible to buy a castle in Spain. What little girl or boy has not dreamt about being a princess or a knight in their own castle? The Real State market in Spain brings you the chance of owning your own castle, or monastery or even a whole abandoned village. The historic legacy in Spain is huge but the high maintenance costs make these places a burden and many have just fallen apart through the years. Many councils are now seeing the opportunity to make some profit by selling them.


This is a unique castle indeed. It was built by a wealthy noble family over the remains of a medieval tower in the XIX. They found inspiration in the German castles, a style far away from the regular Spanish castles. The castle is the result of the confrontation of the feudal families that showed off their power by building the biggest house, we do not need to say who won… The Basques are normally accused of being proud people fond of doing things in a big (really big) way! This building is, without a doubt, a proof of it! If you want to buy a castle in Spain, it can be yours by a starting auction price of 3.8 million dollars…

The Butrón Castle. Buy a castle in Spain.


More affordable is this monastery in the Ribera Sacra in Galicia. This area holds the largest concentration of Romanic churches in Spain and is famous for their wine. Is part of the St James Way and has amazing natural landscapes. This monastery has a huge XIV century cellar that it can be used to produce a terrific wine. It needs a coat of paint and some upgrades but the price is a real bargain: 308.000$

Monastery in the Ribera Sacra-Spain


Maybe you dream in a bigger scale, you are lucky to know that you can buy your own village! Due to the migration to the cities, they are over 3.000 villages abandoned in our country. Some councils are selling them at competitive prices to promote active tourism in the area others leave the houses for free for those people who want to start a new rural way of life. Surprisingly there more foreigners interested in investing in these properties than Spaniards.

Marmellar Tarragona-Spain

Photo: Angela Llop. Adapted under license (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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